Baggywrinkle Pod Plotnotes

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Baggywrinkle Pod Plotnotes

Postby Sable Baggywrinkle on December 6th, 2011, 5:58 am

The Baggywrinkle Pod


Dumbo Octopus Pardisa

Laviku blessed Lia Sybil with a Pardisa, it was not for Sable to question his choice, but little less than a year later, she fully understood its implications. Gazing at Sirroco across the diamond crusted waters, they ventured forth alone, lost, misunderstood, a pod rarely encountered by others. They kept moving, though grief bound their arms and legs, as though they too had flappy ears with which to stir and toil for sustenance. Unconventional, at best, were their defenses against the harsh dangers of the sea. But at their fullest, when they had those rare moments, they mesmerized and glowed with a light nothing could quench.

Lia Ancestry
Sybil (Tempest) Baggywrinkle [LAS]
Sable (Tempest) Baggywrinkle

Member Ancestry
Sirroco (Azure)(Tempest) Baggywrinkle
Tungsten (Unknown)(Tempest) Baggywrinkle [LAS]
Vrix (Stormsurge) Baggywrinkle
Daske Baggywrinkle

Pod PossessionsImage
Two Personal Casinors
The Misty
The Seasparkle
Associated Equipment

NPC Sybil :
Sybil Baggywrinkle (Lost at sea, summer 511 AV)
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125 lbs

Confident and headstrong, Sybil laughed as hard as she argued. Her unruly curly dark hair seemed fitting for the woman who had a habit of acting first and asking permission later. Her task within the pod was to help with mending, and even making sails. Sybil met Sirroco when his pod came to the Tempests to mend some torn sails. The young man was attracted to the outgoing seamstress, and a romance bloomed. Sybil eventually brought Sirroco into her pod. Sirroco's presence bolstered her courage, and she began to defy the Lia more and more, citing that the woman was loosing her edge, and that she would eventually put the pod in danger. After much thought and consideration, Sybil chose to leave the pod and begin her own, where she could lead in a manner she believed was right. Her sister Sable and her mate Tungsten agreed to join the pod. Once Sybil finally received divine blessing from Laviku, the four former Tempests headed out into the sea as Baggywrinkles.

Tavan: Sea Lion- Mala

Sewing: 25
Musical Instrument - wooden flute: 5
Cooking: 10
Sailing: 10

Sail Design of Svefra Seacraft
Running a Pod

NPC Tungsten :
Tungsten Baggywrinkle (Lost at sea, summer 511 AV)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 152 lbs

Shaggy brown hair topped a brooding face, the somber features at odds with his open disposition. His scrawny body has the myriad of tattoos that come with belonging to three different pods. Skinny and weak, Tungsten succumbed to illness that often left him bereft of strength to physically perform. He resorted to earning the pod money by offering his services at a tattoo artist and minor Reimancer. Despite being rather low on the social ladder, his roll-with-the-punches attitude kept him spirited. He eventually moved on from his birth pod, having caught the eye of a younger Svefra from the Tempest pod. He would have been happy to stay with the small, shipbuilding pod, but his mate resolved to accompany her sister to her new pod.

Tavan: Otter: Glik, mated with children. 3’8, male, 60 lbs. Golden fur. Cunning.

Tattooing: 10
Drawing: 15
Reimancy (air): 15
Fishing: 10

The making and mixing of inks
Tattoo techniques

Pods Encountered

Find a home pod, whether that be rejoining the Tempest pod or turning the Baggywrinkle pod into a success.
Find something productive to do
(Build a port)

Thread Goals
Flashback the event (storm) that caused the loss of the two other members.
Fish, sail, have fun

If you're interested in interacting with the pod or it's members, let us know here! We're open to odd jobs, quest help, or random encounters, anything that can help with the above goals. The ragtag nature of the pod might make starting a new character off as a Baggywrinkle somewhat problematic, so keep this in mind if you're considering us for your Svefra!

Also, members, if you have individual plotnotes, let me know and I'll add the link here.
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