[Crypt's Scrapbook] A cup of tea, good sir?

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[Crypt's Scrapbook] A cup of tea, good sir?

Postby Crypt on October 24th, 2014, 12:30 pm


I've returned for a brief visit. One of my rare visits, done every few months.

I'm just going to write down stuff here partly to vent, so yay!

(And by the way, if you're reading this Vanari, thank you for the advice :D)

Miz. stuff:

1. Resuming?

Unfortunately, I'm not going to resume RP-ing. Maybe in two/three years' time when I make it to university. Besides, I seriously need to correct and update Crypt's CS. I've learnt a lot since departing from Miz, and I really need to get out of a horribly limited mindset for Crypt's personality and related stuff.

2. A new PC?

I'm tired of the clichés and tropes I've been using - insanity, warrior mage, etc. - so I may start a new one (and try to stick with it) that's all about farming. Maybe apples? I love them. I could try making a business selling apple-related products (cider, pastries...). Don't know where I could put him down on, but I have a loooooong time to think about things.

3. Sad things.

I see a few great people - Wren, Fubuki/Radiant (an awesome DS), Abstract stand out - have retired, or otherwise have gone inactive.


I'd like to talk with them online sometime - especially Wren.

Lord, he was a good acquaintance.

And I'm missing a lot of stuff! Crypt HAS to make a trip to Black Rock someday if it remains open then. The Iyvass migration too.

Life stuff:

1. Conscription.

Yes, I'm going into the Army about a week after the prom and final exams. Two long years of physical exertion (Insert sniff accompanied by upturned nose here) and a slightly increased allowance (which I will save - most of it, since I only get out on the weekends).

2. Exams

God, I should be studying right now. I'll treat this as catharsis.

The exams will determine if I can get into university, and I will have to fall back on SAT scores and interviews if I fail.

Feel my hatred.

3. Life.

Depression, no depression, depression - A whole rollercoaster!

Thankfully, I haven't needed psychiatric help at all. Because music saved my life.

And friends.

Welp, that's that. See you all in a couple of months!

Done by the one and only Assilsa Curare!

8200th member. :)

NOTE: I will be on holiday from the 9th to the 25th, so don't expect me to post anything! Apologies.
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