[Location] Nilani's Divine Thread

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Headquarters to Izurdin's Hammer and the entry point into and out of Sultros City, Sultros Citadel is the farthest most outsiders will ever travel into the Isurian Kingdom. Heavily fortified and intimidating to view, the Citadel is the mirror of Isur strength, endurance and patience.

[Location] Nilani's Divine Thread

Postby Gillar on December 11th, 2011, 11:43 am

Nilani's Divine Thread


Isur are known for the blacksmithing, metalsmithing and masonry skills. They are not limited to these areas of expertise however as any trade one performs with their hands that produces a physical product, an isur can excel at. This is quite apparent in this little shop located on the outskirts of the citadel courtyard. The front of the shop sports a stone sculpture of an oversize spool of thread. The shop, Nilani's Divine Thread, offers a wide variety of exotic clothing crafted by isur of all clans from throughout the Kingdom.

The shop is owned and operated by one of the few non-Sultros isur in the citadel, Nilani Velvatine Terras. Along with her collection of cloth gathered from all over the Kingdom, Nilani adds her own talent to the mix with her own signature style of clothing.

Upon entering the shop, one is greeted with racks, shelves and tables baring all manner of cloth, clothing and even tools for crafting one's own clothing.


Fine Belt - 25 gm
Linen Blouse - 1 gm
Velvet Breeches/Pants - 4 gm
Silk Breeches/Pants - 8 gm
Full Silk Cape - 3 gm
Silk Chemise - 6 gm
Velvet Doublet/Vest - 2 gm
Brocade (silk with silver thread) Doublet/Vest - 8 gm
Silk Gloves - 15 gm
Velvet Jacket/Jerkin - 8 gm
Silk Jacket/Jerkin - 10 gm
Velvet Robe - 3 gm
Silk Robe - 5 gm
Silk Sash - 4 gm
Velvet Shirt- 5 gm
Silk Shirt - 10 gm
Silk Nightshirt - 6 gm
Velvet Toga (popular among isur) - 5 gm
Silk Toga (popular among isur) - 45 gm
Velvet Tunic - 2 gm
Silk Tunic - 25 gm

Fine Fabric - 6 gm/yard

Izentor Clothing: Nilani offers clothing baring a single mark of Izentor at 10x the listed cost of an item. These items are considered one of a kind and bare the mark of Izurdin somewhere upon them. They are of the highest quality and possess all the properties of an item with the first mark of Izurdin. Such items are not kept in stock and will take 3 days to complete per item.


Name: Nilani Velvatine Terras
Race/Gender: Terras Isur/Female
Skills of Note: Sewing 60, Weaving 43, Bodybuilding 35
Description: Nilani is one of the few non-Sultros isur in the citadel. She expects to be treated equally to the men which they in turn are more than happy to oblige. Nilani is a bundle of well-sculpted muscle combined with isur beauty. Her demeanor mirrors her appearance in its power of will covering a gentle interior. While this is not always apparent to customers, those who get to know Nilani find they can count on a true friend.
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