[Location] Silverwine's Tavern

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Headquarters to Izurdin's Hammer and the entry point into and out of Sultros City, Sultros Citadel is the farthest most outsiders will ever travel into the Isurian Kingdom. Heavily fortified and intimidating to view, the Citadel is the mirror of Isur strength, endurance and patience.

[Location] Silverwine's Tavern

Postby Gillar on December 7th, 2011, 1:48 pm

Silverwine's Tavern


Located along the perimeter of the courtyard, just inside the citadel gates is a moderately-sized stone building. The front of the building sports stone pillars supporting an archway sculpted to show two very happy isur clanking their silver tankards together in a toast. This is Silverwine's Tavern, named after the owner, Gavnir Silverwine Sultros. Stepping beneath the archway and entering the solid wood door, one finds themselves in the main common room of the tavern. Stone tables of varying sizes and beautifully carved, padded wood chairs fill the center while a scattering of padded benches line the walls. A marble-topped bar stands near the far wall. At the bar, seating takes the form of blocks of stone, padded on top, that look a lot like barrels standing on end. The walls of the tavern are adorned with paintings depicting various groups of people enjoying a good drink together. The smell of cooked food drifts from the kitchen behind the bar. Occasionally, the soft sounds of a musician can be heard coming from a small stage located against the left wall.

A couple of crimson-armed barmaids can be seen weaving their way around the tables, serving the customers while the bartender, a dark-haired man with crimson arm and neatly trimmed goatee pour drinks. The man occasionally wonders back to the kitchen only to return moments later with a couple plates of food which the barmaids eventually take and move to serve. A keen eye will notice the bartender produce a bag from behind the bar, open it and toss in a handful of grey, slightly sparkling dust which he proceeds to mix into a drink.

Silverwine's Tavern is known across the Kingdom for serving a very potent alcohol called, Silverwine, made from special moss found deep in the caverns below the Citadel. The drink gets its name from its sparkly silver color. The color is caused by the mixing of actual silver dust and a few other secret ingredients. Silverwine is considered poisonous to most non-isur and the tavern never serves it to anyone who is not isur. More than one mug of Silverwine is enough to seriously inebriate an isur and more than a couple can be dangerous.


Common Ale (mug) - 4 cm
Common Ale (gallon) 2 sm
Isurian Ale (mug) - 1 sm [x2 potency of Common Ale]
Isurian Ale (gallon)- 4 sm [x2 potency of Common Ale]
Silverwine (mug) - 1 gm [x4 potency of Common Ale]
Hunk of Cheese - 1 sm
Chunk of Meat - 3 sm
Plate of Isurian Moss - 4 cm


Name: Gavnir Silverwine Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Male
Skills of Note: Brewing 58, Vinting 64, Leadership 34
Description: A middle-aged Sultros Isur with dark hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. Gavnir's family has been brewing and vinting various types of alcohol for centuries. He inherited the tavern from his father and together with his brother and two sisters, they run one of the most successful taverns in all the Kingdom. A boisterous individual, Gavnir is known for his dirty jokes, welcoming demeanor and ability to whip together some of the best taking drinks in Sultros.
Barmaid 1

Name: Helena Silverwine Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Female
Skills of Note: Persuasion 35, Sculpting 30, Seduction 22
Description: Helena is Gavnir's younger sister and one of the barmaids at the tavern. She has barely shoulder-length brown hair and dark eyes. Attractive even by the high standards of the isur, Helena knows how to use it to help business. A gentle touch here, a pat on the shoulder there and a wink of the eye is often all it takes to sell several more rounds of drinks. Easy to talk to and far from shy, Helena is a draw for many a patron of the tavern.
Barmaid 2

Name: Pelini Silverwine Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Female
Skills of Note: Persuasion 25, Jewelcrafting 15, Brawling 27
Description: The youngest of Gavnir's sisters, Pelini has short brown hair and an innocent smile. She comes off as being very shy and timid; leaving the talking to her siblings. However, when patrons become a little too rowdy, the shyness vanishes and Pelini shows no hesitation when it comes to slamming an empty, or full, tankard of ale against the head of anyone who gets too out of hand. If a patron gets a little frisky and too grabby, she is not shy to break a couple of their fingers or even an entire hand.

Name: Agregar Silverwine Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Male
Skills of Note: Cooking 57, Food Preservation 34, Carpentry 23
Description: Gavnir's younger brother by a year, Agregar looks almost identical to his brother save for having only one eye. If asked, Agregar has a different story each time he tells the story of how he lost the eye. Sometimes its in a battle with a half-a-dozen Zith, other times it involves a fight over a beautiful girl. An accomplished cook, Agregar is more than capable of whipping up a rather fine meal out of the simplest of ingredients.
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