[Location] Midar's Bladed Fist

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Headquarters to Izurdin's Hammer and the entry point into and out of Sultros City, Sultros Citadel is the farthest most outsiders will ever travel into the Isurian Kingdom. Heavily fortified and intimidating to view, the Citadel is the mirror of Isur strength, endurance and patience.

[Location] Midar's Bladed Fist

Postby Gillar on December 10th, 2011, 7:54 pm

Midar's Bladed Fist


Located next door to Hammerfell's forge, Midar's Bladed Fist is similar in design and function. Similar yet also quite different. The front of the shop sports a unique doorway; the frame of which is formed of dozens of blades fused together. On the door itself hangs a pair of fists baring punch daggers that cross each other. Inside the somewhat smallish shop, a large anvil dominates the center while a forge sits nearby. Weapon racks line the walls as do racks of armor. Catering to isur and outsider alike, the shop only deals in specific types of weapons approved by Izurdin's Hammer for use by outsiders during their visit. While it is rather unnecessary for outsiders to possess weapons in the citadel, the Hammer realizes that the citadel indeed lies in the heart of the Unforgiving and to deny anyone the ability to defend themselves is foolish.

Inside the shop, Midar, a young yet skilled weaponsmith, can be found working off and on throughout the day and night. He specializes in small weapons and light armor.


Chain Shirt - 100 gm
Slender Chainmail Shirt 120 gm
Leather Armor - 10 gm
Studded Leather Armor - 25 gm
Padded Armor - 5 gm

Gladius - 45 gm
Light Hammer - 1 gm
Handaxe - 6 gm
Heavy Mace - 12 gm
Light Pick - 4 gm
Cutlass - 12 gm
Shortsword - 10 gm

Ornate Mace Head - 30 gm
Sword Guard, Ornate - 125 gm
Sword Handle, Grip - 100 gm
Sword Handle, Ornate - 100 gm
Sword Pommel, Ornate -150 gm

Weapon Materials:
Steel - Listed Cost
Isurian Steel - Cost x 5
Cold Iron - Cost x 3
Iron - Cost / 1.5
Practice, Metal Core - Cost / 2
Pure Copper - Cost x 4
Pure Silver - Cost x 6

Izentor Weapons: Midar is capable of producing weapons and armor possessing the properties of Izentor, the Gnosis of Izurdin. These items are of the greatest quality and cost 10x the listed cost on top of any weapon extras or unique materials. Such items require one week to craft per item requested and bare the mark of Izurdin somewhere on them.


Name: Midar Bladefist Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Male
Skills of Note: Weaponsmithing 61, Armorer 45, Blacksmithing 37
Description: Midar is a young isur although quite skilled for his age. Having trained as an apprentice to many a skilled smith, Midar has gathered a wide arrange of techniques that he uses in his work. As with many isur, Midar is a focused individual; devoted to his work. Thus he doesn't take kindly to having his time wasted. This may sometimes be seen as rude by outsiders but it is common to many isur.
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