NPC? Special Permision? Races? help please.. >,<

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NPC? Special Permision? Races? help please.. >,<

Postby Nellscha on December 31st, 2012, 1:23 pm

uh... so... i'm kinda new to this kind of system, but after hours of trying to find a small gap to fit in my imagination (uh... being imaginative is allowed right?) i found this "Traveling Companion" NPC.. so.. uh... say....

Let's start with... I have always play with two Characters, in my previous RPForum/webs... It may look boring or such as, but I am ME ok? And i like to fit both of them in various type of worlds, keeping my main idea of their life history with some bending to fit to the "new" environment/world...

So... what i'm asking is...

How far can I control the NPC?
What's the general difference of playing my mainPC and my NPC?
Procedure or what should I do to make an NPC?
Is there a template to make or request an NPC?
Can they develop throughout the journey? skills/age/exp? (like pet's skill in MMORPG)

and... uh.. i kinda plan some stuff for them. Though I know I probably have to ask for special permission or such...
soo.... how do I request/post a special permission?
and uh... can a newbs request one? or should I gain some sort of acknowledgment/being a pro first before requesting one? (some webs actually need this)

some other question:
>does a ghost have to be from human or can it come from other races?
>can ghost change shape/size to hide some small places such as vase or bottles? since I read that some ghost are not welcome in some places...
>can a ghost go through solid (normal) stuff in this world?
>is slavery (non-violent) allowed?

that's all, there's a lot of them aren't there... Can some one answer to those? all or just some is appreciated :)

Sorry for any miss-capitalized character
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NPC? Special Permision? Races? help please.. >,<

Postby Elysium on December 31st, 2012, 1:54 pm

There is a whole lore page about NPCs that can be found here!It can most certainly answer any if not all your questions regarding them.

When in doubt - read the lore!
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NPC? Special Permision? Races? help please.. >,<

Postby Kirvan Deepseeker on January 1st, 2013, 1:33 pm

Alright, I'll do this in simple lines in the order I read them unanswered.

General difference is that your PC should be the focus of your character development and action usually, I believe mods can step in to take control of NPCs so that you are not breaking character to benefit your PC.

There is a thread in the character sheet forum that outlines the procedures and has various information and forms for NPCs both stationary and traveling.

See above.

Each domain has its own take on slavery. In some places it's highly disallowed, in others it's a way of life. See Ravok and Ahnatep for good examples of slavery in cities. Wind Reach has a caste system, not quite the same thing but their lowest class is basically a slave caste. I don't think anywhere else really supports it very largely, though Riverfall has a thing with their kelvics.
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NPC? Special Permision? Races? help please.. >,<

Postby Laszlo on January 5th, 2013, 12:47 am

How far can I control the NPC?

An NPC you've received permission for is yours to control as you wish. Stationary NPCs can't leave the city you requested them for, so they have to stay in one location. But they can talk to other PCs, punch out your PC, punch THEIR PCs, basically do whatever. :)

You can't have threads with ONLY your NPC. Your PC is your main focus, and the NPC is more like a sidekick or a peripheral character.

A traveling NPC can come with you wherever you go. You can make him carry your things, he can make you carry HIS things--it's all up to you!

There are limitations. Your NPC can't give you money or items or skills without DS permission. They can't be famous either. Here's a bit from the NPC article.

  • No transfer of income, possessions or skills to the PC (DS approval and possibly moderation required for this)
  • Up to 50 skill points and no special notability within the city (again, DS approval required for more)

Can they develop throughout the journey? skills/age/exp? (like pet's skill in MMORPG)

Again, the NPC article mentions this:

  • Unchanging - meaning can't be trained up or skills expanded upon.

So beyond personality development, an NPCs skills can never improve.

how do I request/post a special permission?
and uh... can a newbs request one? or should I gain some sort of acknowledgment/being a pro first before requesting one? (some webs actually need this)

You make a request at the Help Desk. Give a quick description of the NPC (who is he in relation to your PC? How old? Appearance maybe?), and lay out their skills. Remember, Stationary NPCs get 50 skill points, with a max of 30 in any one skill (just like players). Traveling NPCs get 30 total skill points. They are MEANT to be weaker than your PC.

And they don't get racial bonuses!

Also yes, newbs can request NPCs. :) You don't need to be a vet!

I'm not as well versed on ghosts. I believe ghosts can be of any race (not sure if Eths and Nuits can be, but maybe). Kelvic ghosts can't shapeshift.

I believe ghosts can go through solid objects, and in fact do if they don't materialize enough.

I don't think a ghost can change size or shape. However, ghosts are USUALLY invisible unless they materialize, so they don't need to change shape to hide. If a ghost doesn't materialize, most people won't know they're there.
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