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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Ardan on November 18th, 2013, 5:52 pm

Gods, gods, gods, gods, gods, gods, GODS, thought Ardan as he walked along the perilous path. He hated heights with a burning passion. All he could think as he walked along the pathway was that he would surely fall to his death.

I will find and kill whoever said that cats always land on their feet!

Finally, he saw the gates. They were magnificent, and he found himself wishing he could steal it. The great, ornately decorated walls called to the thief inside him. However, without a god's blessing, he would not be able to do anything with the material.

As he approached, he noticed several guards stationed along the wall. A single man stood watch at the gate, bidding the thief welcome.

"Hail, traveler! What brings you to the Star of Kalea?"

"I'm here to plunder and pillage my little black guts out," answered Ardan, truthfully, earning a raised brow from the guard. "I'm here to make a permanent home for myself," he lied.

"Indeed," replied the guard, his earlier mirth fading. "Just don't even try to commit a crime here. We've got people everywhere."

Ardan nodded curtly and continued on his way, barely hearing the guard faintly grumbling behind him.
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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Pathur on November 24th, 2013, 5:31 am

When he finally reached the top of the mountain after the treacherous and dangerous trail below. In front of him stretched out a Mountainous area with a huge city sprawling on the side of one of the biggest mountains but Blocking the beautiful sight was a magnificent giant gate. The Amaranthine Gate many stories are told about this beautiful and strong gate. As he stands there staring at the gate and the lands beyond.
Suddenly a Voice interrupts his thoughts.
"Hail, What bring to to Lhavit?"
Having no reason to lie he answers truthfully:
" Meeting a Friend and seeking knowledge " He answered.
The guard seemed satisfied with this answer and let him pass without any further questions.
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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Chakahn on November 24th, 2013, 12:49 pm


51st of Fall, 513 AV

Stifling a yawn, Chakahn blinked, his eyes bleary with exhaustion. Having miscalculated the distance between two safe havens the day before, he had had no choice but to spend the night out in the open. He had sought a spot that was as imperceivable as possible, hurriedly setting up the basic structure of his tent and preceding to spend the night awake with a knife clutched in his hand. These were no roads to be treading after nightfall and certainly not alone. They had spent most of the season wandering from town to town. With winter creeping closer, the going became tough and he preferred waiting out the discomfort in one place, allowing the worst of the snows to pass before setting off again.

Sanshae snorted, oblivious to his rider's discomfort. The young stallion strode perkily down the designated course, clearly pleased by the journey's decline in speed. Chakahn grunted, leaning back and shifting his weight back. The white horse slowed to a halt, allowing Chakahn to let his gaze glide over the beauty of the landscape.
He let out a low whistle, marvelling at the sight. This was his first time gazing upon the city of beauty that was Lhavit, and he was not disappointed.

He clucked his tongue softly, sending Sanshae the signal to carry on. Trees covered in and connected by long grasses sprang up abundantly, parting to make up the beginning of a winding path. They started up it, heading for the glittering cabin just off it.

Chakahn swung his leg over Sanshae's back and slipped the reins over the horse's head, gathering them in one hand, the other raised to knock on the door. It swung open and he found himself gazing into the beaming face of Hachia Koat. Disappearing briefly and reappearing swiftly with two Okomo in tow, he offered one to Chakahn. He shook his head, gesturing fondly to the stallion, who was panting from the struggle uphill.

Hachia made no reply and simply mounted, setting off at a slow pace to accommodate Sanshae. The horse was soon covered in sweat, his breath forming billowing crystal clouds in the pallid morning air. Kahn dismounted once more and led on foot. His muscles soon ached with the strain and the reaching of the destination sent a wave of relief rippling through his body.

He stared at the towering gate, eyeing the delicate patterning approvingly. "Hail, what brings you to Lhavit?"
The guards' tone and posture matched the city's gate. It was both welcoming and unyielding, dependant of his own intentions within the city's borders. Such beauty, such skill.
"Shelter for the winter,"he replied. "I bring no evil to your city, only a pair of working hands."
The guards nodded at the satisfactory answer and exchanged glances, allowing the gates to swing open and reveal the precious city's inner core. Kahn glanced back in time to see Hachia starting to make his way back down the sloping ground. Hesitating no more, he turned his attention back to the gates. He set his foot to the stirrup and mounted in a fluid motion, nudging Sanshae forward into the heart of the city.

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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Alzahah M'Orti on November 26th, 2013, 8:11 pm


It was already late autumn, when Alzahah finally came back to his home city Lhavit. He had left the city in the end of summer to look for Spiritists. His search had been unsuccessful and it made him feel really bad like he just had to do something. Maybe it was searching he had to do?

As Al reached the city gate, he stopped for a moment, just to breath in and march back to his home. But then he remembered. He doesn't have a home anymore. He had died and since that point of his life, he started wandering around, looking for someone to help him.

For some long moments, Al didn't move at all, even though there were people behind him. And in front of him. But they just walked through him like they would've liked through air. The feeling Al had as ghost always made him sad. Whenever he thought about it, he remembered every bad thing that had happened during his life.

His life felt really empty now that he wasn't alive anymore. That might have been the feeling of being lost. Not lost in human words, but... lost in the wrong world.

During the thinking about his sadness, he heard a question. Even though he had thought he doesn't have to answer to it. As Al didn't think about the answer and neither did he think about answering to the question, he didn't know what he had answered. He only knew that he was let into the city.

But the sadness was overwhelming. He was desperate, he suffered from depression. He considered it all to be the effects of Ghost-life; not going to the place where you should belong.

Al didn't have time to think about it anymore. He felt like he has to let happiness into his life. So he breathed in, smiled, and stepped into the city.
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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Halon on December 30th, 2013, 11:48 pm

7th of Winter, 513 AV

The bitter chill of Kalean Winter bit at Halon's flesh, even through his specialized robes and reasonably thick skin it was terrible. The young Isur pulled his robes closer up around him, his cowl pulled low over his face as he looked upon the so called Diamond of Kalea. The looming gates stood before him, the guards standing ready and at attention on either side. The man grunted, it was actually an impressive sight if he were being entirely honest though he'd never actually admit it aloud. Instead he kept his expression impassive and neutral as one of the guards approached him, a polite inquiry his greeting.

"Hail, what brings you to Lhavit?"

The Isur regarded the question with some thought, it was more loaded than one would expect for him. Why Lhavit? Why did he leave the Kingdom? To improve away from his father's gaze, to grow and experience the outside world for good or ill. To further his craft and gain favor in the eyes of Izurdin, the god who favored his people above all else. Lofty and personal goals, though it seemed unwise to say such things aloud and to strangers.

The Shinya's gaze fell upon Halon's glossy black hand, its metallic quality gleaming in the sunlight. The Isur grunted again, no doubt his people were more common here than elsewhere as Lhavit was reasonably close to the Kingdom of Sultros. Rather than keep to his silence Halon answered the first question, his common slow and halting. He rather hated that, his communication with others beyond his own people suffered because of it.

"I am here to learn more of the outside. I will likely be here for sometime. Winter is a poor season for travel." The Isur responded, his voice deep and cold.

The Shinya seemed pleased by this answer and left Halon to pass through the gate unhindered, though the Isur stared at it for a good chime after. This was it then, he was really doing this, living among the outsiders his people warded against. It was almost unthinkable really, he knew what he'd set out to do but now that he was actually here and about to do it the prospect seemed intimidating. To live in a world where what he knew was tossed on its head, to be surrounded by those vastly different from him. He would be lying if he said the prospect didn't frighten him. Still, he kept his exterior calm and unreadable, taking the first step towards this journey as he walked through the gates.
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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Raien Ironarm Pitrius on January 20th, 2014, 8:43 pm

5th of Winter, 513 AV

As Raien encroached upon the greatly adorned walls memories flooded his mind. He found himself instantly comparing both the trek up and the gates themselves to the similar mortar fashioned walls of his youth. Izurdin’s Shield was a sight in it's own right. However this gate was built just as much for practicality as aesthetics unlike the shield which was obviously based upon the former. Whether this new found bewilderment came truly came from greater craftsmanship, a hard thing to do when one is speaking of the Isur. Or just from the fact that it was indeed new found, Raien didn't know, and for all intensive purposes he didn't much care. He was far to eager to get into the city to worry frivolously over the gate itself.

"Traveler I said what brings you to Lhavit?" It seemed as if while gawking shamelessly, Raien had missed whatever the guard had said previously. A shot of surprise was coupled with the sound of the guards still somewhat kind voice. He just got to the gates and he was already making himself look bad.

In a way it only quickly led to slight anger, he came here to visit the city. And if he wanted to stare at a gate who was this petching guard to stop him, not to mention the fact that he just hated when people repeated themselves. Of course just as quickly as his temper had boiled it settled, the realization dawning on him that the petching guard was in fact just that the guard. Once again he had let his own cynical attitude cloud his day and make presumptuous judgments against others. Petch, he really needed to stop doing that.

Raien a creature of habit and possibly somewhat bad memory, was quick to forget why he was actually mad and start thinking on ways to fix the anger itself. Thus leading to the guard being once more forced to repeat himself yet again, this time his voice was slightly more irritated. No doubt wondering whether this man who was refraining from answering him, and seemingly staring off into space was deaf, or if he just suffered from plain out daftness. Not that anyone like that could get up this mountain, knowing that Raien was in all likeliness perfectly sain no doubt frustrating him further.

"I've repeated myself twice already, I'd appreciate an answer." Irritation was without mistake evident in both his voice and demeanor. However this guard had been posted on the gate many a time, and while probably not his favorite task he had most likely met a few men like Raien before.

Just as the first time Raien heard the guard's repetitious words he was startled. However this time unlike the last, instead of being filled with anger Raien was filled with plain out embarrassment and worry. He had done it once more. How could he be so forgetful. Now he was worrying slightly,not that he was thrown into a frenzy or anything similar he was just feeling slightly dilapidated his previous wonder filled mood deflated.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I was slightly overwhelmed by well... everything." Raien tried to speak in a rather formal tone. However his embarrassment showed itself in his words, and in his posture.

Raien quickly added another line of dialogue mostly because he was afraid of the guard feeling somewhat insulted by his behavior.

"And for um- making you repeat yourself. I wasn't trying to be rude." Raien was feeling really stupid now, his words were kinda just falling out of his mouth and he wished to be rid of this situation as soon as possible. Luckily for him the guard seemed to have similar feelings and allowed him through.

Walking into the city, Raien slid his hands over his face muttering to himself, feeling slightly less embarrassed than before and just a little whimsical.

"Oh Yahal help me."
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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Ruroc on March 2nd, 2014, 4:44 pm

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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby meep on March 4th, 2014, 3:17 am

Timestamp: 1st Day of Spring, 514 A.V.
Location: The Amaranthine Gate

Cold rain fell in the darkled night, on the mountain and sea alike.

The water below the celestial city of Lhavit churned, restless and eigengrau beneath the black clouds that blotted out the starlight and turgid waves broke on the rocky shore. Runoff formed rivulets that twisted about, like living vines that raced, searched and eventually joined the sea. That endless expanse of Laviku realm, both dark and deep, and home to things unknown. Suddenly the sky cracked; angry, hot and white, with a terrible roar and Mizahar below shuddered.

And while most huddled, in their small, dry and warm abodes, something approached. It floated over wave, under sky and in the brief light that cracked the night it gleamed bone white. Not a ripple broke the surface as it passed through wave after turgid wave, and no stone was disturbed as it crossed the rocky shore. It was not always there when the light pained the night sky.

The okomo near the hut made of glittering stone stirred, wary of something they could not see and a small bright crevice formed as the door creaked open ever so slightly. But old man Hachia Koat saw nothing and after a moment of looking into the wind and rain, bolted his door and retread back to his little fire.

The path was not obvious but the light above, where the city of Lhavit shone, in place of the stars above, was obvious. And like a beacon to a way worn traveler called to Jashkataal, who was neither way worn nor a traveler.

Light pained the night, and the roar of which nearly drowned out the guard's words.

“Hail, what brings you to Lhavit?”

Silence followed, or as much silence as could be one dark and stormy night.
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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Vinn on March 27th, 2014, 5:23 pm

42nd of Spring, 514 AV
The Amaranthine Gates

"And don't you petching forget it, vagiks!"

Vinn threw a hand to the air and stuck out her tongue in the only playful way she knew how. She waved her buddies off without forgetting to add more provocative body language to the mix.

She had spent the last season travelling with them from Alvadas. No more petching illusions, no more petching minds games, no more petching mother, no more dependence. She was now a free woman, sent off voluntarily into the world of both surprise and insight.

She hoped she would receive the former rather than the latter, though.

After departing from the only people she knew, the ones she had spent so long with for so many miles, she felt at a loss of what to do. Suddenly the sound of water trickling down onto rocks and pulsing through leaves sent her attention to the right.

She could see a pathway through eyes of violet. It looked like one to be wary of, the way it stretched through brush and shrubs in such a fashion as to provide danger.

She was instantly intrigued.

Bring it on.

She was always one for adventure and danger, she could have sworn, could have been her middle name, if not her surname. She craved times of exploration, so it was no surprise how elated she was the entire time she trekked through the wilderness on the various paths with her friends.

The sound of water grew louder until a river was visible, outlining the pathway she followed. Her feet might have hurt terribly, but her heart was dead set on finishing to her destination before night fell.

It was late and it had been late for the past few bells. There was no doubt that the moon would be out shortly. This only gave her more motivation to give her gait a spurt of dedication. She could do this.

Move your petching feet!

"What's that?" she said aloud, a sparkling sight catching her attention from out of the corner of her eye.

A shack with what appeared to be rotting shingles and an olden door stood out from amidst the trees that had sprouted around it. An elderly man with a scraggly beard of odd yellow colours crouched beside it, a smile lighting up his face.

"Hello young traveller," he said.

Vinn shrunk back, trying to find something else to stare at. She wanted to pretend like she didn't hear him calling out to her, but it was too late. The two had made eye contact. What had been done was done.

"Yes," she said her tone of voice displaying melancholy features.

"Do you need assistance to the gates?" he asked.

Vinn's eyes darkened in disgust. No I don't need any petching assistance! I should ask you that question seeing as you look about the age to croak!

Instead of shouting out the thoughts that were reeling inside her mind, she stayed silent and shook her head, snapping her neck in the opposite direction of the man.

She continued to sauntered up the pathway, dodging a few limbs of trees that were thrown as obstacles to block her way.

Vinn's breathing was becoming more rapid once she had arrived at the top of the hill. It was stolen from her completely when her eyes landed on the elaborate gates of mystical designs in front of her.

Gods, she thought, blinking rapidly. Couldn't have bragged about it more?

The gates were beautiful and obviously portrayed the delicacy and elegance of the city that laid behind them. It appeared to be carved from the gods themselves. She was impressed, but didn't like to show it.

Finally, after regaining her breath back, it was deprived from her once more as two guards stood on either side, looking down on her with cold eyes.

"Hail, what brings you to Lhavit?" One said, startling her into almost jumping out of her skin.

She frowned. She didn't like to be frightened, much less seen as such. She was about to sneer up at the guards with a curl of her lip when she contained her anger in a bottle smothered by the dark shrouds inside of her.

"I come to start a new life," she said with a stern tone, not bothering to speak directly to the individual who had spoken to her. "I come to have a second chance."

Apparently her response was well accepted, for the gates opened, revealing a vast town with crystalline towers and buildings. Many people were bustling about, chatting with people and walking into various stores.

"Thanks," she muttered before hoisting her backpack up higher onto her shoulder. She lifted her rucksack so that it was gripped firmly in between her knuckles, turned white, and stepped forward.

Let the adventures begin.

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[Lhavit] The Amaranthine Gate

Postby Atria on April 11th, 2014, 1:59 pm

12th Day of Spring ~ 514 AV

The Ethaefal walked on the road for a very long time, her legs beyond tired, yet she refused to stop climbing upwards to Lhavit. Finally, she was at the bridge, which somehow managed to stay upwards. She walked on the bridge, not looking downwards, feeling slightly nervous on this bridge, but looked stable. The guards looked down at her, and one said, "Hail! What brings you to Lhavit?" "I need somewhere to stay, and I'm half dirty." She sighed at them, looking upwards as she replied. They looked at each other and shrugged, opening the gates. "Thanks! " She called out.
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