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The Sanctuary is Riverfall's first and foremost healing center for animals. The Sanctuary also breeds Denusk Horses, acts as a full scale boarding and training facility for horses and riders. The facility also has a fully operational kennels, mews, and is a teaching school. And all of this is simply a cover for the Headquarters of the Cytali.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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The Sanctuary

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Located two miles north of Riverfall, The Sanctuary is an imposing set of structures built within a fortress wall that house a private stables, boarding stables, animal rescue/adoption center, and animal healing facility. Under construction are a healer's college and more facilities to support the staff and residents as well. Completely isolated to the north of the Bluevein River, Sanctuary overlooks the Suvan Sea perched on a relatively flat piece of cliff bordering the woods that are fairly common along the coastline. Having a good chunk of fenced pasture surrounding the facility, Sanctuary lies right off the road that acts as the main supply route down to the beach. Mimicking Riverfall itself, The Sanctuary perches overlooking the sea with a fantastic view of the ocean. Behind it and around it the Fringe forest boarders several miles until the land eases out onto the true Sea of Grass.

The facility itself is built in the form of a giant square surrounded by a giant stone wall. Utterly destroyed above ground during The Major Djed Storm of Spring 1, 512 the entire facility has been rebuilt using a combination of construction and reimancy. All the buildings are now stone, carefully constructed and elegantly designed using magic. The structures are built heavy to withstand the sort of magical storm that devastated the facility utterly in 512. Comprised mainly of stables, an enormous riding arena, and a healers college, the facility is open to the public via two gates which are generally unlocked during the day. See the floor plans for greater detail of threading.

Visitors are encouraged to drop by and visit with the animals that are available for adoption, and animals in need are always welcome to be dropped off. The Sanctuary welcomes donations to maintain its facility.


Being primarily a healing center, The Sanctuary offers a wide variety of healing and medical services that range from wound treatment, disease prevention, birthing and whelping services, and herbal treatments. In addition to our animal health care facility, we offer extensive boarding of both pets and horses for the traveler and those leaving for travels.

Because we are a full care training facility as well, we offer broodmare services, stallion services, and riding lessons. We also have selected horses for sale and are willing to purchase healthy serviceable mounts to add to our stock for sale. We have any number of tack items for sale, as well as rations for horses and pets. Boarding is available and comes either full care (food, grooming, turn out, and stall cleaning) or Stall only (no food, turn out, care, or stall cleaning). Prices are always negotiable for exchange in labor or services. Sanctuary is also interested in expanding to offer a kennels and cattery. The mews has been built and raptors are available as well, though in far more limited capacities.

Price List

Price List :
  • Daily - Full Care: 5 SM
  • Daily - Stall Only: 2 SM
  • Seasonal - Full Care: 35 GM
  • Seasonal - Stall Only: 25 GM

  • See Availability and Breed for Prices
  • 50 GM per Mixed Blood weanlings
  • 100 GM per Mixed Blood yearlings
  • 150 GM per Mixed Blood two year olds
  • 200 GM per Mixed Blood three year old and older
  • 200-500 GM per Seme
  • 200 GM per Strider
  • 500 – 800 GM per Denusk
  • Quality Horses are also purchased at Fair Market Value

  • 1 GM a day, 75 GM a season

  • Saddle: 10 GM
  • Pack Saddle: 4 GM
  • Bridle: 2 GM
  • Halter: 3 SM
  • Lead Rope: 1 SM
  • Yvas: 6 GM
  • Harness: 2 GM
  • Blanket: 3 GM
  • Grooming Kit: 2 GM (includes brushes, cloth, soap, hoofpick)

  • Silkenas 15 GM per dog
  • Imperial Watchers 50 GM per dog
  • Jivtalus Ghost Dogs 50 GM per dog


[indent]Unlike some IC stables and pet shops, Sanctuary does not 'materialize' animals out of thin air to suit the needs of the customers. Kavala must account for each and every horse she has, where it was acquired or when it was born. Due to that fact, stock is limited to what Sanctuary has on hand. However, if you have a special request, Kavala can see if she can fulfill that request but it will take some time. Sanctuary has a strict breeding program and is goal orientated. Sanctuary currently in the process of creating a new breed of horse, The Denusk, so their reproductive goals are very specific, and there are lots of 'culls' that are great animals but aren't suited for her breeding program.

Currently Kavala has 50 broodmares and 15 stallions. Nineteen of these mares are Denusk, and 11 of the stallions are. In the 515 breeding season, Kavala will breed exclusively Denusk, so most of her mixed blood broodstock (which is the majority of her horses) will be for sale. She keeps a small herd of seven to fifteen strider mares and geldings and one strider stallion who's considered ancient.

The Denusk Horse :

General Characteristics:

Denusk horses have a large carriage and a strong build with a natural collection, gifted agility, impulsion, and a kind intelligent temperament. Extremely rare, this breed was foaling its F1 generation during the Djed Storm of 512 and since then the breed as a whole has a slight iridescence to their coat, especially manes and tails. This is notable in the sun in particular, and incredibly striking in their black individuals. Palomino's have a goldish green bronze shimmer to them while the white resemble Konti in their pastel reflectiveness. This new breed of war horse is hardy on the grasslands and very intelligent. Developed in game, this unique breed is the collective efforts of healers and animal trainers for superior stamina in carrying the Akalak warriors into battle.


The Denusk is a strongly built horse that carries itself on an elegant frame. Athletic and agile, yet well muscled, the Denusk is built for maneuverability while carrying the weight of a warrior on its back. The head is of medium length, rectangular, and broad. It’s baroque features give it a profile that is slightly convex with a broad forehead and well placed ears. The eyes are bright, expressive, oval, and set large in a prominent orbital arch. The face is strong, softly convex, moderately narrow, and without excess flesh. The neck is reasonably long, broad, yet elegant and well-crested in stallions. Well defined withers precede a short back. The hindquarters are broad and strong. The chest is broad, powering the animal equally along with the hind quarters. The croup is rounded and of medium length.


Approximately 50% are white or grey. Around 30% are black. More occasionally, 15% will be bay, chestnut, or the dilute of the bay and chestnut color in the form of palomino or buckskin. Extremely rare, a pinto could result in 5% of the foals. Approximately 80% of Denusk horses will be show dappling in their coats, including the black which is only visible when sunlight strikes the darker shades.


15’2 – 17’2 HH

Mane and Tail:

The mane is thick and abundant, often trailing to shoulder length or longer and if not properly trimmed can conceal face or eye expressions. The tail is profuse, low set, and lies against the body tightly unless flagged in excitement. Often thick, Denusk horses often have tails that brush the ground or are longer unless trimmed.


Riding - Light to Heavy War


500 GM to 800 GM depending on training and age.

Special Note:

No Stallions are ever sold from Kavala. Only gelded male horses are sold by The Sanctuary. Each Denusk horse sold from The Sanctuary is broke to ride, drive, and has been exposed to battle. They are trained to 'guard' camps at night and can be left in lue of sentries as they are trained to alert their riders and those their riders protect against danger approaching traveling camps. Each warhorse is trained to leg commands and voice, not requiring head gear to secure or maneuver. Warriors are too busy firing arrows and wielding swords to manage reins as well. Denusk horses will ride bareback, with Yavs, or even with full saddles. They will also stand where asked and remain there until released at liberty. If a horse fails to accept this training, they are removed from the breeding program and sold at a reduced price as a cull though they will be sterilized, even as a mare, before this sale happens. Culls are sold branded with a X on their right shoulders to denote their rejected status.


In 509 Kavala Denusk began gathering horses that fit her idea of 'ideal' in order to form the Akalak a race of horse native to Riverfall. She took nightwalker, colorsplash, sungold, and various other individual horses that suited her 'type' - mainly mixed breeds and bred through 512 for ideal confirmation and intelligence that would make Akalak warriors idea horses. Three years into the program, during the djed storm, all Kavala's mares foaled that night at once and were exposed to wild djed. That exposure left these newborn foals with an iridescence to their hair coat and a slightly elevated intelligence that allows The Sanctuary staff to train them to a superior level than most horses are trained too (ie. Camp guards). The 512 generation is the first actual generation of Denusk horses that are pre-special coat. The current members of this breed are all yearlings in the spring of 513 and while the mares are too young to be placed in the breeding program, a few of the best colts will be covering the foundation mares Kavala has for the Denusk breed for a pure Denusk 514 crop.

None of the 513 spring foal crop is iridescent as the special iridescent coats were NOT old enough their birth year to contribute blood to the 513 crop. These 513 foals are still pre-F1 generation and will be used to diversify the herd in 514. Once the 514 foals are breeding regularly, all of the foundation stock will be sold off most likely gone by 515 whereas the Sanctuary will only have Denusk as described above and a small herd of purebred Striders.


The Sanctuary is really divided into two main portions. The first part is comprised of the buildings that sit upon the cliff The Sanctuary dominates. Housed within a heavy high wall, the Main facility is sprawling and decorated, open to all. The second portion of the facility is called The Within and is hollowed out of the cliff itself. The Within is generally known to only The Sanctuary employees and owner who make their home within its protective walls.

The Main Above Ground Facility :

The Within :


Sanctuary is somewhat picky about whom we hire and why. Employees are part of the Sanctuary family and serve a multitude of purposes. They need not be any specific race, sex, or profession but they must have good hearts. Employees must be physically fit and in addition to having skills related to Sanctuary's work, they should indeed also possess combat skills or a desire to learn combat. Sanctuary serves a multitude of purposes, both up front and behind the scenes. Everyone participates.Salaries are set even at your skill levels based on The Price List. If you want a raise, see Kavala. You will get paid the salary Kavala negotiated with you when you took employment. You can automatically pay yourself at the end of each season. Let Kavala worry where the money is going to come from. She can always sell extra foals if her own salary won't cover the rest of the salaries in Sanctuary.

Employees get free housing at The Sanctuary and their food is included. They are, of course, expected to pitch in with cooking, cleaning, and maintaining The Sanctuary. That includes gardening and food preservation... so brush up your skills! Kavala's own salary is tracked on her ledger and is no longer paid by the Oathmaster since she has paid off The Sanctuary and fully owns the facility. Instead, it is 'assumed' her aalary comes from healing and horse services.

Employees must be ACTIVELY posting to multiple threads. Posting once in a while to one or two threads doesn't merit paying huge chunks of money out of Kavalas paycheck to support them in my opinion. Since Kavala is barely staying afloat with Sanc's employee expenses, I will no longer be paying people who aren't contributing to threads. If you are active, you'll get paid. If you are an alt of an alt and rarely post, you will not. If you are not in this ledger as getting paid then you can count your salary. If you are not in this ledger, do not count money that does not exist.

Anyone employed at The Sanctuary can supplement their salary by having businesses off the side. These can be based out of Sanctuary or elsewhere but must be unrelated to Healing or Animal Husbandry that revolves around horses or animals. If Sanctuary provides the facility for the business or fronts the money to get the business started, then The Sanctuary must be paid back in a reasonable amount of time.

If players are inactive for more than one season without arrangements, they will be dropped off the staff list.

Positions Available :

Sanctuary provides both a healing center for all sorts of animals, kelvics and occasionally people. People with healing skills, herbalism, and medicine are always welcome. Related skills such as gardening, philtering, and public relations always welcome. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Healers (2 Gnosis Marks) - 9+ GM per day
  • Healer (1 Gnosis Mark) - 7 GM per day
  • Medical Doctor/Vet - 6 GM per day
  • Herbalists - 7 GM per day


Sanctuary also hosts a full mews and deals with raptors. Falconers would be welcomed as well. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Falconer - 5 GM per day
  • Cleaner/Bird Handler - 3 GM per day (no experience necessary)


As a primary income, Sanctuary breeds and trains horses. Because of this, help is always welcome in the areas of equine science. Riding, Animal Husbandry, and a multitude of other skills would be welcomed. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Horse Trainer - 6 GM per day
  • Riding Instructor - 5 GM per day
  • Groom - 1 GM per day


As in any large facility, there's always an assortment of miscellaneous jobs available. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Carpenter - 4 GM per day
  • Cook - 4 GM per day
  • Gardener - 3 GM per day
  • Nanny - 2 GM per day


The Sanctuary is the home of the first Cadre of The Cytali in Mizahar that has existed since after The Valterrian. The Cytali are a mixed group of Dreamwalkers marked by Nysel and other Deities who existed predominantly pre-Valterrian throughout Mizahar. The Cytali take the search for lost knowledge to a new dimension leaving the anthropology to the explorers and adventurers and instead dig through the Chevena for lost information. Dreamwalkers search the individual Chavi within the Chavena for that which has been lost and learning it first hand from those that know by mining the memories of the past. Though most of the Cytali are gone, those in the current age who become Dreamwalkers often rediscover their Cytali roots and begin again reforming their old nexus' and gathering lost Dreamwalkers to them helping them remember who they were and who they can be again. Kavala is their leader, however, their ranks are always growing. But this is completely and utterly OOC information. There are only a select few outside of the Cytali themselves who know what the true purpose of the Sanctuary is... and that is to become the modern day Cytali Stronghold.



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Please Note:
  • This pc is maxed out in Animal Husbandry, Medicine, Observation, Rhetoric, and Socialization.
  • Kavala a Master Teacher. Students she is teaching in thread can earn more than the maxium 5 XP per thread.
  • This pc has a Konti Gift of Animal Empathy. She has a superpower from a Riverfall city event that allows animals of all sorts and Kelvics (in kelvic form) to speak clear understandable Common around her.
  • Kavala is a Konti but was raised in the Drykas culture so her accent is entirely Pavi though she can speak Common, Pavi, and Tukant well. She's only conversational in Kontinese.
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