Flashback A Stroll Through History

Artifex takes a break to walk through history park...

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The fortified mountain city of the Isur. [Lore]

A Stroll Through History

Postby Artifex on January 24th, 2013, 6:20 pm

20th of Summer, 490AV

The climate had changed little during the transition from spring to summer. Then again the climate never changed much in the subterranean city of Sultros. However this bothered Artifex little, for he had grown accustomed to his home, and subsequently his life in such a magnificent city. He knew from the stories he had heard endlessly throughout his youth that it paled in comparison to the former city-Izurith City-of his kin. Still he was humbled by the crafts he saw every day wrought before his eyes. He loved his people, each and every one, as if they were all his family.

In his hands he cradled the amulet he had been given by his father. The solid piece of metal forged into the shape of an anvil was attached to a string of dark prayer beads. Artifex cradled the heirloom like it were a baby in his hands, and it might as well be given what it meant to him. He looked up to the shrine that dominated the westward wall of his small abode. It was not elaborate but at the same time it wasn't simple. The shrine was composed of a anvil that Artifex had forged a few years ago. Upon it he had carved the traditional hammer-the symbol of Izurdin. Atop the anvil he had placed a metal dish within which he burned incense from time to time while he prayed. Behind the anvil upon the wall hung a number of metal slabs. Each one had various tenants and doctrines of worship-for Izurdin-upon them. Some of them had been gifts from his family, while others he had made himself.
He was proud of his modest shrine.

The incense was burning, releasing a steady but thin stream of smoke. Artifex decided to pray a little longer and then depart to take the walk through History Park he had long desired. He believed that remembering the events and people of the past was an important part of life. He kneeled before the shrine and initiated a prayer: Oh Father, Oh Izurdin i pray thee accept my humble prayer. I thank you for the gifts of skill that you have imparted over me through my left arm and the gift of the izentor mark. I shall use the knowledge that i have learned through faith in you, and patience to craft works that shall honor your name and endure the test of time. I pray thee watch over my kin-one and all-and recognize all that we do in your name-may it be always for good. I know you teach patience so i shall be patient in all that i do. I shall always strive to do right in my life, to do right by you, to do right by all who care about me. Hopefully one day i shall reach the highest point of your priesthood, and be as faithful as the legends of my kin, and subsequently lead them back to the days before the Valterrian. I am, and will forever your faithful servant, Amen.

He put the heirloom necklace on and ran a single cobalt blue hand through his short crop of spiky hair. He stood and walked out of his humble abode, heading through the streets of the Housing Section. A few families were just waking up and he heard squeals of youthful delight from some of the children who had slipped loose of their parents lessons. He waved to neighbors he had known for as long as he could form memories. He walked without a hurry, for patience governed much of his actions, though not all; but that was his nature. After a short while he arrived at his destination, the History Park.

The park was truly a marvelous sight. Moss grew virtually everywhere. It added a delightful hue to the otherwise placid stone. Reliefs were all around him along the pathways of moss. Benches were spaced periodically and eventually Artifex found one that suited him. It was a quaint bench that was located only a few paces away from a statue of Carnos Vizier Vizerian. Artifex marveled at the stone depiction of his ancestor. He had always viewed Carnos as one of his idols. Carnos was the greatest follower of Izurdin in the times of old, and the founder of his clan. He hoped that one day he could live up to honor-and perhaps match-such a devout follower.

It was at that moment that he heard a sequence of giggles echo off of the stone reliefs around him. He turned his head slowly to assess where they were coming from-and from what-but he already had an educated guess. Thus he turned his head to a bend in the park and sure enough a squabble of Isur children came racing from around a statue. As they ran he noticed the coloring of their arms, each of which was a similar blue to his own; thus denoting them as being of the Vizerian clan.

He knew each and every one of them, for he had watched them grow up in the same clan, in the same city, in the same section of the Housing District. They were all very young, just small children, still foolish, and rambunctious. He deduced the best he could that they had slipped loose from their parents. A part of him believed that despite their youth they had come hear to take in the history, just as he was. However he assumed it was because children could find numerable places to hide among the stone reliefs.

They spotted him and diverted their course to stop before him; each one a ball of energy. In rampant sequence they each said "Hello Artifex!". He smiled, the joys of youth, of discovering things for the first time, taking those first steps on the road to the future.

"Hello little ones. Evading the teachings of your parents i see."

Giggling they each replied "No we aren't."

"Of course not, you would never do such a thing. However i won't tell your parents if you make a deal with me. Since you have eluded your lessons-for the time being-i will teach you something, and then you will be on your way; and your parents will be none the wiser".

The children replied with a silly "Ok".

Artifex smiled and motioned for them to sit, each one crowded onto the bench alongside him. "Ok first can anyone tell me who that man is?" he said pointing at the statue of Carnos. He knew they would all know since he had been told the stories of Carnos since he was a little boy. Following his line of thought one of the girls raised their hand and said "Easy! That's Carnos Vizier Vizerian".

"Very good. Now what importance does he have in our history?"

One boy raised his hand and said "He was the founder of our clan". Then another spoke "He was one of the most devout followers of Izurdin:.

"Both right. But can anyone tell me what the importance of this legendary man is on our lives?"

The children sat their stumped. They all put on faces that displayed their endeavors to think of the answer. However a minute or so spanned and none of them had an answer. This made Artifex smile.

"He is important in our lives for many reasons, among them the ones i'm sure you all thought but chose not to answer. He is someone to aspire to, he shows that through faith we can do great deeds; deeds that will live through the ages. He is someone who has shown us that through hard work and dedication we can achieve the impossible. Even today we still honor and use his teachings, and they have guided us straight and true. Oh and above all, he heeded the teachings of his parents...now off with you." He chuckled and pretended to chase them off like a scary monster. They all dispersed and ran back off the the Housing District. He then returned to his seat on the bench, staring directly into the stone eyes of Carnos.

"How did you do it ancestor? How did you rise to the occasion and forge such a legend. I can only imagine the crafts you wrought, and the faith you forged. I am sure even Father has not forgotten your deeds. I can only hope to one day be a fraction of the isur you were. I can only hope to find a place among our people as great as yours, and lead them as wisely and justly as you did. I swear that i shall do all i can to protect them, even if it takes my last dying breath, Father be willing."

Artifex sat their taking in the scenery, and the other statues of various important figures of isurian history. The moss clung to just about everything. It was a beautiful hue of green. He hoped that the children would return promptly to their parents, and he hoped they would take heed of his meager lesson. He also hoped that Father would be happy with the lesson he imparted.

He decided he would sit a little longer, and perhaps give out another lesson to another group of children who wandered his way. It was a long day ahead of him, filled with work at the forge. He wanted to help his people before the time came. Every act counted. Every act was important.

It was tranquil, calm, serene. It was home.
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A Stroll Through History

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I really liked this short little reflection of faith and remembrance, and how important they are to the Isur race. You're a lovely, evocative writer. PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


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