Closed A Portrait of the Raven as a Young Man (Arvan)

[The Quill's Rest] Castor is relaxing at the Rest and practicing his drawing, when an interesting subject walks in

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A Portrait of the Raven as a Young Man (Arvan)

Postby Castor Riley on June 15th, 2013, 1:56 pm

Castor watched intently as the man's one good eye roamed over his amateurish sketch. When he said that it was rough, but not bad, he felt strangely elated; it was better than he had hoped with his first attempt at a sketch.

Suddenly, Castor's mind began to make a connection that his sketching had distracted him from earlier. "Wait a second... Arvan, magic student... Would you happen to be the Arvan Tsaba was telling me about?" He said, looking at the man with renewed interest. If he was the same man, Tsaba had mentioned he was a Kelvic, so he was now trying to see if there was anything that might point to that fact in the man's manner or appearance. It would be very interesting to Castor, as he had never knowingly met a Kelvic before, and he was very curious indeed.
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A Portrait of the Raven as a Young Man (Arvan)

Postby Abstract on October 30th, 2013, 12:45 pm

Grade Awarded!



~ Drawing - 3
~ Observation - 1
~ Socialization - 1


~ Arvan: Student of Magical Studies
~ Drawing: Copying from a model
~ Drawing: Using Ink Splotches




I liked the drawing descriptions! Enjoy!

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