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This subforum is for small businesses that do not require extensive subforums for organization. These Small Business Sheets are simply posted records of what a business is for, its expenses, its debt and the profit it makes.

Askara Ink

Postby Adair Askara on August 12th, 2013, 2:38 pm

Business Type: Services (Tattoo Parlor)

Base Income: 4 gm (Tattoo Artist)

Skill Bonus: 2 gm (Competent Tattooing)

Total Income: 6 gm – 1.5 gm = 4.5 gm/day

Sales Bonus: to be determined

Services Offered:


Small plain tattoo: 5 sm
Medium plain tattoo: 10 sm
Large plain tattoo: 15 sm

Small complex tattoo: 10 sm
Medium plain tattoo: 20 sm
Large plain tattoo: 40 sm


Small plain tattoo: 10 sm
Medium plain tattoo: 20 sm
Large plain tattoo: 40 sm

Small complex tattoo: 20 sm
Medium complex tattoo: 40 sm
Large complex tattoo: 80 sm

*Small tattoos are no bigger than somebody’s palm. Medium tattoos are no bigger than somebody’s arm or leg. Large tattoos cover somebody’s back or an even bigger part of somebody’s body.

1 slave (1.5 gm/day)

1 elaborate shop (modified): 2.000 gm
1 elaborate office: 1.500 gm

3.500 gm – 25%= 2.625 gm

3 fine chairs: 3x5=15 gm
2 fine couches: 2x20= 40 gm
1 fine table: 8 gm
3 fine end tables: 2x3= 6 gm
1 rare rug: 50 gm
2 small steel mirrors:2x10 = 20 gm
1 wash basin, fine = 10 gm
2 lbs of soap = 2x5 sm = 10 gm

159 gm

Total debt owed to the Askara family: 2.784 gm
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Askara Ink

Postby Gillar on August 25th, 2013, 8:18 am


Approved with the following notations:

Keep in mind that when offering complex tattoos, your work is only as good as your skill level. So even with Competent, you are still only able to do so well. The greater your skill level, the more elaborate and detailed your work will be. Until then, I think you have it right in classifying your tattoo complexity by size rather than detail.

Business Plan Disclaimer: As with all business plans, I am just approving the plan itself. Final approval of the business and any NPCs is separate from the approval of the business plan.
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