Closed I'm glad I waited to visit. (Castor)

It might have changed me sooner. That would have been a travesty.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

I'm glad I waited to visit. (Castor)

Postby Torias on July 6th, 2013, 1:09 am

11th Summer, 513 AV
Mid afternoon, thereabouts.

Of course, like so many others, my primary reason for traveling to Zeltiva was to see the university. I didn’t know yet whether I would be attending classes, or if someday, the humans would consider a Nuit to be a fit professor. That didn’t matter to me yet. It was a world famous establishment, and I had known of it even during my breathing life.

Curious, how the allure of unattainable things and far off places tends to fade once they are within reach. I sank quickly into my studies of herbalism after I reached Zeltiva, spending much of my time sequestered away in my room at the World’s End Grotto. The days and nights came and passed so fluidly I hardly noticed them.

It was many weeks later that I found a spare moment to meander. I rather had to tear myself away from my own obsessions, as I did not enjoy being lost in foreign places, and I knew that was exactly what would happen.

It was an unusual feeling, being out in the open. Even before Torias was a Nuit, he was never a type of man the greater world would have welcomed into the community. Ironically, as a walking corpse he was notably less threatening now than he might have previously been perceived. Nuits were often more repulsive and unnerving than they were dangerous, unless they happened to be mages.

Which Torias was not.

Still, he felt perhaps more out of place than he had any right to, bundled up in a coat and cowl despite the warmth of the summer air. Surely he was not the first four-armed Eypharian to visit these grounds, but at the moment he appeared to be the only one. Many of the students he saw wandering between the University’s structures looked a fraction of his age, though he spied one or two from an older generation.

In his late years, Torias would have thought himself immune to anxieties and insecurity, but this environment helped remind the Nuit of how seldomly he ventured away from his comfortable, dark corners. It was so easy for him to become entrenched in his own paradigm. Clearly, it was due time for him to visit another.

The library was on these grounds somewhere, but after a bell of searching in the hot sun at his beleaguered, elderly pace, Torias decided he needed to sit and gather his wits. This pleasant weather was unkind to his composition, but visiting during the day seemed a better route. He was not sure whether the University accepted visitors after dark, and even if it did, a thinner crowd would make a wandering Nuit more conspicuous.

Sinking onto a bench, Torias produced a small book and cylinder of charcoal from inside his coat. These hands were not his own and did not remember the same deftness his own true hands had once possessed. Still, he began attempting to draw the image of what he saw in front of him, mimicking the shapes of the buildings and roughly sketching out the placements of trees and the regular routes of the attendees.

Only his eyes were visible, visiting upward frequently, as the cowl covered his lower face and much of his hair. A wiry, black ponytail protruded from the back of the garment - the hairstyle Torias’s Eypharian host had worn in life. A relic of a lost life he had never known.
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I'm glad I waited to visit. (Castor)

Postby Castor Riley on August 14th, 2013, 7:46 am

Castor hurried back through campus towards his room. He just wanted to get inside and sleep after the shift he'd had at the library. How many different ways of saying 'No, I wouldn't find you a Master-level spellbook, even if we had one' did he have to think up before the petching magic students would let it be? He had taken special note of the ones looking for familiary and voiding books; he did not want to be anywhere near them when they catastrophically overestimated their abilities.

Such were Castor's thoughts, when, on a bench he noticed a man, trundled up in coat and cowl, apparently oblivious to the summer heat around him. Just looking at him made Castor feel uncomfortably warm. He noticed that the man was drawing, which was an interest he'd begun to develop himself, particularly as it was a rather necessary skill for the glyphing class he planned on taking this term. As the man lifted his eyes to take another look at the subject of his painting, Castor noticed the deep black circles and pallor, that had recently become very familiar to him; this man was undoubtedly a Nuit.

The coat and cowl made total sense now; he seemed to be, prudently, hiding his identity as a Nuit. Castor had come to realise that racism was a continuing concern for the Nuit and, since meeting Tsaba, he had resolved to be more open-minded. Now, here was an opportunity to try and make this person feel a bit more welcome and comfortable in the enlightened city of Zeltiva.

He slowly approached him, waiting to be noticed before saying "Would you mind if I watched you paint for a while? I have recently started my own attempts and I feel I would benefit from watching more experienced painters. If that's all right with you, of course."
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I'm glad I waited to visit. (Castor)

Postby Eldritch on October 31st, 2013, 5:02 pm

Castor :
Observation +1

-Identifying a Nuit based on appearance

Torias :
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Notes :
Nothing to note. :)

If you have any comments/questions/concerns about your grade please PM me and we will work something out.

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