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[Talen's Scrapbook] No fancy name

Postby Talen Stirling on January 3rd, 2012, 4:08 pm

Leap of Faith - Over the hill

I have started something new.

New things are always scary. Even if you convince yourself you have no worry and you are looking forward to it, your body, in this case my stomach, was convinced that it needed to remind me of the dangers of moving out.

I've moved from my home of twenty years, with my parents and my brothers. My family close by in the same town I'd studied and schooled in for my whole life. Strange, to simply go one day and put your life in a bag and be off.

I've gone to a kind of school. Not in any traditional sense, though. We pick our own subjects based on what we want, and most are rather strange or encompass a lot of things. We live at the complex, all fifty 'students'. When I first came here - The very first thing people did was help me carry my things. Greet me, smile, one boy my own age showed me around the complex on his own initiative. I love it here already, finally getting away from everything I've always done is wonderful.

This morning we had an assembly. We began it with a song, but instead of a teacher starting up a chorus of some dull old chant a pair of old students started on a piano and "Scorpions - Wind of Change."

That was amazing and entertaining. Instead of something boring, we had something beautiful, even if half the people there only knew half the words and a quarter of the pace.

Now, I picked a main course just as everyone else. I picked "Outdoor", I've been a scout and I love doing wild things. Running, moving, climbing, skiing (we're going on a skii trip that I am already looking forward to).

In our first "class" with our teacher Kasper, we went for a run in the forest. It was raining, and the paths were thick with mud. We ran at the top of a ridge over a hill, a steep hill with leaves and branches and trees.

Suddenly, he jumps over the side.

My roomie jumps after him, and I follow in their tracks, skidding and howling through the brush in shock and amusement. I was wearing shorts like a brave fool and already have several little scars to show for that trip, and the rest of the run afterwards. But it was freedom.

Doing something new is great - Even if it might earn you a scar and a muddy trip in hell, you'll feel truly alive both when you do it, and afterwards. Take a leap of faith, cross a hill and find yourself in a great place, even if getting there was sometimes difficult.

Secret :

An hour after, with a little over half the mud left
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