[PC Plotnotes] Chaude

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[PC Plotnotes] Chaude

Postby Chaude on September 22nd, 2012, 3:41 am

Current Seasonal Threads:

- 20th of Fall, 712 AV: Silence Is the Key (Completed)
- 30th of Fall: Oddity In the Park (Completed, Graded)
- 31st of Fall, 15th Bell: Zith-Ployable? (Part 1 completed, Part 2 not started)
- 31st of Fall, 16th Bell: Omen Amongst Bazaar Men (Completed)
- 32nd of Fall, 18th Bell: Trial By Experience (Completed, Ungraded to date)
- 40th of Fall:
- 50th of Fall:
- 60th of Fall:
- 70th of Fall:
- 80th of Fall:
- 90th of Fall:

Group Thread Ideas:

- Skill Training (Sparring, etc.)
- Personality Development (Curiosity questions)
- Income Development (Learn importance of paying job)

I'm pretty open to other peoples' ideas. As long as other PCs get Chaude's curiosity or win his aid over for an event and satisfy his other ethnic requirements, he's almost seems like a freelancer, lol.

Journey to X :
Basically your typical journey adventure. Whether to check out a rumor (when Goss finalizes that mechanic), char dev., job-related, etc.

Skills: Wilderness Survival, Reimancy, Sword, Detection

General Notes: Would have to get cleared by HD for any NPC use, for any detour side questing. Monsters, iirc, can be self-modded for quick skirmish use.

Solo Thread Ideas:

- Skill Training (reading a book, etc.)
- Personality Development (IC Journal writing helps)
- Income Development (Landing that job and being dedicated)

Was thinking of having Chaude get admittance to a university's cultural exchange program to progress his intelligence stat, lol. Let the good times roll with a roll called Zith. xD

Reading like Mentor :
This is a strict solo thread idea. Chaude buys a book and reads more about Syliras and some noted figures. This would also provide some names of nearby regions as future exploration routes next season.

Skills used: Intelligence

Theory Into Practice :
Reading a book about espionage, Chaude tries out Observation of people in the streets and how many knights are at each watch point.

Skills used: Intelligence, Observation

Rock Grinding :
To avoid issues in the city, Chaude heads out into the nearby forested area to train.

Skills used: Reimancy, Sword, Detection.

Take Me to the Danger Zone! :
Chaude receives a plea from a Ghost. The Ghost has the appearance of a Human. The Ghost pleas for the destruction of a Nuit group that hungered for battle. The Ghost takes Chaude through possession to gain a direction to the Nuit group.

Skills used: Reimancy, Sword, Detection, Wilderness Survival.

Long Term Goals:

I guess I'm striving to have Chaude build his own Zith family, from the time spent out in the world that increased his social status. Of course, it really depends on the interactions he encounters and what they do to his mind. Either becoming more Civilized and adapt more, or losing himself to his predator instincts. I guess to throw in a third alternative that could happen is finding a female mate and settle down. More unlikely, but who knows.
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[PC Plotnotes] Chaude

Postby Xiani on October 1st, 2012, 10:35 pm

Meet Xiani next time she and Chaude are within a close proximity, discover the differences in Zith culture.
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