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Postby Rayage on February 5th, 2011, 11:37 pm

Magonym: Rayage
Race: Nuit (Human Body)
Birthday: 36th of Summer, Somewhere around 250 BV
Age: 750ish
Gender: Female Body
Height: Unknown



Long black hair as dark as the nights shadow graces this form upon which is built a slender and and pale complexion. No sign of rot much like other nuits are present on this body thanks to a magical ring* which grants the wearer the illusion of life. Eyes of green are perhaps the most noticeable thing about this body. They are lit with an intelligence, a subtle understanding which comes from bearing with an endless life, a sort of wisdom, but also a warmth. A warmth unfounded, perhaps heart rekindled, for the creation of the homunculus changes that cold, distant look that nuits usually carry. Day by day, bell by bell, chime by chime, the cold shadow which lurked within is being forced out and replaced by something slightly warmer. Perhaps it is the warmth of a dream realized?

Cloaked in a product of her own design, a great deep purple cloak graces her being. The symbol of the Ouroboros present on the right sleeve, the steel-cloth cloak marks her and defines her as an Alchemist. Not only though is she an alchemist, but one of the greatest who had ever lived.

*Ring of False Life


A new body marks the beginning of a new age for the Alchemist. Having been working so tirelessly for the last seven hundred and fifty years towards the creation of the homunculus she would call her own the new body marks a new start, and a new look on life. For the first time in nearly seven hundred years a female form was finally taken at last. The Alchemist wanted to be regarded as the homunculus' mother, and so chose an appropriate form. The calculating being that is the nuit is still there, in fact, some might say that the nuit is even more careful in her plans than ever before.

Weapon (Falchion) | 12/100 Novice| Learned
Weapon (Dagger)| 1/100 Novice| Learned

Personal Magic
Personal Magic
Auristics | 24/100 Novice| Sometime BV | 5 Starting Points
Hypnotism | 44/100 Competent| Sometime BV | 5 Starting Points
Leeching | 11/100 Novice| Summer 74 401 AV | Learned
Projection | 7/100 Novice| Fall 41 512 AV | Learned
Reimancy* | 23/100 Novice| Winter 31 512 AV | Learned
Shielding |11/100 Novice| Sometime BV | 5 Starting Points

*Elements Learned- Fire

World Magic
World Magic
Alchemy | 91/100 Master | Sometime BV | 30 Starting Points
Architectrix | 1/100 Novice | Summer 84 512 AV | Learned
Glyphing | 47/100 Competent | Sometime BV | 5 Starting Points
Spiritism | 9/100 Novice| Fall 15 511 AV | Learned

Embalming | 10/100 Novice| 10 Race Bonus
Acting | 4/100 Novice| Learned
Animal Husbandry | 6/100 Novice| Learned
Archeology | 3/100 Novice| Learned
Architecture | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Calligraphy | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Cosmetology | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Drawing | 14/100 Novice| Learned
Disguise | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Endurance | 2/100 Novice| Learned
Interrogation | 24/100 Novice| Learned
Intimidation | 25/100 Novice| Learned
Investigation | 14/100 Novice| Learned
Land Navigation | 5/100 Novice| Learned
Leadership | 22/100 Novice| Learned
Logic | 3/100 Novice| Learned
Mathematics | 9/100 Novice| Learned
Medicine | 4/100 Novice| Learned
Meditation | 7/100 Novice| Learned
Negotiation | 7/100 Novice| Learned
Observation | 69/100 Expert | Learned
Organization | 7/100 Novice | Learned
Persuasion | 9/100 Novice| Learned
Philosophy | 40/100 Competent| Learned
Planning | 8/100 Novice | Learned
Research | 7/100 Novice| Learned
Rhetoric | 67/100 Expert| Learned
Politics | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Running | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Skinning | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Socialization | 7/100 Novice| Learned
Stealth | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Storytelling | 9/100 Novice| Learned
Subterfuge | 10/100 Novice| Learned
Tactics | 2/100 Novice| Learned
Teaching | 54/100 Expert| Learned
Wilderness Survival | 1/100 Novice| Learned
Writing | 1/100 Novice| Learned

Harameia | Want - 4 marks
Izentor | Want
Lykata | Want

Magic Lore
Lore of the Common Worlds
Lore of the Alchemical Process
Setting up alchemy circles
Use of dramatics in successful hypnotism
Basics of Voiding
Basics of Magical Debate
Just How Curious Magic Can Be.
Correlation between alchemy and auristics
Alchemical Mistakes (Basic)
What Animation Is (Basic)
What Alchemy Is (Advanced)
Magical Theory (Basic)
The Possibilities of Mixing Alchemy and Animation
Teaching Alchemy (Basic)
Lore of Lizard Subjects
Lore of Rabbit Subjects
Lore of preforming alchemy in a laboratory
Lore of conditioning/and or preparing the subject
Lore: "A master animator might perform a primitive daek-nuit by taking the real soul at the moment of death, not a copy."
Lore: Possibilities of daek-nuit involvement in the pycon creation?
Spiritism: "Ingredients and process of creating soulmist"
Alchemy: Creating derivitaves of life
Transmutation: Living is harder than non living
Alchemy: Creating Subject H2-A
Controlling Alchemical Havoc
How to Create Silverwood
Auristics: Recognizing Another Nuit
Djed Lunacy
Charger: Auric Application
Glyphing as an Alternative Outlet of Expression
Auristics: Detecting Magical Traces through Touch
Aura: Akridius
Astral Coordinates: Swalden
Alchemy: Creation of Ironsilk
Automatons Can Learn
Breaking an Ancient Seal
Directing Djed Pathways
The Diverse
Journeyman Basics
Initiation into Leeching
Using A Big Boy’s Circle
Being A Badass Wizard With Style
Alchemical Synergy
The Essence Of Alchemy
The Primacy of Reimancy
Book: Living Structures
Initiated in Architectrix
How to Teach Auristics
How to Teach Shielding
Projection: Initiation
Conveying The Importance of Glyphing
Preaching of Leeching
Leeching: Initiating Another
Alchemy Can Advance One's Soul
Initiation to Reimancy performed by Miro
Reimancy: using emotion to fuel Reimancy
Reimancy: Res production
Reimancy element: fire
Hypnotism: creating flashes
Take my confidence! (Hypnotism)
Alchemy: The Definition of Half-lives
Reimancy: The Fundamentals of Fire
Glyphing: Producing Fire Glyphs
Reimancy: Practice Makes Perfect
Reimancy: Casting a Fireball
Reimancy: Splitting Fireball
Reimancy: Basic Res Manipulation
Reimancy: Attracting the Elements
Reimancy: Sticking Res
Magic Combination: Leached Res is hard to use
Glyphing: Squares instead of Circles
Glyphing: Aiding Projection
Auristics: Seeing an Astral Limb
Projection: Basic Exercises
Projection: Detaching a Limb
Projection: Reattaching a Limb
Projection: 2 Methods of Detachment and Reattachment
Flux: Experiencing Djed Redirection
Glyphing + Fire Reimancy: A Fatal Mistake
The Role of Magic: Miro's View
The Role of Magic
Preparations to Perform a Trance
Triggering an Emotional Response
Layering a Trance
Using a Trance to Interrogate
A Successful Trance
Trance: Exhausting
Musing upon the hazards of Leeching Alchemized Djed
Using Projection to Leech
Entrancing a Zith
Miro and Rayage: Joint Hypnotism
The Peculiarities of Leeching from Air
Alchemy Formula: Incorporating Tar To Waterproof Wood
Alchemy Formula: Incorporating Leather To Toughen Wood
Alchemic Item: How To Craft Meta-Wood (Leather and Tar)
Reimancy: A Reimantic Gem
Reimancy: Flame Barrier
Reimancy: Fire Darts

Mundane Lore
Location: The Vestibule
Keene: Rough Around the Edges
Teaching: Explaining a Pupil's Strengths and Weaknesses and Areas of Improvement
Location: The Mudpools
Leadership: Carrots Work Better than the Stick
Medicine: The Mudpools' Mud has Rejuvenatory Properties
Keene: Doesn't Know the Meaning of the Word Fun
Teaching: The Basics of Glyphing
Teaching: Using Examples
Negotiating With the Gods
Miro: Complacent About Overgiving
Nature of a Chained One
The Wretched of Sahova
Keene and Evalin, a Similiarity
Keene: A Reimancer Without a Flame
Thorns as a Defense Mechanism
Can Ghosts be Leeched?
Miro and Rayage: Masters of a Zith
Lore: Zith
Caution before Testing
Miro: Scared of Spiders
Miro: Scared of Solitude
Eagerness to begin Testing
The Petch Is This Nyka Place?
Evalin Will Always Be An Apprentice
Keeping The Tongue Sharp
You Can't Hate Your Progeny
Creating A Monster
Cloaks Are Bad For Throwing
Murder at an Execution!
Ender: Well Bonded with Miro
Miro: Unchanged
Lessomm: Servant and Shielder
The Ultimate Power Behind Sentient Thought
Hope is Like a Bucket
What Is Wrenmae?
Wrenmae's Deal: You May Have My Child
Wrenmae's Terms: The Child Must Know No Magic
Testing a potential student
Kuvarakh : Thinks outside the box
Kuvarakh: Motivated by grief
Evening is the best time for the baths
Contact: Jabari Dreamchaser
Vantha: Colorful hair and eyes
Jabari's past
Jabari's reasons for being in Nyka
The Desire for a Child
Fools Fooling Fools
Lore of Self: Out of Balance
Lore of Self: Back to Basics
The Failures That Are Ghosts
Eryss: The "Boss"
Cade: The Barbarian
A Wall of Grey
H-1A's Assistance
The Powers of Change Prove Ineffective in Combat
The Craven Graves
Ring of False Life: Gives the wearer the illusion of life
Maelstrom: Crazy Mage
Flaunting one's status
Amaryllis: Possible Enemy
Write that down! Taking notes about others.
Understanding the power of a good old fashion talk
Choking someone for dramatic effect
I made Evalin cry
Instigating a premeditated murder
Telling someone the you killed the one they loved
Watching another lose their way with delight
Showing Evalin who is the boss
Love is the strongest emotion
Subject of Miro's cruelty
Fear of Miro's power (Reimancy)
People: Stupid!
Rain: Annoying!
Perfection Through Procedure
Ignoring Rumors
Ignoring The Boy
Divine Assassin Isaac
Trolling An Apprentice
Rayage: Better Than Gorgons
Saved By The Blob
Force of Change Brings Risk to the Unsuspecting
Ignotus: One Who Gambles Loosely
Only Fools Relax
Adding Our Own Flare
Just a Bet
Knowledge Passed By Pure Demonstration
Fair Advice on Deaf Ears
Punctual As Always
In Search Of Only Self-Validation
Administering Shameless Flattery
An Eye For Talent A Flare For Danger
Safe From Prying Eyes and Judging Minds
Truth is But Perception
Theoretical Power of Perception
Beauty In The Beast
Inspiration In Mutual Destruction
Revealing Secrets
Proposing A Selfish Offer
Edward Witchit: Owes Rayage one
Evalin knows Fire Reimancy
The Immortal Witch Evalin
Evalin doesn't like to be bossed around
The Child Ghost in the Ruins
Master of the Ruins
Mysteries Beneath Sylira
Equipping a Possibly Dangerous Artefact
Revealing One's Age
Recalling times from distant past
Thinking Little of One's Students
Running A Tight Ship
Unhelpful Instruction
Defining Alchemy
Guide the Mind Through Discussion
The Nature of Change
Ideal Balance of Thought
Nature of Pycon
History: Rupert Pycon
Highest Aspiration of Alchemy
Assigning Homework
Conducting A Classroom
A Professor's Obligations
"Playing the Game"
Frivolity of Human Life
Being A Master (Alchemist)
Wrenmae’s Multiple Personality Disorder
Teaching Another
A Sense Of Showmanship
Hanging Mizas Over One’s Head
The Dangers Of (Over) Ambition
Plotting To Politely Ask For Magic
Putting A Mortal In His Place
Bitches Love Wine
A Mortal’s Curiosity
Baring One’s Soul
Wrenmae’s Promise
Wrenmae Is A Master Hypnotist
Wrenmae Is A Morpher
Wrenmae’s Demonstration
Nothing Is Impossible
Getting Bitch Slapped By A Friend
Wrenmae’s Arrogance
Wrenmae’s Deadline
An Ultimatum
A Research Threat
Exposing Plots
Making a Stand
Futility of Mortals
Dogs are Irritating Sometimes...
Late For Class
A Student's Disrespect
Teaching Alchemy
Losing The Class
Building your future
Tricking the Guardian
A pursuit of minds
A Pre-Valterrian Elevator
Buttons that Shouldnt be Pressed
'Borrowing' a Snake from an Animation Classroom
Method to Controlling Crusher
Method to Controlling Snapper
Minerva Agatha Zipporah the Animation Student
Minerva's Collection of Automatons
Nearly Assaulted by Minerva's Tools
Alchemy Symbol: Ouroboros
Hint: Go to Zeltiva
Offering Immortality
Vaan Ezra: Assistant
Traces of Magic in the Hidden Document
True Content of Hidden Document: The Invisible Map
A Student's Foray into Homunculi Alchemy
Content of Hidden Document from University of Zeltiva Archives
Teaching Auxiliary Disciplines to Alchemy: Introducing Shielding
Teaching Auxiliary Disciplines to Alchemy: Introducing Glyphing
Rayage's Philosophy of Teaching
Location: Lab 45E
On the Hunt
An Enemy in Anslem
Reunited with old Acquaintances
Dangers of the cemetery
Stalking His Prey
How the Cat Toys with the Mouse
The Defiance of the Dying
The Mortal That Could See Beyond the World
Best way to win a fight, is not to start one.
The Secrets of the Archives
The Effects of Symenestra Venom
Research: Creating Subject H2-A
Life: What a bothersome thing
Writing: Taking accurate research notes
Lore of Captain Rivenshorn the ghosts and the promise to return him to the Family Crypt.
Lore: Falchion Technique: Identifying basic strike types and blocks.
Lore: The story of Research Worker #2281
Lore: The intriguing mysteries of the Leywellin ghosts.
Lore: What an Alahean Empire Overseer was.
Lore of The feeling of success
Lore of Skinning a Rabbit
A Rough Introduction to Sunberth
Anumal Husbandry: Keeping Track of H1-A
Dealing with A Shop Owner
Danger of Random Alleys in Sunberth
Sunberth (Basic)
Lore of Mad Planning
Lore of One step at a time
Issuing a Challenge
Good and Evil are Human Creations
Agent of change
Issuing a challenge against your own life
Just How Annoying Others Can Be

Common | Fluent
Ancient | Fluent

Subject H1-A- | The result of joining a lizard and a rabbit through alchemy; a lizard with fur instead of scales | Obtained
Subject H2-A- | The result of joining lizards and a dog through alchemy; a dog with scales instead of fur | Obtained
Lilly and Martha- | A pair of Alchemically Enhanced Bears created by and gifted from Mater Karte | Obtained

Equipment- Things Rayage has on
Winter 512 AV Ring of False Life Molding Magic I- Beginnings Unknown
Summer 512 AV Magical Manacle Lost & Damned Unknown
Fall 511 AV Steel-cloth Cloak (Purple)To Craft, To Enlighten, To Change Unknown
Fall 511 AVFalchion - Rivenshorn Family Sword Ghosts in the Darkness Unknown
Fall 511 AV1 DaggerMeeting the Undead2gm
Winter 510 AV1 Heirloom: Locket necklace that contains an image of what he looked like when he was still a human. Gold, and the only item that he has bothered to keep throughout his life and numerous bodies. Ray himself is unsure why he keeps it, but he just cant bear to part with it.Starting PackagePriceless

Summer 404 AVPre-Valterrian ParchmentI Used to Teach??
Winter 510 AV1 Set of Newbie ClothesStarting Package0
Winter 510 AV1 WaterskinStarting Package0
Winter 510 AV1 BackpackStarting Package0
Winter 510 AV1 ToiletriesStarting Package0
Winter 510 AV1 Eating KnifeStarting Package0
Winter 510 AV1 Flint and SteelStarting Package0
Fall 511 AV1 Armored Robes - Isur Steel/Shadowsilk Meeting the UnDead310gm
Spring 512 AV 2 Glyphed Alchemy CoinsGlyphed with stone. Gives properties of whatever is touching the coin the properties of stoneMystery Machine??
Summer 512 AV Humerus Bone of CheetahTreasures of the Sea15Gm
Summer 512 AVFemur Bone of CheetahTreasures of the Sea15Gm
Fall 512 AV10 Glass Vials, 1 Glass JarPlague of Tomorrow12Gm
Fall 512 AV 5 Small & Medium Brushes/ 2 Detail BrushesThe Rite of Right 1gm 9sm
Fall 512 AV 20 Charcoal Sticks and 5 Inscribing PaintThe Rite of Right 15gm 1 sm
Fall 512 AV Projection NotesThese notes will aid in the training of an individual up to competent level in projection (up until 30 points). These notes include basic projection techniques, particle applications and beginner theory. A Cloak For Your Thoughts Gifted
Fall 512 AV Broken ToothA broken tooth, presumably from one of the fighters. You have absolutely no idea how it ended up in your pocket Mortal Combat ??
Winter 512 AV Miro's Black Cloak (From Uldr)Prairie Dogs ??

Enchanted Items
Alchemy Items

Alchemic Charger Remnant :
Description: it's purpose is unknown. Rayage will have to analyze it for the future discoveries you had approved via the HD :) . SOURCE: Ghosts in the Darkness

Pre-Val Document :
Description: Stolen from the Archives Building in the University of Zeltiva, this ordinary looking piece of parchment has many secrets hidden within it. Traces of an Alchemical Reaction are left upon it, possibly explaining how it survived for so long. Written entirely in Ancient Tongue, and when viewed with Auristics it shows a map of pre-val Zeltiva and underground passageways therein. SOURCE: I Used to Lie

Steel-Cloth Cloak (x3) :
ImageDescription: Steel made and refined onto fabric-like substance the cloak is a product of many, many Alchemical doors opening and trial and error. The cloak itself is a bit heavier than a normal cloak made of wool only because of the steel-like properties imparted onto it. It carries surprising weight when swung, and is smooth but also shiny too, reflecting light that hits it. The cloaks are usually cold to the touch, just like steel or any other metal would be. They come in four different colors: Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Dark Green. Despite the color choice each cloak has the ouroboros symbol stitched into it somewhere, either on a sleeve or on the back of the cloak itself. SOURCE: To Craft, To Enlighten, To Change

Original Oroboros pictures found here.

Animated Items

Crusher and Snapper :
Crusher and Snapper - A pair of twin Animated Scarves. Controls: Verbal and Nonverbal commands (via glass eyes and leather ears). Both have a rudimentary understanding of language and can comprehend commands with child-like intelligence. Directives: Loyalty and Obedience, first to Minerva (as their 'Mother'), second to Rayage (as their 'Adopted Father'). Authentication: Obedience will also be granted to anyone who says the codewords, 'Mykras Ka,' for Snapper and, 'Kryshant Mu,' for Crusher. Weight: 5 lbs. Construction: Ironsilk (Made by Rayage at Expert Alchemy; half-life 9 years from creation time of 15th Summer 512 AV; Properties: flexibility and smoothness of silk but with the material strength and limited malleability of iron) for the main bodies. Wooden heads with glass eyes and leather ears. Snapper also has a pair of retractable metal fangs. Skill Level: Competent in all building/Animation skills used. Additional notes: Crusher is designed like a constrictor snake, but can also perform more complex actions with his body such as using his tail to climb or retrieve objects. He is programmed with greater understanding of commonplace things, and less of upper class/uncommon things. Snapper is designed like an asp, with retractable fangs and the ability to strike and stab with them, as well as being able to perform the same actions Crusher can. Snapper is programmed with slightly lesser understanding of commonplace things, in order to give him better understanding of upper class/uncommon things (such as distinguishing items of wealth).

Glyphing Items

Fire Scroll (1) :
Shoots four balls of fire from a central focus. Made with Novice (6 xp) Reimancy and Competent Glyphing (27 xp). The trigger is on the upper right hand side of the page, and the glyph activates when ichor is smeared over the trigger.

Chance of Time


Rhysol's Gift :
A pair of magecrafted gloves. They are made of a soft leather, simple and smooth. They can warm or cool the wearer's hands, keeping them at a constant comfortable temperature. The Black Sun, when gifting this to him, mentioned it was like 'Rhysol's gift to Ravok', relating to how the god put effort to keeping the city's weather calm and moderate all year round.


Misc. Items

Amber Bird Statuette :
When djed is applied to the statuette and forced upwards, so long as the owner retains contact with the artefact, they can project an astral form of themselves upwards in a direct line for as long as they can retain focus. Higher altitudes require more and more djed. The astral form can see as the mortal form can, but can also penetrate solid walls, ignoring obstacles and blocks in its path. If the caster is interrupted, the astral form will drop back into the mortal body. SOURCE: What Lies Beneath

Leash of Animal Control :
Description: A gold ring is the most defining feature of this item. Attached to it is a chain and a collar, and any animal attached to the other end is subjugated to the nuits will. ((Leash can control non-magical and alchemically created creatures up to 1.5 x the size of Rayage, and must be firmly affixed around the creatures neck or similar.)) SOURCE: Look in SS Thread. Item award for service to Sahova.

Magical Manacle :
Description: It can be imbued with directions, and then locked on a person's wrist to guide them in such a direction. The manacle guides the person following the directions, and while under its influence the wearer feels a magnetic-like tug is pulling them the way imbued and the wearer feels compelled to follow it. However it can in no way force actions, merely guide. Once the directions are followed the Manacle unlocks itself of its own accord. SOURCE: Lost & Damned

Ring of False Life :
A simple ring made from iron encrusted with two blue gems. When worn it bestows the appearance of life upon any nuit that wears it. Their bodies regain the full and healthy look that they had right before they died, though this does nothing to prevent the sluggishness of the nuit or the stench of their rotting flesh. The effects of this ring are nothing more than an illusion of life, they do not grant the wearer the effects of "feeling alive" and those who use the magic of Auristics can see the effects of the ring like a cloak draped over the wearer. The effects last until the ring is removed once more. SOURCE: Zombie Santa Event.

Molding Magic I- Beginnings

Side-effects of Magic
A Poultice for the Pores :
Inner Fire: Rayage will be wracked with fever-like symptoms for the next thirty days. Unfortunately, the burns will not ever go away until Rayage switches bodies.

Source: A Poultice for the Pores

Allegiance to the Dead :
Rayage will be getting a little present, a side effect from casting Hypnotism while simultaneously having emotions thrust on him. He will feel more at ease indefinitely and will have a harder time responding with any urgency or fear. This will actually help his ability to reason calmly in the face of all threats (save overgiving), but will also slow his physical reaction time including casting speed. I know of no ways to remedy aside from perhaps thorough reversal hypnosis by another practitioner. In addition, any time he does manage to become impassioned despite this condition he will feel a severe phantom pain in his right hand. Enjoy.

Source: Allegiance to the Dead

The Undertaking :
Consequences of Leeching: The skin between Rayage’s fingers begins to crack and emit ichor if used too dexterously. This lasts until her vessel is changed.

Source: The Undertaking

Darkness is an Illusion :
Due to the effects of overgiving, Rayage will have headaches on and off for the next several days. For the remainder of the day, she will experience sensations within her hands, which may only be described simply as, "strange."

Source: Darkness is an Illusion

SeasonItem or IncomeSourceValue
--Starting MoneyStarting Package+100gm
--Forgone HouseStarting Package+500gm
Summer 401 AVTreasure ChestWhat Lies Beneath+25gm
Summer 403 AVScroll SuppliesFor Ones Future-80gm
Spring 492 AVBook SuppliesA Captivation of Interest -5gm 5cm
Winter 510 AV Living Expenses Sahova* 0
Spring 511 AV Living Expenses Sahova* 0
Summer 511 AV Living Expenses Sahova* 0
Fall 511 AV1 Armored Robes - Isur Steel/Shadowsilk Meeting the UnDead-240gm
Fall 511 AV1 Nasal HelmetMeeeting the Undead+24gm
Fall 511 AV1 Leather ArmorMeeting the Undead+9gm
Fall 511 AVLootFortunes of the Dead+35gm
Fall 511 AV Living Expenses Sahova* 0
Winter 511 AV Living Expenses Sahova* 0
Spring 512 AV Steel Bars/ScarvesTo Craft, To...-46gm 5sm
Spring 512 AV 5 Glyphed Alchemy CoinsMystery Machine-5gm
Spring 512 AV Living Expenses Sunberth -5gm
Summer 512 AVIron Silk Scarf ExpensesFulfilling a Request-24gm
Summer 512 AV Scarf AutomataFulfilling a Request-50gm
Summer 512 AV Humerus and Femur Bones of a CheetahTreasures of the Sea -30gm
Summer 512 AVFine Wine, Wine GlassCraft of Bone-12gm
Summer 512 AVLiving Expenses**Zeltiva-5gm
Summer 512 AVSeasonal WagesZeltiva+910gm
Summer 512 AVDebtsZeltiva-700gm
Fall 512 AV10 Glass Vials, 1 Glass JarPlague of Tomorrow-12gm
Fall 512 AVInscribing Paint, Charcoal, Various Brushes The Rite of Right -17gm
Fall 512 AVBlood Pit BetMortal Combat-5sm
Fall 512 AVLiving ExpensesOn the Road -45gm
Winter 512 AVLiving ExpensesSahova* -0gm
Spring 513 AVLiving ExpensesSahova/Ship to Nyka-45gm
Summer 513 AVRoom for SeasonSafehaven Hostel-12gm
Summer 513 AVA BathStill Waters Run Deep-5sm
Summer 513 AVLiving ExpensesOn the Road-45gm
Fall 513 AVLiving ExpensesRavok-45gm
Fall 513 AVRoom for SeasonBoarding House-55gm
Winter 513 AVQuest RewardConfusion+50gm
Winter 513 AVLiving ExpensesRavok-45gm
Winter 513 AVRoom for SeasonBoarding House-55gm
Spring 514 AVLiving ExpensesSahova*-0gm
Summer 514 AVLiving ExpensesSahova*-0gm
Fall 514 AVFall WagesSahova+2730gm
Fall 514 AVLiving ExpensesSahova-450gm
Winter 514 AVLiving ExpensesSahova-450gm
Spring 515 AVLiving ExpensesSahova-450gm
Summer 515 AVLiving ExpensesSahova-450gm
Fall 515 AVLiving ExpensesZeltiva-450gm
Total Amount__552gm 5sm 95cm

*Rays time in Sahova he was given access to a new body when needed, and he has free lodging. In exchange though he had to research, via alchemy, ways to help Sahova take over the world.

*As a teacher for the University of Zeltiva Ray gets a free room in the Uni's Hallowed Halls

Sahovan Grants
Sping 513 AV -- Sahova 5005 GM*
Spring 513 AV Gardening Supplies The Office -630 GM
Spring 513 AV Sun Stone Lab Install The Office -500 GM
Spring 10 513 AV Slaves/Test Subjects A Slave, A Dead... -6000 GM
Grant Remaining -- -- 0 GM

*Although the grant is a finite amount on paper Rayage can procure far beyond that amount if it will benefit his research as the Alchemist has Sahovas near full backing.

Spring 512 AVMysterious Man20634 GM0
Summer 512 AVSeasonal Income20634 GM 700 GM
Total Debt__19934 GM

*Ray got a loan from the Mysterious Man in Sunberth to build the building and start business All The Rayage (Business Sheet)
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“Method is more important than strength, when you wish to control your enemies. By dropping golden beads near a snake, a crow once managed to have a passer-by kill the snake for the beads.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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[Flashback: Paragon] What Lies Beneath...Summer 74 401 AVComplete Results
[Flashback] For Ones FutureSummer 78 403 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] Scrolls GaloreFall 1 403 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] Where Fire RunsFall 20 403 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] Fire the Right WayFall 40 403 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] Deals and DevilsFall 60 403 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] I Used to TeachSummer 11 404 AVComplete Results
[Flashback] I Used to LieSummer 15 404 AVComplete Results
[Flashback] I Used to PlotSummer 20 404 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] Student CouncilWinter 34 411 AV Complete Results
[Flashback]To Summon Change Summer 44 411 AV Ongoing Results
[Flashback] Uncovering the Mysterious PastSummer 10 451 AVPendingResults
[Flashback] A Captivation of Interest Spring 16 492 AVOngoing[url]Results[/url]
[Flashback] Nuit, didn't you? Fall 31 503 AV Ongoing Results
[Flashback] Echo of Memory Summer 16 504 AVOngoing Results
[Flashback] Magic in the MistSpring 87 508 AVComplete Results
[Flashback] Catching a Familiar ScentFall 5 509 AVComplete Results
[Flashback: Pana Cotta] The Crow's Bill is BlueWinter 50 510 AVPendingResults

511 AV

Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Homonculus Trials 1-A Spring 3 511 AV Complete Results
Epic Quest Karakuri Spring Late 511 AV Unfinished Results


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Homonculus Trials 2-A Summer 53 511 AV Complete Results


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Meeting the Undead Fall 15 511 AV Complete Results
Ghosts in the Darkness Fall 15 511 AV Complete Results
Ambush on the Outskirts Fall 15 511 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Signs in the Mist pt. 1 Fall 20 511 AV Unfinished Results
Signs in the Mist- Ancient Fall 20 511 AV Results
Weak Little Scavengers Fall 30 511 AV Complete Results
Steps toward Perfection Fall 88 511 AV Complete Results


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Mysterious Ways Winter 1 511 AV Complete Results
Yes I Know What a Pedestal Is! Winter 2 511 AV Ongoing Earnings
A Lizard Mixed With What? Winter 3 511 AV Ongoing Earnings
Sorceress meets Him Winter 15 511 AV Complete Rewards
Fortunes of the Dead Winter 40 511 AV Complete Results
Interview with a Nuit Winter 56 511 AV Ongoing Earnings
Plants are Living too Winter 80 511 AV Ongoing Earnings
The Right of Way Winter 81 511 AVOngoing Earnings

512 AV

Thread Title Date Status Rewards
To Research DarknessSpring 3 512 AV Placeholder Rewards
The Nature of Black Spring 4 512 AV Placeholder Rewards
Objective One, Objective Two Spring 5 512 AV Ongoing Rewards
The Lessons of Nothing Spring 14 512 AV Placeholder Rewards
Beneath the Stars, a Fateful Encounter Spring 34 512 AV Ongoing Earnings
The Might of Minds Spring 35 512 AV Ongoing Earnings
Easy Come, Easy Go Spring 37 512 AV Ongoing Earnings
From Clay to Life: An Exercise in Creation* Spring 40 512 AV Complete Results
Packmule*Spring 43 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
A Favor or Three Spring 55 512 AV Ongoing Earnings
Constructive Criticism* Spring 58 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Odds and Ends* Spring 65 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
To Craft, To Enlighten, To Change Spring 67 512 AV Complete Results
The Mystery Machine Spring 85 512 AV Complete Results

*These threads are building threads to get Rays shop "All the Rayage"


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
What is Alchemy?** Summer 1 512 AV CompleteResults
To Assist the Undead Summer 2 512 AV Complete Results
Alchemy Basics** Summer 15 512 AV Complete Results
Craft of Bone and Art of Djed Summer 19 512 AV Complete Results
Allegiance to the Dead Summer 45 512 AV Complete Results
Fashion Disaster Summer 80 512 AV Complete Results
Lost & Damned Summer 84 512 AV Complete Results
An Unavoidable Discussion Summer 90 512 AV Complete Results

**Class threads


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Plague of Tomorrow Fall 1 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
The Rite of Right Fall 5 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Right Way to do Wrong Fall 6 512 AV Placeholder [url]Results[/url]
Confidence's Call Fall 7 512 AV Placeholder [url]Results[/url]
Fear the Reaper Fall 10 512 AV Complete Results
Mortal Combat Fall 20 512 AV Complete Results
Smile Like you Mean it Fall 30 512 AV Complete Results
Meeting of Centuries Past Fall 40 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
A Cloak for Your Thoughts? Fall 41 512 AV Complete Results
Reading Amongst the Dead Fall 42 512 AV Complete Results
Circle of Stone Fall 43 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Masters of the Island Fall 44 512 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Magic Party! Fall 45 512 AV Placeholder [url]Results[/url]
Things That go Bump in the Night Fall 47 512 AV Placeholder [url]Results[/url]
Ghosts and Gouls Fall 48 512 AV Placeholder [url]Results[/url]
No Longer in the Dark Fall 49 512 AV Placeholder [url]Results[/url]


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Molding Magic I- BeginningsWinter 25 512 AV Complete Results
Giving Direction to Perfection Winter 30 512 AV Complete Results
Come with me... Winter 31 512 AV Complete Results
Awakening Winter 32 512 AV Complete Results
Prairie Dogs Winter 35 512 AV Complete Results
To (Re)Create Life- Project Vinonen Winter 40 512 AV Ongoing Rewards
The New YOU Station Winter 60 512 AV Ongoing Rewards
Placeholder (Vick) Winter ?? 512 AV Placeholder Rewards
Placeholder (Vick) Winter ?? 512 AV Placeholder Rewards
Placeholder (Vick/Miro) Winter ?? 512 AV Placeholder Rewards
Placeholder (Vick/Miro) Winter ?? 512 AV Placeholder Rewards

513 AV

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Circle of Change Spring 1 513 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Fire and Light Spring 2 513 AV Complete Results
Soul in Magic Spring 3 513 AV Complete Results
Restless Dead Spring 4 513 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
Confident to Competent Spring 7 513 AV Ongoing [url]Results[/url]
A Slave, A Dead Man... Spring 10 513 AV Complete Results
Chance of Time Spring 10 513 AV Complete Results
The Dark of a Zith Night Spring 11 513 AV Complete Results
Drawing the Future Spring 13 513 AV Complete Results
Qiao's Quest Spring 20 513 AV Complete Results
Personal Preparation Spring 21 513 AV Complete[/url]Results


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The First day- Nyka Summer 4 513 AV [color=green]Complete Results
Still Waters Run Deep Summer 15 513 AV Complete Results
Dead End Summer 27 513 AV Ongoing Results
Dont Believe Everything You Read Summer 28 513 AV Ongoing Results


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A Drop of Chaos Fall 38 513 AV Complete Results
Doorway to Chaos Fall 40 513 AV Complete Results
Alchemy by Design Placeholder Pending Earnings
Directing the Design Placeholder Pending Earnings
A Meeting of Magic Fall 60 513 AV Complete Results
Title Here Day Status Earnings


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Confusion Winter 4 513 AV Complete Rewards

514 AV

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Switchero Spring 38 514 AV Ongoing Results
Project New Soul- Part 1 Spring 39 514 AV Ongoing Results
The Undertaking Spring 40 514 A Complete Results
Project New Soul- Part 2 ??? Placeholder Results
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Darkness is an Illusion Summer 70 514 AVComplete Results
In Spite of Self ??? Placeholder Earnings
To Begin Anew ??? Placeholder Earnings
Summer Thread- Clyde ??? Placeholder Earnings
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The First Stratum Fall 53 514 AV Complete Results


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Into the Depths Part II Winter 5 514 AV Placeholder Results
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Life and Death Upon the Stones Winter 24 514 AV Ongoing Results
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Thread of Steel Day Placeholder Results
Project Snakebite: Beginnings Day Placeholder Results

515 AV

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A Thread of a Different Color Spring 10 515 AV Ongoing Results
The Citadels Circle Spring 36 151 AV Ongoing Results


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Supremacy of the Mind Summer 2 515 AV Complete Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results


Thread Title Date Status Rewards
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results
Title Here Day Status Results

Letters to the Dead- Letter Thread
Lab 45E- Rayage's Alchemy Lab in Sahova
All The Rayage- Rayages Shop in Sunberth
Rayage Post Templates- Post Template Thread

Skill Record :
A Crossing of Paths- Winter 302 AV- +3 Alchemy, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Teaching
Body Language- Winter 302 AV- +3 Observation, +3Alchemy, +3 Philosophy, +1 Teaching
One Nuit, Two Nuit- Spring 39 309 AV- +2 Alchemy
A Step into Eternity- Fall 313 AV- +2 Shielding, +2 Auristics, +3 Rhetoric, +1 Philosophy, +1 Subterfuge, +1 Hypnotism, +1 Negotiation
Freedom's Price- Fall 45 313 AV- +3 Observation, +1 Writing, +2 Persuasion, +4 Intimidation, +1 Hypnotism, +1 Teaching
What Lies Beneath- Summer 74 401 AV- +2 Land Navigation, +1 Auristics, +1 Drawing, +2 Glyphing, +2 Philosophy, +1 Acting, +1 Hypnotism, +4 Observation, +4 Investigation, +4 Leadership, +2 Leeching
I Used to Teach- Summer 11 404 AV- +4 Alchemy, +4 Teaching, +3 Mathematics, +2 Leadership, +1 Intimidation
I Used to Lie- Summer 15 404 AV- +1 Rhetoric, +3 Storytelling, +3 Subterfuge, +2 Intimidation, +1 Writing, +2 Investigation, +5 Teaching, +2 Drawing, +3 Glyphing, +1 Negotiation, +2 Auristics
Student Council- Winter 34 411 AV- +3 interrogation, +2 Observation, +4 Rhetoric
Magic in the Mist- Spring 87 508 AV- +3 Alchemy, +3 Hypnotism, +2 Persuasion, +1 Glyphing
Catching a Familiar Scent- Fall 5 509 AV- +2 Rhetoric, +1 Auristics, +1 Hypnotism
Homonculus Trials 1-A- Spring 3 511 AV- +5 Alchemy, +3 Research, +2 Observation, +2 Meditation, +1 Glyphing, +1 Hypnotism
Homonculus Trials 2-A- Summer 53 511 AV- +5 Alchemy, +2 Writing, +2 Research, +2 Observation, +2 Mathematics, +1 Glyphing, +1 Skinning
Meeting the Undead- Fall 15 511 AV- +3 Hypnotism, +4 Animal Husbandry, +4 Observation, +1 Auristics
Ghosts in the Darkness- Fall 15 511 AV- +5 Falchion, +4 Spiritism, +1 Auristics, +4 Observation, +3 Archeology
Signs in the Mist- Fall 20 511 AV- +1 Observation, +1 Intimidation
Weak Little Scavengers- Fall 36 511 AV- +1 Intimidation, +1 Hypnotism
Steps Towards Perfection- Fall 88 511 AV- +1 Rhetoric, +1 Philosophy, +1 Interrogation, +3 Alchemy
Mysterious Ways- Winter 1 511 AV- +4 Investigation, +1 Auristics, +5 Interrogation, +2 Negotiation, +5 Observation, +2 Teaching,, +2 Leadership
Sorceress meets Him- Winter 15 511 AV- +1 Hypnotism, +1 Observation, +1 Intimidation
Fortunes of the Dead- Winter 40 511 AV- +3 Spiritism, +4 Weapon- Falchion, +2 Animal Husbandry, +2 Hynotism, +2 Glyphing
From Clay to Life: An Exercise in Creation- Spring 40 512 AV- +1 Observation, +3 Philosophy, +4 Rhetoric, +1 Architecture, +3 Leadership
To Craft, To Enlighten, To Change- Spring 67 512 AV- +1 Negotiation, +1 Subterfuge, +5 Alchemy, +1 Interrogation, +2 Philosophy, +5 Teaching
The Mystery Machine- Spring 85 512 AV- +4 Alchemy, +3 Glyphing, +3 Auristics, +3 Hypnotism, +2 Intimidation, +2 Storytelling, +2 Interrogation, +1 Acting, +2 Sword, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Philosophy
What is Alchemy?- Summer 1 512 AV- +3 Organization, +1 Intimidation, +3 Teaching, +3 Philosophy, +1 Socialization
To Assist the Undead- Summer 2 512 AV- +1 Interrogation
Alchemy Basics- Summer 15 512 AV- +4 Teaching, +2 Drawing, +2 Rhetoric, +2 Observation
Craft of Bone and Art of Djed- Summer 19 512 AV- +3 Rhetoric, +1 Intimidation
Allegiance to the Dead- Summer 45 512 AV- +1 Organization, +2 Philosophy, +2 Leadership, +3 Subterfuge, +1 Interrogation, +1 Stealth, +2 Observation, +1 Wilderness Survival, +1 Rhetoric, +3 Teaching, +2 Glyphing, +1 Drawing, +1 Calligraphy, +4 Leeching, +1 Hypnotism
Fashion Disaster- Summer 80 512 AV- +2 Philosophy, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Hypnotism, +1 Observation
Lost & Damned- Summer 84 512 AV- +2 Leadership, +1 Philosophy, +1 Intimidation, +1 Auristics, +2 Observation, +2 Investigation, +1 Interrogation, +1 Architectrix
An Unavoidable Discussion- Summer 90 512 AV- +2 Observation, +3 Philosophy, +1 Teaching, +4 Rhetoric, +2 Leadership, +3 Intimidation
Fear the Reaper- Fall 10 512 AV- +1 Meditation, +1 Glyphing, +3 Shielding, +1 Interrogation, +2 Philosophy, +1 Subterfuge, +2 Tactics
Mortal Combat- Fall 20 512 AV- +1 Planning, +3 Intimidation, +3 Rhetoric, +2 Observation, +1 Philosophy
Smile Like you Mean it- Fall 30 512 AV- +1 Persuasion, +2 Philosophy
A Cloak for Your Thoughts?- Fall 41 512 AV- +4 Alchemy, +2 Projection, +2 Observation, +3 Rhetoric
Reading Amongst the Dead- Fall 41 512 AV- +1 Alchemy, +2 Hypnotism, +1 Intimidation, +1 Persuasion, +2 Rhetoric, +2 Teaching
Molding Magic I- Winter 25 512 AV- +4 Mathematics
Giving Direction to Perfection- WInter 30 512 AV- +1 Auristics, +3 Glyphing, +3 Projection
Come with me...- Winter 31 512 AV- +1 Reimancy
Awakening- Winter 32 512 AV- +1 Intimidation, +1 Interrogation, +2 Hypnotism, +5 Reimancy, +3 Glyphing
Prairie Dogs- Winter 35 512 AV- +5 Reimancy
Fire and Light- Spring 2 513 AV- +3 Glyphing, +2 Reimancy
Soul in Magic- Spring 3 513 AV- +3 Glyphing, +2 Reimancy, +2 Leeching
A Slave, A Dead Man...- Spring 10 513 AV- +2 Rhetoric
Chance of Time- Spring 10 513 AV- +3 Glyphing, +3 Reimancy, +3 Teaching, +2 Drawing
The Dark of a Zith Night- Spring 11 513 AV- +5 Hypnotism, +2 Observation, +4 Rhetoric, +3 Interrogation, +1 Writing, +2 Projection, +1 Leeching, +1 Teaching
Drawing the Future Spring 13 513 AV- +4 Rhetoric, +3 Drawing, +3 Glyphing, +2 Pholosophy, +1 Hypnotism
Qiao's Quest- Spring 20 513 AV- +2 Rhetoric, +1 Auristics, +1 Persuasion
The First Day- Nyka- Summer 4 513 AV- +2 Rhetoric
Still Waters Run Deep- Summer 15 513 AV- +2 Observation, +1 Socialization, +1 Hypnotism, +1 Storytelling, +1 Investigation
A Drop of Chaos- Fall 38 513 AV- +1 Auristics, +1 Negotiation, +1 Observation, +1 Philosophy
Doorway to Chaos- Fall 40 513 AV- +1 Auristics, +2 Hypnotism, +1 Investigation, +1 Observation, +1 Philosophy, +2 Reimancy, +1 Storytelling, +1 Teaching
A Meeting of Magic- Fall 60 513 AV- +1 Observation, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Planning
Confusion- Winter 4 513 AV- +2 Leadership, +1 Running, +1 Observation, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Hypnotism
The Undertaking- Spring 40 514 AV- +2 Meditation, +2 Leeching, +1 Philosophy, +1 Socialization, +1 Observation, +1 Interrogation
The First Stratum- Fall 53 514 AV- +2 Writing, +2 Research, +1 Meditation, +3 Alchemy
Into the Depths- Winter 5 514 AV- +3 Observation, +1 Disguise, +1 Cosmetology, +3 Teaching, +2 Rhetoric, +4 Philosophy, +2 Storytelling, +1 Interrogation, +2 Glyphing, +2 Drawing, +1 Hypnotism
A Poultice for the Pores- Winter 40 514 AV- +2 Land Navigation, +5 Socialization, +5 Observation, +5 Teaching, +2 Leadership, +1 Philosophy, +5 Rhetoric, +3 Persuasion, +4 Medicine, +3 Glyphing, +3 Reimancy, +2 Endurance


City Date Arrived Date Departed
Ravok Winter, 300 AV Winter, 400 AV
Zeltiva Spring, 401 AV Summer, 448 AV
Lhavit Summer, 451 AV Spring, 470 AV
Alvadas Fall, 471 AV Spring, 491 AV
Riverfall Spring, 492 AV Winter, 500 AV
Lhavit Spring, 501 AV Spring, 503 AV
Sunberth Fall, 503 AV ???
Sahova Winter, 510 AV Fall, 511 AV
Sunberth Fall, 511 AV Fall, 511 AV
Sahova Winter, 511 AV Winter, 511 AV
Sunberth Spring, 512 AV Spring, 512 AV
Zeltiva Summer, 512 AV Fall, 512 AV
Sahova Winter, 512 AV ---


ImageEvalin- The Immortal Witch, or at least that is what she likes to call herself. This creature, for lack of better term, was created by Ray when she was on the verge of death. Wanting immortality the Alchemist all too happily granted it seeing much potential in the girl at the time, after Ray was shown a portal to another world. Their relationship is complicated, diverse, and somewhat bipolar. Nevertheless Ray hopes to tame the wild fire within the girls heart, for it is far too free, and if left unchecked it could burn and consume the entire world. With such power, the alchemist both fears and respects the witch. Although Ray would never admit to the fear part, an Alchemist does have pride after all.

ImagePlaceholder Name- Placeholder desc
“Method is more important than strength, when you wish to control your enemies. By dropping golden beads near a snake, a crow once managed to have a passer-by kill the snake for the beads.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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