Chasing Emerald Eyes (Sira/Closed)

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Chasing Emerald Eyes (Sira/Closed)

Postby Gracen on December 3rd, 2012, 7:01 am

The author of the voice was not immediately apparent, but Sira began to make out eyes in the darkness. Red eyes, green eyes, large eyes, groupings of more than two to a shadowy face--these were not the normal sort of eyes, visible despite a lack of light. They were patterns of curious or threatening light, and if Sira didn't know quite what to do, her daughter certainly made a choice, flashing into her feathered form and vaulting aloft toward the stars that still made sense despite the oddity of this place, this Denval.

She flew up and up and up, using the strength and vitality the water, the meal, and some rest had afforded her. Frightened and bewildered, she began to race in the direction they had been traveling, and without a lot of training at navigating, she seemed to have found the knack for at least direction.

Meanwhile, down below, the eyes grew harder, more desperate. One of the potential meals had flown away and out of reach, but the larger one remained and they were intent upon Sira's flesh. The foliage exploded with tooth and claw, beach and horn, fur and feathers and scales; all the myriad forms of hunger came out of the dark to find her.
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Chasing Emerald Eyes (Sira/Closed)

Postby Sira on January 14th, 2013, 6:19 pm


Natalie's escape did not throw Sira off much, she would have told her daughter to do exactly that, but Sira was a bit slower in leaving. She was curious about the eyes.. it was an unfortunate side effect of being older and having spent more time among humans. Why do humans always stand and stare at impending danger, rather than run and seek cover? The very human desire to just stand there and do nothing only lasted a moment, however, and Sira too shifted as quickly as she could.

If she was able to, she would take to the sky and fly off in pursuit of her daughter. Actually, that would be her goal no matter what happened, to get airborne and get away. If whatever the creatures were managed to get close to her before she could reach the sky, she would of course attack, lashing out with beak and talon, beating wings furiously until she could lift off the ground and escape. Either way, Sira's main goal was to get away, not fight, and to catch back up to her daughter. Whoever the voice had been, Sira could worry about that later. Survival, and Natalie, were her top priorities.

OOCSorry this is short.. my post kind of depends on whether or not Sira escapes, or has to fight.

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Chasing Emerald Eyes (Sira/Closed)

Postby Harrier on September 24th, 2013, 9:17 pm


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Additional Comments: THis looked like it could have been a really amazing thread...but retirements suck. Pity.

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