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Baylin La

Postby Bay'Lin La on June 19th, 2013, 1:46 am




Race: Charoda
Gender: Male
Age: Forty
Birthday: 70th Day of fall, 477 AV.
Birthplace: Charbosi
Current Location: Syka

Fluent Language: Char
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Kontinese

ImageHair Color: None; has a four inch tall dorsal fin running down the center of his head from forehead to the base of his skull with a collective of two foot long tentacles tendrils for hair along the back and sides of his head.

Eye Color: Light green; has large eyes with no pupils. His light green translucent eye lids always covers his eyes so he never blinks, this makes his his eyes appear to be the same color as his skin, although a lighter shade of green.

Skin Tone: Baylin has smooth, rubbery skin that appears aqua-green.

Height & Weight:
6'0 ft. ; 150 lbs.

Racial attributes:
His spine, and ribs, are not made of bones, but cartilage, rendering him extremely flexible. His toes and fingers have webbing in between, with long, multi-pointed ears. He has a faintly protruding nose, more like slits. Is a vegetarian since his body cannot digest meat. Has three rows of sharp, triangular teeth in his mouth.

Clothing worn in threads :

This is the clothing worn in his threads:

Baylin can always be seen wearing a black linen short sleeve shirt, black linen pants, linen undergarments, and no shoes. In threads where he is not in water or on a beach, then he will be wearing simple black boots.

Over his shirt Baylin wears stiffened kelp light armor; Somewhat tougher than soft kelp and woven in thicker layers, this armor offers more protection at some cost in comfort and mobility. It is dark emerald green and is often decorated with small, brightly-colored mollusks that cling to the armor. The treatment process prevents them from digesting it. Most likely found in use by aquatic cultures.

Over the armor, he wears a Body Pack; This items consists of what looks like a padded body harness, crossing the chest, circling the waist and covering the back with a flat thin pack. The pack can store approximately 15 pounds of goods in a watertight containment.

And over top the pack is his where he keeps his trident.

Being a Charodae, he is able to withstand frigid underwater temperatures with little problem, he will however wear a hooded cloak over his armor should he feel the need to be innocuous. So unless it is stated that he is wearing it, you can assume that he is not.

Character Concept

For most of his life, Baylin was basically a good person...


His initial involvements with magic were innocuous, but it became increasingly addictive to the charodae. Throughout his arcane practice, Bay'Lin lived his life through the dogma of a Voider, that every truth is empty. And all things are inherently absent of meaning.

Bay'Lin had come to believe that life was absent of morality and that its continued existence was hollow in the grand scheme of things. He does not view the world with his eyes, but by what he can touch with his own will because the only real truth is what he experiences.

But despite how he sees the void, Baylin is still a living and breathing person.

There are a few things that can make him happy. Like many Charodae, he enjoys collecting small items, bits-n-bobbles, and random objects from adventures to build up his own sentimental 'horde' of personal treasure. To receive one as a gift from Baylin is a sign of his paramount trust in someone. Likewise, to steal one would call forth his immediate Ire. While collecting objects is a hobby he also loves seahorses, and debates relating to: philosophy and magic.

When conflict arises, Baylin believes that killing is neither inherently right or wrong. He will question if conflict is worth the time and effort to remove someones existence from reality, then act accordingly. But he is not a pacifist. He will use violence if he believes that it is the only way to continue his personal existence.

Character History

History :
    Bay Lin La was hatched among the 'Ae'loru' in Charbosi within a mass coral pouch of eggs. He was raised by Day'len La, an artist a coral sculptor. His mother was an underwater dancer and musician named Nula. He was cared for lovingly by his family as the six other siblings who hatched with him grew up to be his younger brothers and sisters.

    May'lin, Ha'lasa, and Talaya were his sisters, while Ye'lan and Tan'ath became his his little brothers. Despite the fact that they were all hatched at the same time, he was born into the role of the eldest sibling by being the most responsible child when they were children.

    Baylin's childhood was a relatively peaceful one. He attend school like all children do to learn how to manipulate coral, study herbs, language of common, aquaculture, botany , history, and basic math. He was a well mannered boy who studied hard, although spent much of his free time doing one of the two hobbies he loved: Seahorse riding and playing music on the violin his mother gave him. At the age of fifteen when Baylin was deemed knowledgeable by his teachers to end his schooling, he talked to his parents about venturing out on his own.

Knowing the Void

    During his journey from Lhavit to wind reach, he learned the philosophies of voiding from a human mage who held the magonym name of "Enidriv".

    The mage sailed ocean from wind reach suvan searching for special bones to use for Malediction. Baylin aided the mage in collecting several items from under the sea one fateful day, but was betrayed by Enidriv when the mage wished to harvest his body part. Baylin fended of the mage off by tackling him into the ocean, trying to drown him. Enidriv agreed to stand down if Baylin spared him and although cautious of another betrayal, he let the man go.

    To ease their tensions, they had a long conversation about magic. Baylin grew intrigued about the mage's philosophy on the topic the void, wondering how anyone could believe that life could be so empty. It was a foreign concept to the naive pacifistic young Baylin. Their conversation was long, detailed, and confusing;. Enidriv simply guided the Charoda towards the art of voiding, the man gifting the knowledge but was no mentor.

    Once Baylin grasped the general concept of Voiding the mage sailed away.

    Voiding was incredibly difficult for the typically social Charoda. It was difficult for him to grasp the difference between loneliness and solitude as he wandered while thinking about absolute emptiness. During many long nights Baylin remained alone while floating atop the ocean surface. His eyes gazing out into the empty night sky. He grew to understood that solitude was self-awareness; and with that he began to think about nothingness.

    Baylin began to believe that It was impossible to distinguish 'existence' from 'non-existence', and thus the concept of reality had no meaning; or in other words, absolute emptiness, his own word were hollow in the grand scheme of things. After using his djed to cast nothingness into the air above him, he summoned his first void portal the size of a small grape.


Skill ImageSkill EXP Total Proficiency
ImageSwimming 100 100 Racial Affinity/Master

Skill ImageSkill EXP Total Proficiency
ImageVoiding 26SP 26 Competent

Skill ImageSkill EXP Total Proficiency
ImageCoral Manipulation 10 RB 10 Novice
Fishing 9SP,211 Novice
Hypnotism 5SP5Novice
Leadership 2 2 Novice
ImageMusical Instrument: Violin5SP 5 Novice
ImageObservation 2,3 5 Novice
Planning 2 2 Novice
ImageRiding 5SP, 2,1 8 Novice
Socialization 1,2 3 Novice
Wilderness Survival 2 2 Novice


Lore :
[SP]Voiding: Pull.
[SP]Voiding: Opening "This Side" to the "Other Side".

  • Late to the Races!
  • Pressured into a Contest of Skill
  • Socialization: Hard to get Used To
  • Riding: A love of Racing
  • Riding: The Will to Win!
  • Riding: A need for Speed!
  • Riding: Getting back in the Game
  • Riding: Pacing your Mount
  • Riding: Winning a Race!
  • Wilderness Survival: Pitching a Tent
  • Syka: Syka Mercantile Location
  • Fishing: Using a net underwater
  • Observation: Finding ones' sea horse in one's sea horses' territory.




Possessions :
  • Trident: This three-tined, piercing weapon can be thrown just as a halfspear or shortspear can be, but its range increment is shorter because it is not as aerodynamic as those other weapons. The three-pronged spear five feet in length. The individual prongs have barbs which inflicted more damage when the weapon is pulled from the body.
  • Net (Weapon) : Has small barbs in the weave and a trailing rope to control netted opponents.
  • Weapon Harness: Keeps his trident strapped to his back.
  • Stiffened Kelp Armor (Aquatic)
  • Seahorse
  • Bit And Bridle (Sea-Horse)
  • Saddle, Sea-Horse
  • Saddlebags, Large
  • Backpack
  • Body Pack
  • Waterskin
  • Flint And Steel
  • Shirt
  • Cloak
  • Boots, Low
  • Instrument Case, Simple

    Bits and bobbles of Baylin's Horde.

  • Driftwood Necklace: A horse-shaped piece of wood, carved from the hull of a small crashed ship. It hangs on a small green chord made of select, strong, wrapped seaweed fibers. It's not worth much, but the previous owner was still rather fussy about parting with it.

    Oxidized Copper Ring: A dark-green ring made of copper, previously a glowing yellow, the water has taken its tole on the metal. It was too big for the young Charoda who handed it over to Baylin, so he wore it on a small rope around his neck. Fortunately, it seems to be just the right size for its new owner's finger.

    Various Shells: A random collection of oddly colored or shaped shells. Given to Baylin by those who had nothing else of value to part with.

Heirloom: Mother's Violin: Passed down from his grandfather, to his mother, and then him. The fiddle was crafted in Charbosi, and as such is made from hardened Kelp and coral; materials that can withstand water, and has a dark green tint. Its bow hair and strings are made from animal sinew.

Fishing Business Equipment :
Preserving Kit
Fishing Net (25 sq.ft.)
Toolkit, Cook/Chef
4 lbs bag of Salt. (5 gm/pound)
Barrel, 36-Gallon
Tent, four-person
Bucket, 2-Gallon
Clam Shovel
Clam Tube


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cashed In House +500 GM 600 GM
Stiffened Kelp Armor (Aquatic) -15 gm585 GM
Trident -15gm570GM
Seahorse-100 GM470GM
Bit And Bridle (Sea-Horse)2 gm468GM
Saddle, Sea-Horse25 gm443GM
Saddlebags, Large8 gm 435GM
Backpack 2 gm 433GM
Body Pack 10 gm423GM
Waterskin1 gm422GM
Flint And Steel1 gm 421GM
Shirt 1 sm 420GM, 9sm
Cloak 5 sm 420GM, 4sm
Boots, Low 3 sm 420GM, 1sm
Pants8 sm 419GM, 3sm
Weapon Harness5 gm 414GM, 3sm
Instrument Case, Simple25gm 389 GM, 3sm
Winter living 513 Expenses (inactive) 0 389 GM, 3sm
Spring living Expenses 514 (Squalor) 5gm384 GM, 3sm
Summer living Expenses 514 (Squalor) 5gm 379 GM, 3sm
Fall living Expenses 514 (inactive) 0379 GM, 3sm
Winter living Expenses 514 (inactive) 0379 GM, 3sm
Spring living Expenses 515 (inactive) 0379 GM, 3sm
Summer living Expenses 515 (Squalor) 5gm374 GM, 3sm
Fall living Expenses 515 (inactive) 0374 GM, 3sm
Winter living Expenses 515 (inactive) 0374 GM, 3sm
Spring living Expenses 516 (inactive) 0374 GM, 3sm
Summer living Expenses 516 (inactive) 0374 GM, 3sm
Fall living Expenses 516 (inactive)0374 GM, 3sm
Winter living Expenses 516 (squalor)-5gm374 GM, 3sm
Weapon: Net-20 gm354 gm, 3sm.
Fishing business supplies61gm. 5sm292gm.8sm
Spring 517 Wages+184 GM 476gm .8sm
Spring 517 living ExpensesCommon -135gm 341gm .8sm
Syka The Overwater Ranchos rent -150gm 191gm .8sm
Fishing Kit-10 gm
Fishing Pole-1 gm180gm.8m
Inactive Summer 517 - Fall 517 -1 gm180gm.8m
TOTAL 180gm .8sm

Thread List

514 AV
26th Day of Spring, 514 AV.[Thunder Bay] The Fast and the Pacifist. (Una)

42nd of Summer, 514AV It's More Of An Aggressive Floating(Abandoned)

85th of Winter, 507 A.V. [The Crown Reef] Help, Kelp and Coral
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Postby Bay'Lin La on December 1st, 2013, 3:01 pm

PC relationships, NPCs, & Animal Companions

ImageSpieces: Seahorse
Name: Allsi
Gender: Female
Special Abilities: Seahorses have natural camouflage abilities that they can extend to their riders. For example, in a bed of kelp they can transform colors to match that exact shade and hence blend in. Their camouflage effects their riders as well, often tinting their skin a match color so long as they are in physical contact with the Seahorse. If they wish, they can change colors to match almost anything - coral, anemones, the sand of the seafloor.

Additional Information: In the Charodae language, Char, the seahorses name is sung elegantly underwater as Anyalsi. She is Baylin's Underwater mount. By default the horse tends to take a golden yellow color when not actively camouflaging herself. When above ground he simple refers to her as Allsi.

ImageCharacter Name: May'lin
Race: Charoda
Age: Thirty six
Relationship: Younger Sister
NPC Type: Traveling Companion
Skills: Singing :5, Dancing :5, Weaving :5, Carving :5
Aquiculture :5, Acrobatics: 5


May'lin was born in Charbosi within a coral pouch as one among six hatch'lings. Even though they were all hatched at the same time she quickly became known as the youngest child and sister to her eldest brother Baylin. May had a fairly normal childhood for a Charoda playing within Charbosi and the waters around the city with her siblings. Even though she was a kind, soft spoken, and loving soul. She enjoyed tagging along with Baylin when he set off on his own trips that often led her following him into grand mischievous adventures, or at least what seemed like grand adventures to children.

Not all of the adventures that she had wandered into ere lovely and nice, she also saw things that proved why the sea was willing to remain distant from the surface. During her visits to the world above the waters with Baylin , finding herself terrified by so many things and grew to learn of Myrian savagery first and seeking refuge under the sea. She follows her brother around out of hope that she would keep him safe. She has seen his obsession with the void grow and hopes to anchor him to the “family unit” less she lose him to his empty and lonely madness.
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