[PC Plotnotes] Adnaj

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[PC Plotnotes] Adnaj

Postby Adnaj on December 8th, 2012, 5:27 pm

- Upcoming (Solo) ideas regarding the founding of the clinic
1. Someone comes, on official business from Zeltiva, to inspect the clinic. The trained inspector easily identifies Adnaj as a Nuit. Adnaj must convince him that nothing nefarious is going on.

- Upcoming (Solo) ideas for medical interactions/patients
1. Adnaj seeks out/comes across a personal Djed user in the Flux school of Djed. Adnaj studies Flux and the effects on the user's body.
2. After The Blight passes, Adnaj needs to find a new body but his only patients refuse to sign the waiver to donate their bodies to science or for any other purpose. He wrestles with the fact that he used one the (unwilling) bodies anyway.

- Group idea
A patient suffering from a mysterious disease which makes him/her aggressive and incredibly violent calls for help from both an auristician and some muscle.

-Travel locations
- Find a way to be allowed to enter Mura
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