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Autumn Leithea

Postby Autumn Leithea on July 17th, 2012, 6:43 pm



Physical Description
Name : Autumn Leithea
Pronunciation : Aw-tum Lay-thay-uh
Race : Human
Gender : Female
Age : 28
Birthday : Season of Autumn, Day 19, 489 AV
Height : 5' 9''
Weight : 145 lbs
Languages :
  • Common ~ Fluent
  • Kontinese ~ Basic
  • Shiber ~ Poor

Autumn has a youthful figure to her, and she is a strong girl whom could put up a fight against most. She has wavy earthen brown hair braided and flowing into long dreadlocks and tangled hair falling down past her shoulders. She has deep earthen brown hazel and amber eyes, with a playful sparkle of merriment to them most of the time.

Character Concept

Autumn tends wear light, loose clothing during the summer. She wears a piece of old cloth around her chest in the back, and a loose beaten gypsy-style dress showing her left thigh, with a cloth belt tied in a fashionable knot as a buckle.
On her feet she often wears a pair of wooden sandals, though she enjoys being barefoot. She also tends to wear an old faded bandanna on her head traditionally. In late Autumn and Winter she wears a faded, patched old dress and corset, with warm stockings coming up just shy of her hips and her trusty old bladed boots. She never wears undergarments unless it is cold.
Autumn has a flamboyant and large tattoo covering her entire back of intertwined vines with roses as the background for a flower phoenix spread-winged in shades of dark green, deep red, and gold. On her arms she has scarlet dragons snaking and weaving up each of her arms from the forearm to her shoulders. She attained this body art over the years from the master tattoo artist Trayto Sykkes, whom is Autumn is in good standing with as she played around the area when she was a young gangster. She often wears roses in her hair for special occasions, or if she is just feeling happy, which she feels quite a bit.

Outwardly, Autumn has a passion for living and holds a certain undying exuberance to life and freedom. She has a jolly demeanor, and it is difficult not to be happy around her. She is a strong young woman, with great courage even in the worst of times. Dancing and singing to music are two of her favorite passtimes, and are traits very welcomed in taverns across the city generally without pay. A proud young woman whose courage can surpass any challenge she faces. Autumn generally says what is on her mind, and is very outgoing. She is also a very creative spirit. Autumn has always been agnostic toward the Gods and Goddesses of Mizahar, and instead finds spiritual fulfillment in music, dance, art, and especially in her equal and opposite; Marjorie Bayland.

She has however a dark side to her that enjoys toying with miscreants who take advantage of the weak, as well as a cold determination once given an illicit task. She never fails when given a contract to be completed covertly. Her methods are shrouded in mystery, and are rarely questioned by her employers. She knows how and where propagate lies or truth, as well as silencing or listening to whisperings of the city, trading in whispers and rumor. She has many friends in low places, most of which she can call upon for favors.

She has a particular soft spot for children and will go well out of her way to care and worry of their well being. She tends to overspend when aiding the poorer folk as an act of charity. She also tends to get into trouble and finds herself in way over her head, partly due to her proud nature. Autumn usually says whatever is on her mind at the time, which sometimes gets her into trouble. She is very ostentatious most of the time, almost manic in nature, which is reflected in her sometimes poor judgment and her frugal money management. On the other side she gets depressed in which her true depth and sorrow shows. She will do anything to protect her lover Marjorie or save her from harm; Marjorie is her achilles heel.

Autumn has questionable ethics, and outwardly it is difficult to tell her intentions if she wants them hidden. She cares for all the unfortunate without a price. She has a soft spot for children in her heart. She is a strong advocate of music and dance to sooth the soul and spread merriment. She greatly dislikes thieves and muggers who are interspersed about Sunberth preying on the weak and thus enjoys toying with these non-gang miscreants. She has an uneasy mutual respect for gang-affiliated members, mostly so as to remain neutral, though she will always consider her family the fellow gangmembers she left behind.

Autumn enjoys music, dancing, laughing, and general mischief making with good intent. She especially loves being able to spread merriment even in the darkest of times wherein her true courage shows. She has a particular taste for non-addictive hallucinogenic substances and sharing the spiritual experience they induce with others as an experienced guru. She has an almost motherly love for children, and will go out of her way to care for them. She also enjoys just listening to the liveliness of the city and what it has to offer; Autumn is good to the city and the city is good to her.

Miscreants who prey upon the weak disgust her. She has a special hatred for non-hallucinogenic addictive drugs and especially those who sell them to addicts whose lives they ruin completely. Politically, anything ruining the already fragile neutrality between gangs in the city enrages her. In such a case she often acts as an unofficial neutral ambassador between the lesser gangs to ensure what little stability exists to avoid a war.

Character History

Her parents "disappeared" at an early age making her an orphan. She blames the Night Eyes for the abduction or killing of her parents. She was taken in and was raised by a local gang in The Tent City where she was the only girl within the gang besides her best friend Marjorie. She thus grew a bit of a tomboy personality, though her femininity is far from absent. Both of them were very fortunate to have an adoptive godmother named Anna, whom they can Grandma Anna. When they weren't with the gang, they were with Anna.

Spoiler :
Both her parents were competent Aurists. Her mother suppressed her own aura almost at all times in fear of being discovered as an aurist (the likes of which are hated in Sunberth) unlike her father who wore his aura overtly (a dangerous practice). Her parents had passed the gift to their daughter when she was much younger, her picking up their teachings easily, showing an uncanny ability to empathize with others and as her emotions seemed contagious. To this day she still has trouble controlling the gift she so easily picked up from her parents.

Though they spent most of their time with the gang, for days on end sometimes, they were always welcome at their adoptive godmother Anna's place. They always returned to her, and though they were usually out with the gang, they would always spend time with her when they could, knowing they were loved and that they loved their "Grandma Anna".

During her childhood she made a living pickpocketing, as well as trading and bartering, but mainly laundering the gangs plunder as a fence. She had participated in small gang skirmishes in her teens which made her tough at an early age, giving her a vibrant courageous personality to this day.

It was amongst these gangmembers that she called kin where she was taught how to dance Kirili, a form of self-expression and unarmed self-defense that she became quite skilled in and enjoys above most other arts. Kirili is both a fighting style as well as a dance using circular motions, maintaining fluid movements while always moving but staying balanced, as well as unnatural movements dodges and feints. It is an improvised dance that uses the enemy's momentum against them, while staying unpredictable; moving like water. Witnessing Kirili is said to be an eye opening display of expression when seen. In this sense, Autumn is excellent in defense, but weak when attacking. The only weapon she is trained to use is her cloth belt, a weapon she was taught to use defensively at an early age, though she can and does wield a few handheld weapons naturally and keeps at least two on her person wherever she goes for safety and to follow the tradition of being armed when in Sunberth.

During her early twenties she left the gang as she didn't approve of attacking the defenseless, though she would during this period play a pivotal role in meager heists and targeted pickpocketings of specific piggishly wealthy individuals.

The Tent City is the only place that she can and will call home. She considers most of the downtrodden neighbors surrounding her as family, especially her neighbors, as she grew up with them and has none of her own. The people of The Tent City somehow retain their happiness despite their money problems, and Autumn's personality reflects this way of life. She feels more at home slumming with her fellow brothers and sisters than being in the city itself, though she enjoys the city very much for what it is. She has many friends in low places, and is considered a young midwife and big sister of many. She would easily trust anyone from the slums over anybody else. After years of living in The Tent City of Sunberth she has picked up Sunberth Creole, a tongue which she is nearly fluent in. Within The Tent City is where she met many refugees either passing through or calling The Tent City their permanent home. It is from mingling with these refugees that she picked up the language of the Konti people; Kontinese. It took her awhile from overhearing spoken Kontinese until she could finally speak it well enough to hold a conversation. She adores the flowing and emotional nature of Kontonese language and gets along quite well with the naturally artistic and inspired Konti people.

To this day, she has remained halfway poor from paying off various townsfolk to share whisperings or to withhold them. She also gives liberally to the poor, much to her own detriment.

She can generally be seen with her best friend and lover Marjorie about the grounds of the Tent City. They tend to have a sixth sense towards eachother, and each of them would willingly give their life for the other. They appear as best friends outside together frolicking and laughing, generally loving eachother. They publicly show their their love without a care as to other people's opinions.

The day of her parents' disappearance, Autumn woke softly to an opal necklace left in her hand, a cat's eye opal. She has worn it every day since and has never taken it off for any reason.

Skill Level Proficiency
Auristics 10 SP Novice
Acting 1 Novice
Body Building 1 Novice
Dance 10 SP Novice
Larceny 5 Novice
Logic 2 Novice
Observation 2 Novice
Planning 2 Novice
Seduction 5 SP Novice
Socialization 5 SP Novice
Stealth 5 SP Novice
Unarmed Combat 5 SP + 15 Racial Novice
Weaponry : Dagger 10 SP Novice

1 Large Tent
1 Large Tarp
100ft of Hemp Rope
Flint and Steel
Hooded Lantern
5 Torches
2oz Bar of Soap
Ball of String
Baggy Long-Sleeved Hemp Shirt
Worn Faded Sundress
Faded Patched Dress
Worn Gypsy Dress
High Boots
Worn Jacket
Hemp Cloth Belt
Old Faded Bandana
1 pair Sandals
1 pair Shoes
1 pair Stockings
Worn Leather Bag
Great Chest
Lock (Average)
Key (Good)
Assassin's Dagger
Assassin's Beads
Finger Razors
Bladed Boots
1oz Salt
2oz Dates
2lbs Dried Apples
2pt Honey
2lb Mushrooms
2lbs Salted Pork
1lb Smoked Fish
2lb Jerked Beef
1lb Smoked Venison
4oz Dried Onions
1lb Tea Leaves
2x Traveler's Stock
10 Waterskins
Basin (Gallon)
3 Cooking Pots (Gallon)
4 Bowls (10 oz)
Crock Pot (28oz)
Pan (8oz)
4 Small Baskets
Iron Kettle
4 Soup Spoons
4 Dinner Knives
4 Dinner Forks
Eating Knife
Wooden Pipe
5oz of Sallowbell Tobacco
2 Bottles of Fine Wine
3/4oz Skunk Weed
1 Bottle of 501AV Glist Vineyard Piniot Noir
1 Small Lockbox

Starting Package +100gm
Cashed in Housing +500gm
== 600gm
1 Large Tent (Four Person) -10gm
1 Large Tarp -6gm
100ft of Hemp Rope -2gm
Flint and Steel -1gm
Hooded Lantern -7gm
5 Torches -1sm
Bedroll -1sm
Blanket -3sm
2oz Bar of Soap -3sm
Ball of String -5sm
== 572gm 7sm
Baggy Long-Sleeved Hemp Shirt (Good Condition) -8cm
Worn Faded Sundress (Good Condition) -6sm
Faded Patched Dress (Good Condition) -6sm
Faded Gypsy Dress (Good Condition) -6sm
Chemise -1sm
Corset -3sm
High Boots -5sm
Worn Jacket (Good Condition) -6sm
Undergarments -1sm
Hemp Cloth Belt -2sm
Old Faded Bandana (Good Condition) -4sm
1 pair Sandals -2sm
1 pair Shoes -3sm
1 pair Stockings -4sm
== 567gm 7sm 2cm
Worn Leather Bag (Good Condition) -2gm
Great Chest -4gm
Lock (Average) -40gm
Key (Good) -40gm
== 481gm 7sm 2cm
Assassin's Dagger -4gm
Assassin's Beads -10gm
Finger Razors -5gm
Bladed Boots -20gm
== 442gm 7sm 2cm
1oz Salt -1cm
2oz Dates -10gm
2lbs Dried Apples -2gm
2pt Honey -2sm
2lbs Mushrooms -2gm
2lbs Salted Pork -6gm
1lb Smoked Fish -7gm
2lbs Jerked Beef -14gm
4oz Dried Onions -2gm
1lb Tea Leaves -2sm
2x Traveler's Stock -6gm
10 Waterskins -10gm
== 383gm 3sm 1cm
Basin (Gallon) -3sm
3 Cooking Pots -15sm
4 Bowls (10 oz) -8cm
Crock Pot (28oz) -8cm
Pan (8oz) -3cm
4 Small Baskets -2sm
Iron Kettle -8sm
4 Soup Spoons -4cm
4 Dinner Knives -4cm
4 Dinner Forks -4cm
Eating Knife -5cm
== 380gm 3sm 8cm
Wooden Pipe -5gm
5oz of Sallowbell Tobacco -4sm
2 Bottles of Fine Wine -20gm
1/2oz Skunk Weed -6gm
== 345gm 3sm 8cm
1/4oz Skunk Weed -2gm
==343gm 3sm 8cm
Seasonal Expenses (Winter 515 AV) -45gm
==298gm 3sm 8cm
Seasonal Expenses (Spring 515 AV) -45gm
==253gm 3sm 8cm
Six Tickets To Zeltiva -100gm
==153gm 3sm 8cm

Gang Politics
You can buy trust with gold
Planning: A partner in crime
Jake: A good friend
Logic: Who better to recruit than a thief?
Flattery is a dead giveaway of guilt
Marjorie: A partner in crime
The Importance of Streetsmarts

Thread List
A Night on the Town
On The Streets
Sunberth, Sweat and Brothels
The Gathering
Bend and Break
An Unlikely Assailant
The Jade Koi Heist

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Aeilia Leithea

Postby Paragon on July 18th, 2012, 11:20 am

Moderator Intervention

Hi there,

Your CS is looking good, but there are a few things you need to straighten out before you begin play.

  • The skill pickpocketing does not exist, as it comes under Larceny, so please alter this.
  • You have no Lores listed. Remember, you get to take 2 Lores in your starting package, and they represent un-changeable skills or knowledge that will help your character in future.
  • You don't have any languages listed? Remember you can have 3 languages at Fluent, Basic and Poor. You don't have to pick 3 though. Common would be the best suggestion for your Fluent language.
  • You need a ledger, detailing your money. You begin with 100 Gold Mizas.
  • Your posessions are the biggest problem. Lots of them are not included in your Starting Package, and therefore, if you wish to begin play with them you need to account for them in your ledger (and pay for them out of your own money). The items you begin play with, are: 1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included), 1 Waterskin, 1 Backpack which contains: 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap), Food for a week, 1 eating knife, Flint & Steel
Please PM when you've fixed these things up and I can remove the intervention.

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Aeilia Leithea

Postby Siren on July 22nd, 2012, 6:14 pm

Hey there!

I'm Siren, the local and completely harmless Character Sheet Liaison. In order to help you get the most out of your experience on Mizahar, I have taken a look at at your Character Sheet to make sure that everything is up to par!

Unfortunately, there are a few changes that have to be made before we can move forward! Please see the tabs below for details on these issues.

As it is not yet Fall of 512, your character would be 26, not 27 years old.

As per the Starting Package, you are allowed to start out with three languages: Fluent, Basic, and Poor. You have one language listed but you have not properly formatted it to state the required fluency. You're not required to have all three, but I was just pointing this out in case you didn't know.
In your Concept, you have written that your character is in possession of a "stolen" diamond nose ring as well as a necklace of opal given to your PC from her mother. Further down, you have something completely different listed as your Heirloom item.

Unfortunately, you're going to have to pick one of those three things as your Heirloom to start out with and either purchase the other two or remove them from your CS. Remember, the Heirloom as a 50GM stipend, so please check the Price List before making your decision.

Once the above has been addressed, feel free to send me a private message, let me know you've fixed what I've pointed out and I will remove the intervention!

Write on,
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Autumn Leithea

Postby Twister on October 12th, 2014, 12:36 pm


Hello there. I'm Twister, the DS of Sunberth. Upon reviewing your CS, I encountered a few problems that need to be addressed before you may continue posting with this PC. The issues are listed below:

Auristics is not a passive magic, nor is it hereditary. You'd have to be actively taught the magic in order to use it and it's an active, conscious effort to use it at all. It's not passed down from parent to child. If your character is an Aurist, she'll be well aware of it and would likely be aware of her parents being it as well since they most likely taught her.
Night Eyes
Autumn's mother being a ranking member of the Night Eyes has not been passed by a Storyteller in the city. I'll have to revoke this unless you discuss it with me personally and get her passed as a City NPC.
Marjorie needs to be passed as a Personal NPC in the Help Desk and added to a Storyteller Secrets thread. Refer to the NPC lore.
Character Registry
I noticed that you posted in Sunberth without posting to the Character Registry of this season. While addressing the other issues, make sure you post in the Registry.
You can't grab free items from the Traveling Starting Package and cash in your housing. The tents and other equipment is all part of a housing package that the 500 GM is supposed to cover. If you cash it in, you have to buy back the items you want from the package, full-price.

Until you have addressed the issues above, refrain from posting with this PC in any of the In-Character forums. Once you've addressed them, PM me to get the intervention removed after an additional review. If you have any questions, likewise, send me a PM.

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Autumn Leithea

Postby Autumn Leithea on December 31st, 2014, 4:22 am

I wholeheartedly agree with your decisions Twister, I'm just surprised that there's so much red tape between me and my creative freedom. I'll fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.
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Autumn Leithea

Postby Regime on January 8th, 2018, 4:04 am

Hello Autumn,

Before you begin playing in Sunberth, I do have a few Issues with your CS that I would like you to fix.

  • Languages: Sunberth Creole. That doesn’t exist. Pick a lore appropriate language.
  • History: Both her parents were master Aurists.

    Nope. If they are dead, make them fit the ‘Dead NPC’ qualifications found here. At best, they would have been competent at Aurists. Change everything about the parents history to reflect that.

  • Skills: Put the abbreviation of “SP” next to your starting skill points so we know where those points came from.
  • Ledger:You've only ever paid Seasonal Expenses for Winter 515 & Spring 515 as stated in your ledger.

    What about when you were active:
    -Summer 516
    -Summer 515
    -Summer 513.

    And its odd that you lack a Storyteller secret thread. That means It looks like you've never been approved for a job by an ST.

    Now, considering how much confusion is going on just for me to prove you've been paying your expenses. Please clear up your ledger issues before I approve you to begin playing.

    If you cannot do so, then Autumn will need to either be sold into slavery during the current time of Winter 517 AV or have starved to death; meaning Autumn will be proclaimed dead.

    Also, you use a NPC named Marjorie in most of your threads. Please follow the NPC rules and make her a travel companion NPC, which would then require Autumn to pay for Marjorie NPC living expenses. Get the NPC approved via the Help Desk.

PM me once the issues are fixed and I'll remove the intervention.
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