[Cachet's Scrapbook] The Crisis Chasm

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[Cachet's Scrapbook] The Crisis Chasm

Postby Cachet on February 25th, 2012, 11:06 pm

We all have moments where we lose track of things. I for one am very very prone to this because I am a classic textbook case of ADHD. Being this as it is I lose track of time like no other. And as such I lose track of many many other things. So reminders are wonderful…and today I got one. I logged into my PC’s account Serrif and well was plinking around in his stuff and found this.

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I’ve been her over a year now. Man how time has flown. It sure as heck didn’t feel like a year…well not here anywhere. I will admit out in the ‘real world’ it definitely feels like it has been a year. But here in Miz it sure doesn’t. Thank you everyone for keeping this fun, entertaining, and above all a wonderful place that I want to be a part of. I think that is the difference between this site and every other one I have ever been part of. Even the work as a DS feels like fun. I love making things, in Photoshop, or by text. I love creating and expanding. If that be by using Serrif to help someone realize something or as Cachet making up locations. I love it all and I hope I will be here another few years more. I can’t really foresee going anywhere else.

This is just a little something for all of you not me, this is me thanking you. All of you no matter what you contribute to the site YOU are helping build it. YOU are impacting this little world we have created here. Started by Founders and then expanded by everyone else this is truly the very best of collaborative storytelling. I hope that it continues to be so.

Many more Years of wonderful storytelling

Listen to the island
The waves and wind
That is the pulse
Note it, feel it
And become one with serenity

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