The Outer Oceans' Player Guide

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The vast, beautiful oceans encircling Mizahar. The Sebakem Ocean to the east and the Ahger Ocean to the west.

The Outer Oceans' Player Guide

Postby Colombina on January 26th, 2013, 8:00 pm



Welcome to the Outer Oceans Forum. This forum is for any thread that takes place on the oceans surrounding Mizahar. If you are in the Suvan Sea, which is in the heart of Mizahar, you will not be posting here, and if you are in the docks area of a city, you will not be posting here either. Common threads here will be travel threads, or those on the Trade_Routes coming from various cities that do not go into the Suvan. The routes shown in the wiki are incomplete and will be built upon.

The Oceans


Mizahar is encircled by two different oceans. To the east lies the Sebakem Ocean, meaning in Ancient Tongue either "the dark door" or "starry dark". This is the ocean Zeltivans are most familiar with. To the west is the Ahger Ocean, meaning "the silent palace". It is regarded as a place of beauty and mystery by that half of the continent.

Moderation Choices

When writing in the Outer Oceans, you have a choice of storytellers. You may pick either from the Suvan Sea staff, or the storyteller staff of the city you are nearest. If you are between cities, it is encouraged you use the Suvan Staff, but it is not necessary. If you set down on any coast within your thread, it is very strongly suggested you reach out to the storytellers in the nearest city.
This is not meant to be an extra area for very busy moderators to take on in addition to their cities, so please be mindful of who is busiest before submitting threads for grading or asking for moderation.

Proper Naming of Threads

Since there are no subforum or locations, as of now, the way you name your thread is very important. If you are in the open ocean, indicate which ocean by [AO] or [SO]. If you are near a region, but between cities, please indicate the ocean and region: [AO- Taldera]. If you are near a city, indicate which: [SO-Ahnatep].

So a proper thread title may look like this:

[SO-Ahnatep] Here's to Swimming With Bow-Legged Women (Nira'lia please)


Enjoy your new forum! Assume that real world creatures exist in the waters. For more mythical creatures, look to our lore. Also, adjust temperatures accordingly as you move into colder northern waters and warmer southern climes.

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