[Kaya's Scrapbook] The Missing Bride

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The player scrapbooks forum is literally a place for writers to warm-up, brainstorm, keep little scraps of notes, or just post things to encourage themselves and each other. Each player can feel free to create their own thread - one per account - and use them accordingly.

[Kaya's Scrapbook] The Missing Bride

Postby Kaya on February 11th, 2012, 7:26 pm

The Missing Bride

Welcome to my scrapbook!

"What's Yo' Name?'

Name: Rosalie, Rosie, or Rosa
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Status: Single ;)
Nationality: I am Australian and Brittish
Location: Brisbane, Australia (The best place ever :D)
Likes: I love to write, but another thing that's within in me is music. When I was a little girl I used to love to sing and dance. This is something that I still carry, and still love. <3
What I Hope to Do Here: Make new friends, and do my own thing ;)

I have been so excited to make a scrapbook for a while. But, I have been warned that you can addicted. Is that a bad thing? .. I don't know I mean, I'm a person who doesn't do well when it comes to diaries because I never really bothered to complete mine. At the same time, I don't know why but I'm so excited to start this. SO I hope that I stay persistent. Hopefully. :)

Now, I'm a person who becomes very self-conscious very easily. I believe that this is due to how I carry the trait of being jealous very easily. Therefore in my posts maybe I'll be like "Oh! Well so and so is so much better than me. I'll never be like them. Yada Yada Yada." Honestly, I wish I was never that person who became so paranoid over almost everything. I've never felt confident over my last pieces lately and I have become so scared. Maybe to see someone's review and they say, "Oh well you suck, and this person is better than you." Well obviously they won't exactly say it that way, but you get what I mean?

Another thing, I am a very busy person with all the work I am doing now. So, I may struggle a little to get all my posts done with my threads and what not. Of course, later on I will learn to manage my times and such. Truthfully, I just hope that I don't have to retire my character later on due to the amount of stress. So my goal to set is: To manage my timing.

Now I thought that after each each post I'd have a question of the day so: What was it like when you first joined Mizahar?

Leave your comments below!! :)
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[Kaya's Scrapbook] The Missing Bride

Postby Ronan on February 11th, 2012, 7:33 pm

Welcome to the world of Scrapbooks - and yes, they are rather addictive!

When I joined Mizahar, I felt overwhelmed by all the lore and awesome looking players, but also really excited. I am such a nerd (really, really) and I think I just became some kind of fanboy, in awe at all the awesome story lines going on.
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[Kaya's Scrapbook] The Missing Bride

Postby Gossamer on February 11th, 2012, 7:36 pm

There was a big empty sounding space and only Tarot's smiling face to look at. Liminal filled it with wise cracks and plots of making crazy seal/butterfly/human people. It smelled and looked better when Colombina came on board because shes a classy dresser and always wears nice perfume. And it tasted spicy when Cayenne joined.

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[Kaya's Scrapbook] The Missing Bride

Postby Chapiko on February 12th, 2012, 2:42 am

I was a complete nub when I joined. And I made my first ever PC a thief. That was before I realized how over-used they were. And I wasn't really "overwhelmed" so-to-speak about the lore, I just looked up whatever I needed to know.
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[Kaya's Scrapbook] The Missing Bride

Postby Phoenix on February 12th, 2012, 3:15 am

When I started I was so unbelievably shy. Chat was a quiet place with 15-20 people total that frequented it ( hard to believe, I know ) and I jumped in and tried to make some friends. Being so quiet and timid it was a chore to break into the middle of all those inside jokes and friendships. But I did. I just tried to be myself, shyness, dorkiness and all, and it wasn't long before I would get a chorus of hellos I entering. It was lovely and I felt a part of everything and very appreciated.

Posting was another matter. I had recently come from a short stint at that notorious "other" RP Site, where I was shunned and told my writing was an embarrassment. I was terrified of posting. Luckily I had one of my best friends join with me, we made twin PC's and tried to jump right in. Starting in WR was hard because OMG I had to ask a ton of questions and Gossamer had a scary blue name that intimidated me with its different color. I didn't know about Tarots fear inducing Red yet. But I asked my questions anyway and now Goss bows to my awesomeness (go along with it, Jen)

The moral of my story? Don't be afraid to be yourself. I am shy too and everything worked out fine. We want to know YOU, not an Internet mask of what you assume people expect you to be. Those people are ALWAYS exposed eventually and it's always disappointing to find out that person isn't who you thought.

Please, PM me any time and I will help you with whatever you need, IC or OOC.
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