Questions about agency and canonicity

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Questions about agency and canonicity

Postby Elsa Marin on January 10th, 2014, 1:41 am

So how much stuff can we make happen?

Gods and Alvina need Domain Storyteller involvement or higher and I imagine a killing spree or massive explosion without giving your friendly neighborhood storyteller at least a heads up would be something of a faux pas. What else?

Secondly, is a thread considered to have happened when it's posted or when it's graded?

Say I put up fifty threads doing nothing but grinding blacksmithing, starting with a 0 in blacksmithing. I go to start thread 51, is my character still figuring out which end of the hammer to hold?
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Questions about agency and canonicity

Postby Traverse on January 10th, 2014, 2:00 am

For the killing sprees and mass mayhem it really depends on the city, but generally the same rules apply. If you're doing illegal, profane things you should probably inform or discuss matters with an ST first. Now obviously if your PC is a pickpocket and you're just trying to earn some mizas in the back alleys of [fill in the blank here] that's not a problem, but doing crazy stuff when you're just starting off as a PC is usually just going to wind up getting you killed or thrown in whatever your city has for a jail equivalent.

As for threads I think the general rule of thumb is that the events are counted only once a thread is officially complete (with or without a grade unless it is going to contain pertinent information), usually its better to know something's finished for continuities sake if nothing else.

As for threads and training XP that depends entirely on how you write them and how long they are. The general rule of thumb when grading is to dole out 1 XP for each skill described accurately and realistically per post with a cap of 5 for any given thread, so if you have 10 threads with five posts a piece each with increasingly difficult displays of blacksmithing knowledge (as you progress from novice to competent up to expert) you should in theory have 50 XP in said blacksmithing.

Hope this helps!
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