[PC Plotnotes] Rayage

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[PC Plotnotes] Rayage

Postby Rayage on December 16th, 2011, 8:23 pm

Rayage’s Plotnotes

Character Goals

  • Become a master Alchemist
  • Become Champion of Harameus - Harameus Lore
  • Create a real homunculus In Progress - Thread Link
  • Uncover secrets and mysteries of the past surrounding Sahova, Sunberth, Zeltiva, and Ravok
  • Gain Qiaos favor in Sahova/Play wizard politics In Progress
  • Personally start Sahovas conquest of the world (Cant break a promise)

OOC Goals/wishes for PC

  • Reimancy- Fire, Wind, Earth, Water
  • Get Ray a Flamberge
  • Learn about Anti-magic
  • Learn about/have skill in ALL world magics
  • Learn about Shaova's vault
  • Gain unique Alchemy Lore
  • Obtain a useful relic from the past
  • Explore Rays past history via Flashbacks

WIP- Being reconstructed and rethought out.
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