Atllantes [scrap book]

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Atllantes [scrap book]

Postby Atllantes on August 20th, 2013, 10:25 pm

My scraps for CS


Race: Akalak
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthday: 22, Summer, 438AV.
Birthplace: Riverfall

As for Akalak race goes, Atllantes is not exactly the big guy, witch is common for Akalakis. He is only 6"2" tall and waights around 220. In some way he considers this as an advantage. Despite his height and weight his body is well trained, well shaped and muscular. Over left side of his chest - in the heart area - there is a thinan and deep scar, clearly caused with Lakan blade. This scar is constant remainder of the day his worst nightmaare at the time came true. Like all Akalakis his hair is dark black. Hairstyle whitch hes got is quite uncommon among Akalaki race, witch is long hair at bangs pulled back to an upper ponytail in the back with the rest of the hair heanging free. His eyes are light gray whitch gives him cold and mysterious look. As if that wasnt enough, the effect that his eyebrows give is kind of scary. It adds a bit of anger to his face and look. His nose is middle sized and flat. His lips are slightly brighter color than his body, and are more or less thick. When he smiles - whitch happens rearly - his blinding white teeth are breath taking. His appearance is quite appealing to females and Atllantes enjoys that in one way, but he is also terrified of that.

Character Concept

Atllantes is the quiet type of a man. He wont speak unless he has to. Instead he often In a conversation, where everybody talks, Atlltllantes takes his time to study and analize people around him to make sure there are no suprises - he is quite good at this - so you could say he is very calculative and strategyc person. He is closed in, so he doesnt like to talk about his feeling, emotions and thoughts. Actualy he is afraid of it. He is afraid that if he opens up to people, they will see his vulnerability. He confronts his feelings and problems on hi own and because of his selfconfidence he thinks that he doesnt need others to help a loan wolf. Because of his past he is afraid of getting to atached to people (especialy females), he pushes them away. Because of all this other people think of him as mysterius strangeman. Whitch is not so far from the truth because he is really full of mysteries and secrets. He is a passionate dreamer. The favourite part of the day comes after training. He finds himself a good spot, usualy on higher grounds like rooftops, cliffs, towers and so on to just sit there ant think, dream, fantasize. When he does that he usualy takes his Lakan blade and toss it between hands. This is the most conforting thing he can think of. Esppecialy at night when everything is in peace and quiet. Because of his "night adventures" he likes to call himself Night Shadow. His second favourite part of the day is training. He takes it very seriusly and with lots of discipline. Ironicly he feels safe and at home in the heat of the fight/battle. Like most Akalakis he is slow to anger, but once his temper is unleashed, it is almost impossible to control it until his emotions run their course. A well apriciated "abillity" of him is that he gets the job done. When he decides for one job and set his goal he will do it. These jobs arent always legal. As the mather of fact he often runs with thiefs, burglars, assasins... But he doesnt take all the jobs, but only the one he can benefit from (phisicaly or mentaly). He belives in the right cause and that the right actions are usualy hard and comes with sacrefices. Nevertheles he doesnt like to kill but wont hasitate if he has to. But dont get the wrong impression, all of this is his "dark side" that is dominating at least on the outside. His "dark side" is just a shield that was made because of grief, lost and betrayal. On the inside he is still that happy, playful, caring kid he was not so long time ago. When you see him walking peacefuly on the outside with his eyes focused on the floor, he is going crazy inside. All the happines and joy from his "light side" wants to come out but for some reason cant, like he would be to shy. He really wants to talk to people, get to know them, make friends, but his "dark side" is to strong in hin. At rear momments when he lets his guard down and completly relaxes the "light side" comes befour the dark one. Still influenced by the "dark side" he becomes an sarcastic smartass. But with every year that passes and every season he is getting better and better with interacting with people. Maybe someday when he will reveal the mysteries of his past he will become normal again and the "light side" will take back the control.

Character History

Atllantes was born to Akalaki father Atlloros and her _____ mother Kallantes .
His father was a member of secret clan called Bloodhood. This group is so secret that even the eldest Akalakis dont know abou its existance. Bloodhood accepts only members of their own family - a bloodline called Artllemaya, but even inside family there is a strict selection of potential members. Members need to have power, strainght, loyalty, devotion, passion...Noone knows where Bloodhood has its headquarters, who are the members, what are they goals and how they opporate. But past seasons more and more informations about it started leaking. Atlloros was very powerful member of this clan and had the last word about major decisions and recruit potencials.
When he and Kallantes got their firstborn Atillias, Atlloros knew he was something special. After his son salin the bigest _____ at the trials of _____, he was sure that its the sign from ____ himself, a signt of life changing event, his son was ready to start learning about Bloodhood and later join them.
When Atllantes was born on ____AV. He looked very healthy and strong, but Atlloros thought he isnt so powerful as his older brother, so he didnt pay much attention to him. Insted he was buisy teaching Atillias secrets about Bloodhood. Even though his father didnt love him so much, Atllantes and Atillias were very close. When Atillians didnt work with father, he and Atllantes always trained and played together. His older brother replaced fatherly love Atllantes never had. But nevertheless he had happy, carefree childhood.
He passed trials (not as good as his brother) and started training. As the years passed Atllantes grown and become more and more strong. He discovered the fun running, climbing, walking in shadows, being "invisible like air". Once when he was 20 years old, a Strange man aproached him and offered a great reward if he could steal one item for him. After days of thinking Atllantes accepted the offer. He did the job as he would be a proffesional, so the strange man offered him more and more jobs. As years passed by he learned more and more about art of stealth and thiefery from Strange man. The man become his master and he also learned from other thiefs and assasins.
But one night when he was stealing and artifect from some rich mans home, he was caught. The owner cought him just befour he could escape. Atllantes remembered advice from all the thiefs he met in the past years, "Never get caught, and if you do make sure its not for long, no matther waht it takes. You are a free man you are capable of anyything". So Atllantes took the knife from the table and stabbed the owner in the heart. He was so suprised and scared that he actualy killed a man. But even the panic and paranoi, he kept his mind cool. He get rid of the body, cleaned the house and wrote a note (in the owners name) that he is leaving the city for good. Next time when he meet the Strange man he told him all about it and the man replyed only with "You did what you had to do." Atllantes finaly understood that the bissnes he is in is much more dangerous and cold as he thaught. Again as years passed, Atllantes killed more often even tho he didnt really want to but hey...he did what he had to. He become and official assasin and becouse of his skills he was never caught. He lived 2 lifes at that time. First was a carefree and happy boy that train through all day andlikes to explore at nights. The other was cold, proffesional thief and assasin. In the meantime Atillias was officialy a member of Bloodhood and had less and less time for his younger brother. Atllantes ofcourse didnt know about secret clan that runs in his family so he thaught his brother doesnt like im because of same reason as father, "im to weak" he repeated over and over to himself. He trained even harder, everybody (even his father) were impressed of his determination to become the best at everything. Even tho he become much stronger then his rolemodel (Atillias), and much more skillful then most of thiefs and assasins he still didnt think of himself as good. His father eventualy realized that he made a mistake not giving Atllantes a chance to join Bloodhood.
Then when Atllantes was 30 years old a day of his ____ came. When he woke up he didnt realize that this day will be his bigest nightmare and will change him and his life forever in unimaginable way.


Fluent Language: Tukant
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Fill me in, if you want.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Skill 1 # SP # Novice
Skill 2 # SP # Novice
Skill 3 # RB, # SP # Competent

(HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove - Common Skills: Trade skills related to Wide Variety of Combat Crafts, Gem Mining, and Various Arts)


Helpful Lores: (Pick 2)
Lore of Riverfall Layout
Lore of Akalak Culture
Lore of History of Riverfall
Lore of Religion: Wysar
Lore of Religion: Akajia
Lore of Konti Culture
Lore of Rite of Trial
Lore of Rite of Manhood
Lore of Forging a Lakan


1 Set of Clothing (Colorful)
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Fill me in, please! (HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove - Lakan is a common heirloom for Akalak. Otherwise, Max. 50gm worth)


Location: Where in Mizahar are you living?

House: What does your house look like?

(HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove - PM a storyteller to have a residence added.

List of Residences:
  • Kuahala Estates - Affordable private places with a great view.
  • Nia’s Boarding House – Tiny all-female Boarding House
  • Skyview Condos – Large upscale housing
  • Northwind Suites – Housing frequented by Musicans
  • Baywatch Apartments – Cliffside Cave Apartments with bay balconies
  • Bluevein Apartments – Large Fallside Cave Apartments with waterfall balconies
  • The Blue Gem – All Aquatic Species Living Area
  • The Mist – Mage Dwellings, mostly underground.
  • Atri’s Place – Traveler’s Inn that's clean and affordable.
  • Cora Apartments – Midrange living for working class
  • Windswept Condos- Private affordable condos with gorgeous gardens
  • Overlook Apartments – Housing unites with very beautiful oceanviews.
  • Suvan Suites – Posh upscale living
  • The Pearl House– A Konti Bed and Breakfast with short and long term residents.
Temporary Housing: The Kulkukan Tavern & Inn)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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