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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Zeltiva] Winter Calendar & Challenges

Postby Paragon on December 1st, 2012, 8:22 am

Winter Calendar

More dates coming soon...

1st: The Denvali Quarter, settlement for the Denvali refugees, is officially established as a city quarter by Lord of Council, Maria Satterthwaite.

Citizens celebrate the annual Kenabelle Wright Day, and Charm Wright gives a speech to the city.

25th: Fears are rekindled in Zeltiva, and the Lord of Council is horrified as several citizens come down with fever and sickness once again. Citizens notice increased volumes of rats and bugs in the side streets.

32nd: Maria Satterthwaite is seen walking the Cerulean Pier with an unknown Sailor, arm in arm.

39nd: After an emergency meeting of Regents, Guild members, and Maria, and following a courier carrying word of sickness in Endrykas, the Zeltivan powers decide against lockdown as it did not work before. Instead, healers and apothecaries across the city are tasked with investigation as to the source, and citizens join in mass prayer to Rak'keli.

40th: Maria gathers her people, warning them of the dark days that lie ahead - as disease continues to ravage the port city.

48th: The University researchers present preliminary findings on the Obelisks.

70th: The strange phenomena around the Obelisks intensify.

76th: The fragment thief returns and sets off a chain of events that will change the face of Zeltiva forever.

85th: The annual Winter Ball is held in the University of Zeltiva.

???: An exploratory voyage to the isle of Darva sets off.

Blight Calendar

25th - This is when the spread of illness begins to get noticed. Mild symptoms for about 25% of the population.

39th - Maria and Powers decide against quarantine, task healers and apothecaries with finding the source. By this point around 50% of the population has the symptoms, with the initial 25% either dead or seriously ill.

50th - A substantial amount of citizens have died due to sickness (around 15%) with many others seriously ill. Beyond half the population is showing some sort of symptom.

77th - Wrenmae and Ignotus enter the Labyrinth of Time. Over the following days, some symptoms seem to abate, and those on deaths door begin to recover. Many remain ill however.

84th - The pair return from the Labyrinth, and symptoms begin to show again. Those who had just begun to recover seem to backtrack. At this point, we reach the 50% mark again for symptoms.

(Please remember that Wrenmae as the source of the Blight is NOT common knowledge.)

Winter Challenges

For each challenge you have to include it or base a thread on the idea. Threads don't have to be completed so long as the challenge has been completed in them. Each month gets progressively harder. You don't actually have to complete the challenges in order or in their respective months (just the season). The months are simply there for those who like a succinct checklist each month to complete. Those who clear them all (and show me evidence) may be the first players in game to get a shiny Zeltiva medal... Clearing individual months and even individual challenges can net you Status Points too, so don't be disheartened! There will be additional rewards for individual months coming soon...

December | Completed by: Valo
  • Decorate a tree.
  • Swim in the sea.
  • Drink kelp beer.
  • Visit a religious site.

  • Get stolen from.
  • Watch a sunset.
  • Have a philosophical discussion in the Scholar's Forum.
  • Face danger in East Street.

  • Get thrown overboard from a ship.
  • Do a good deed for an orphan.
  • Kiss somebody at midnight.
  • Stand naked in the city.

Previous Calendars :
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