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A map of the city and links to all the important locations.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Sunberth Linkmap

Postby Monarch on February 8th, 2015, 11:21 pm



Sunberth is a warren of back alleys, rotting buildings, and maze-like streets, tenuously divided between the constantly-warring gangs. Each neighbourhood has its own unique character, and the "bad part" of town is relative to who your enemies are. So learn your way around, friends, or else get swallowed up by the city of anarchy.

The Western Heights (A)
Formerly territory of the Sun's Birth, the Western Heights is home to most of Sunberth's "upscale" establishments. Currently the area is in the process of being taken over by Sun's Birth. The area is now a point of contention between The Sun's Birth, Night Eyes, and Vigilantes.

  • A2 - Dagwood Metal - All purpose store for metal and smithing products.

The Sun's Refuge (B)
Currently the final shred of territory owned by the Sun's Birth. It is home to their last line of defense, in addition to the entrances of numerous tunnels spanning the city.

The Gated Community (C)
Formerly the seat of the Sun's Birth. This fortified area is now overseen by a civil guard. Rumours about possible gang takeover keep the population afraid.

Riverside (D)
The home of the Night Eyes...Although their "influence" is so obscure that many are not even aware of their presence.
  • D1 - The Simpering Seacow - Open air cafe with secret ties to the Night Eyes.
  • D3 - The Muted Maiden - Brothel specializing in fulfilling all manner of dark requests.
  • D4 - The Fence - A shop dealing exclusively with the illegal and immoral.
  • D5 - Cutters and Carvers - Lumber supplier with hidden connections.
  • D17 - The Riverside Dovecote - The only means of contacting the Night Eyes directly. Likewise, a premier messenger service for the city and beyond.

Robern's Reaches (E)
The home turf of the Daggerhands, the Reaches are regularly patrolled by bands of well-armed thugs. Forgetting to watch your back here is a surefire way to end up killed or worse.

Rotten Ruins (F)
The former stronghold of the Daggerhands, now a ghost town of ruined buildings. Reputedly haunted by old Robern Dalangar himself.

The Den (G)
Easily the most dangerous place in Sunberth, not even the Big Three maintain any sort of control over the Den. Violence rules the streets.
  • G2 - The Blood Pits - The infamous arena that sees an end to most of Sunberth's quarrels.
  • G4 - Killroy's Kennel - The finest purveyor of stolen animals in the city.
  • G7 - The Clinic - The only doctor mad enough to tackle the Den works from the Clinic.

The Castle Commons (H)
Oftentimes referred to as simply "The Commons", this district is the beating, commercial heart of the city. Rife with petty crime, the Commons represent the best and worst of Sunberth.

Stumble Alley (I)
Nominally controlled by the Daggerhands, Stumble Alley is the site of conflict between the gang of thugs and the secretive "Vigilante" group.
  • I1 - The Majestic) - Secret location that offers potions, poisons, and magical services.
  • I2 - The Library - The only library in the city, this site is also home to the mysterious Vigilante gang.

Baroque Bay (J)
Easily one of the busiest areas in the whole of the city, this area consists of marine establishments which cater primarily to sailors.

The Sunset Quarters (K)
Often referred to as the "Slums", this district is by far the home of most of Sunberth's denizens. Gangs rarely operate here out of an unspoken agreement not to disturb the city's housing.

The Quay (L)
Once the home of the Scars, the Quay was abandoned after a vicious series of attacks drove the Scars out of Sunberth. It is now in full control of a new gang on the rise known as The Vino.

The Seaside Market (M)
A bustling market only a stone's throw away from the "Slums". One can find almost anything in the bazaar just off Baroque Bay.
  • M6-No Man's Land Tavern- A new tavern in Sunberth that welcomes anyone no matter their affiliation. Also home of the Job Board

    M9 - Pushing Up Daisies - A portable flower stall that makes Sunberth smell just that little bit sweeter.

The Slaver's Row (N)

Home of the most lucrative business in Sunberth, complete with "lavish" housing for the slavers themselves. Once ruled over by the Brotherhood of Chains, they were broken and now the area is controlled by The Vino

Lodestar Isle (O)
A relic of the pre-Valterrian era, Lodestar Isle is treated with strange reverence and dread by mainland Sunberth. It is a symbol of all that the city doesn't understand, and all that it has yet to conquer.

The Elsewhere
Places within the city proper that shif, move, are all encompassing or has no set location. Like Tents, traveling merchants, tunnels, etc...

The Outskirts (P)
An accounting of the various establishments and structures located outside the city proper.
  • P1 - The Slag Heap Fire - The endless fire that serves as Sunberth's treasured local monument.
  • P2 - The Tent City - An extremely poor community of those that cannot afford to live in Sunberth proper.
  • P3 & P4 - Southwatch Tower & Westwatch Tower - Twin hideouts used by the Night Eyes.
  • P5 - South Woods Caverns - A mysterious cavern located outside the city, fuelled by wild died.
  • P6 -The Plantation - A Night Eyes plantation that produces the unique drug "Pulp". (Destroyed via Wildfire, Summer 518)
  • P7 - Aquillar Hot Springs - A peaceful bathhouse run by a sweet elderly couple.
  • P8 - The Dust Bed - Sunberth's graveyard, located on top of an ancient burial site.
  • P9 - The Park - A public park run by the Daggerhands and now their main Headquarters.
  • P10 - Agremmon Fields - The agricultural farmsteads of the city .

Please Read! :
Be aware that as a very wild and anarchic city, Sunberth can never be truly captured by a map. There are many warrens and secret locations that exist outside of the public view, and of course there is a massive network of tunnels underneath the city proper. Always PM your local storyteller if you are confused about a location.

More locations will be added as time goes on. If you'd like to contribute to Sunberth's development, please visit the Slag Heap!

The old City Linkmap is located here.

Credit :
A big shout-out to AS Avarice for creating the wonderful map seen above!
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