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Kalimalka's Templates

Postby Kalimalka on May 25th, 2012, 6:08 pm

"Easy old girl, easy", Takoda gently digs his heel into the the brake and lets the teeth bite at the powdery snow. The sled slows to a stop not 200 lengths from the small glowing cabin. Kalimalka's muscles ripple impatiently under the leather and wool harness. She shoots a look over her shoulder and huffs impatiently.

"I know, I know", the man throws up his hands in a pacifying gesture. "But I warned you we were going to step up your training before we leave for Denval. Unless you'd rather stay behind and I take the boys with me..." He smiles wryly down at the bristling bitch. He knows hes won just by the twitch in her eye. Vantal and Rika are the two other Zepherian's they live with. Both of the brothers are getting on in their years, and Kali is young and inexperienced; but that doesnt stop them from compeating like siblings with everything they do. And like hell she's going to let those two steal her adventure to Denval!

Kali swings her heavy muzzle forward and tests the tension of the lines. Besides having a grown man in the drivers seat, they had been to the fringe forest by Avanthal and have come back with evough wood to last them the rest of Fall. Thats easily 400 pounds of weight. Normally this wouldnt be a problem, for she can drag much more than this across even ground, but Takoda plans to race her. And shes been running for hours today.

"You ready girl? I'll be counting. And if you beat you're last time-"

The Kelvic nods enthusiasticly. Yes, yes, lets move already, she seems to say with every taunt line of her body.

"Alright, beat 40 in three, two, one: Hike!"

Kali throws herself against the shoulders of her harness with a bone-cracking force. The sled makes a lurch with a groan of worn wood that makes it sound like its falling apart. long pearly gusts of breath blow from the Kelvics mouth like the steam from a clock as she drags the heavy load, leading with hunched shoulders but powering with her haunches; Just like she was taught.

The wooden vehicle slowly gains speed with the effort. Soon Kali's stride is evolving from a hunched pull of muscle to a tight, longer stride and finally to pushing with her chest while lengthening her legs to a steady long rhythm.

"Ten seconds!" The driver shouts above the labored sound of her breath. "Faster old girl! Use your back!"

The bitch grunts and picks up her pace untill the sled runners are easily cutting through the fresh snow. At this point, with the sled propelling its own momentum, she would usually slow down with an easy lope she could keep for hours. But this is a race, and she powers through the motion into faster speeds. Giving herself the impossible task of matching her hearts rhythm.


"Seventeen second! Halfway there!" Takoda is bent almost double over the handlbar to reduce the drag. The grip is digging into his ribs, the icy air is making his eyes water like they are being sliced, and being so long standing on the stiff runners is making his back ache, but he's smilling from ear to ear. "A hot bath and a bowl of stew is waiting for you!"

Her haunches scream the force being placed on them. Her forlegs are low and skim the snow. Her breath can hardly keep up with her blood and shes sucking air in with her mouth wide and tounge lolling. But the compatition is buzzing in her brain, coaxing her: a little faster, it says, a little harder. She pushes aside her discomfort, pins her ears back. She imagines the sled is not being dragged behind her, but is chasing her. Its a large beast with a growl like the shuddering of logs. Faster, faster, she has to outrun it!

A whoop bellows from behind her, "twenty-five second! You're almost there! Dont slack off, pick up your feet! Up, girl, up! Hike!"

You get up here and run you old git, she spits venemously in the privacy of her mind.


One last push. She can smell the musky shed, the windows are two blinking eyes. Faster!


The rock that they use as their finishing marker is only a few strides away.


Thats it! She takes every ounce of strength she doesn't have, bunches up her coiling legs, and throws herself against the harness as hard as she can.

"Ah-ha! Thats my girl! Thirty seconds on the nose!" He presses on the brake again, but softer this time. Matching the slow decent of the Zepherian as she cools off. They come to a stop just outside the ramshakle shed attached to the body of the cabin. Takoda steps off and wades up to the head of the sled, unclipping his companion with flick of a few silver clasps.

"Good job sweetheart", he smiles, taking her large head in both hands and giving her a rousing shake. "Get yourself inside while I tuck everything away." He kisses the patch of dark skin above her nose and sends her on her way. But not before she gets his chin in an affectionate (and somewhat vindicitive) lick.

While the run was exillerating, shes suffering the aftermath with a deep, bone-tiredness thats pulling on her neck.
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