Solo [The Pillars of Dust] Flying Solo

Davin finds that thievery is harder without accomplices

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A half-collapsed city of alabaster and gold fiercely governed by Eypharians. Even partially ruined, it is the crown of the desert and a worthy testament to old glories and rising powers.

[The Pillars of Dust] Flying Solo

Postby Davin on July 4th, 2013, 6:17 pm

Summer 33rd, 513 AV

Davin sat on the ruins of some forgotten ruin in the Pillars of Dust, watching Larks call to passerby and Scorpions discreetly offer services. He observed as well as he could, under his red turban and cloth mask, making sure his face was not visible. He was not well known, truly. But he knew as anyone in the Pillars knew, anonymity was your friend.

His ensemble was new, bought with the Miza he had earned from betraying his father and some nobody who fancied himself a crime lord. It was not overtly rich, that would stand out too much. But it was better than the rags he had before. An all red ensemble, with pants instead of the skirts he normally wore. He wore a turban as well, not for any real purpose, but simply because he could. It was a small taste of luxury that he intended to expand upon. He even had shoes now.

However, that was still only a dream. For the moment, he had to worry about his next meal. He had enough Miza leftover to buy food, true. But he felt that he'd rather hone his skills than waste his fortune on foodstuffs. He had already decided he'd steal money first, rather than the food directly. After all, a slighted merchant had a surprisingly good memory. A stranger who never saw you cut their purse? They were a far safer choice.

He continued watching the Larks. They often bed drunks, and no man had a poorer memory, or attentiveness than a drunk. He imagined his father might have been drunk the day he conceived Davin on one of the whores. Davin raised his mask to spit on the sands. He suddenly had a very bad taste in his mouth.

At long last, a man wearing a long cream colored robe approached a Lark, his cheeks rosy from intoxication. He was a perfect mark. He wore his purse in plain view, tied to the cord that wrapped around his waist. A quick bump and slice of the dagger and it'd be his. Although, Davin had never actually done that before. Desh, his father, had always been the one doing the actual stealing. He had simply distracted the targets. Sometimes it was a crowd, as he played the sick boy about to die. Other times it was a single person, as he played the friendly stranger. But he'd never actually cut a purse or picked a pocket. He didn't think it'd be too hard, after all Desh had done it. Still, it was a good thing the man was drunk, just in case it was harder than he assumed.

The man made a show of himself by proving just how intoxicated he was, fondling the woman with an eagerness that appalled Davin. Why would anyone want to relinquish so much control to alcohol? He never understood it, and he doubted he ever would. Drunkards all disgusted him, and it was the one vice he had vowed to abstain from. Still, despite that, the Lark was rather plump, and not all that attractive. She had sagging breasts and a bulbous nose, and he could smell her unwashed flesh from across the dirt street. He was likely the only customer she'd get today. So she put up with it, even forcing a laugh as she attempted to tell him how much she'd cost.

Davin doubted that he was paying attention. His obnoxious laughter echoed amongst the ruins and sands, driving away everyone else in the vicinity. No one wanted to witness this sight, it would seem. Davin stood, and discreetly untucked one of his new daggers from his sash. This would be a good time to do the deed.

He came closer, attempting to be as nonchalant as possible. He bumped into the man a bit too eagerly, and pulled at the purse. With one quick motion he cut the cord... only for the whole thing to unravel and fall down to the man's ankles. The man turned to him, spittle flying from his lip, with a dumbfounded expression. It seemed he didn't quite understand what was happening.

"Er, sorry. Di-didn't er, kno-know where I was going." the man squeaked, apparently unaware that he had been stationary.

The woman however, knowing a robbed man couldn't pay, pointed her finger at Davin and screeched. "Thief! Thief! Someone come quick, The lout stole this man's money!"

Davin didn't waste any time after that. He gave a shove to the drunkard and bolted. He gave a glance behind him to catch the man falling over his waist-cord and falling on top of the Lark. A few people had gathered, but no one was chasing him yet...

As he turned his head, he saw two men running after him, both shirtless, and both very very big. Davin cursed his bad luck and hanged course, heading to a nearby narrow gap between ruins. He thought it might be two small for the large men to follow, but he was wrong. He saw that they were simply going single file and shoulder first. They scraped the stone with their stomachs, but they were coming quick regardless. Davin, however, wasn't about to give up.

He followed the narrow path to another turn, only to find a dead end. For a brief moment, Davin panicked. But as quick as it came, it went. He saw that the top of the ruin was just a foot or two above him. The walls, were close enough...

Quickly he pressed his arms against the other end of the wall as his back pressed against the near one. He shimmied his way up to the top just as the two men made the corner. He doubted they'd be able to climb up, but even so, he did not stop. Now on the top of the structure, he once more broke into a run.

He dropped down to the other side, and spotted another street, this one slightly more populated than the one he'd been waiting on. In a flurry he removed his turban and coat, and his shoes. He wrapped them all together and put them into the sand next to a building. Then he grabbed some of the sand and threw it on his pants and rubbed it in, making them seem less red. After that he sat down on his clothes and leaned on the building.

Nearly as soon as he was done, he saw the two men jump down from the ruin he'd jumped off of not two minutes ago. He dared not look them in the eye, and instead feigned sleep, watching them out of his squinting eyes. He wasn't sure why anyone might come to the aid of a Lark and a drunk, but they had. And they seemed rather intent on finding him. They paid him no heed, however, and ran down the street, keeping their eyes peeled for a red clad man with a turban on his head.

Davin let out a breath he had been holding ever since he had failed to properly cut the purse. That had been a disaster. Apparently, there was some skill needed to properly cut a cord. He didn't dwell on that too long though. If Desh could do it, so could he. He just needed a few more tries was all. Besides, he had still gotten away, and that was all that mattered.

Deciding to see what he had earned, he opened his ill-gotten gains. What he found was not especially worth it. About five silver-rimmed Miza, and a handful of colorful beads. He didn't bother counting them, he was going to keep them regardless. After all, it would serve as a good reminder, a nice little... memento of his first time stealing without Desh.

Happy at that thought, he took the bit of cord still attached to the purse and wove it through the beads. He wasn't especially skilled at it, but he didn't really need to be. The holes were large, and the cord slipped in easily. The beads were all manner of blues, yellows, greens, and oranges. When he was done, he tied it around his neck. It was a silly looking thing, he knew, but it was his first bit of jewelry. And he was positive it would not be his last. He'd be as rich as the Eypharians one day. He'd make sure of that.
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[The Pillars of Dust] Flying Solo

Postby Traverse on July 6th, 2013, 4:21 pm



Skill XP Earned
Disguise 1 XP
Larceny 1 XP
Observation 2 XP
Planning 1 XP
Running 1 XP

Lores Earned
Better to Steal Mizas than Food
Picking a Drunken Target
A Poor First Attempt at Pickpocketing


+ 5 SM
+ 1 Glass Bead Necklace

Additional notes :
An interesting little solo! I am glad that poor Davin had no success with the actual pick pocketing, having no skill in larceny, but his escape was nicely played out and fit into the strengths you gave him in your CS. I decided to award the items you found, and in the future feel free to leave the decision of what Davin gets for his spoils up to the ST's, it can make for fun surprises in your grades!

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your grade, please send me a PM and we can figure it out. :)
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