Closed [Scarlet Sanctum] Why Not Use the Door? (Eleazar)

After a long night of work, Sophie hears a window shatter as she gets ready to go home

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[Scarlet Sanctum] Why Not Use the Door? (Eleazar)

Postby Sophitia Vinder on April 20th, 2014, 8:10 pm

Her jewels? A thief? Of course he was a thief. No one in their right mind would be here at this hour. Ruby locked the place up tight and didn't allow anyone in, unless they were working, such as this case. Sophie wished so strongly that she hadn't been the one working. If it had been anyone else, anyone stronger, then maybe the thief would have retreated. Instead he was here demanding that he tell her where Ruby's jewels were. As though Ruby would tell her anything of that importance.

Sophie was one of the worst girls Ruby had. Being Ruby's least wasn't a bad thing, but she was still figuring out how to really present herself as attractive. The girl was working there for the theatrical performances. The burlesque, the dancing, and the singing. The fact that she actually made her money by sleeping with the patrons was a side fact in Sophie's mind. She was a fisherman's daughter who loved to perform. Being a harlot was a means to an end.

Brown eyes trailed to the ground as he requested the location of Ruby's gems. His thinly veiled demand left her unsure of what to do. Concern ate at her inside that he would harm her if she didn't tell him where they were, but she honestly didn't know. "I don't know where they are, and even if I did, you'd never get them in time before the morning workers get here." She was lying, hard. Eyes darted back and forth as her heart continued to try and beat out of her chest. "You need to get out of here, Daniel, or someone's going to hurt you." She said his name with a little extra bite, ha

She refused to look at him, but she just needed him to get out of the building and let her go about her business. If she were to get out of this alive, then she was going to have a talk with Ruby about making sure she didn't get left along like this again. "They ain't all nice and sweet like me, you know? I won't say nothing about you being here if you just go. The bouncers will rough you up." She gritted her teeth, fingers balling into fists as she fought off tears that were threatening to undo her tough girl routine.

If he didn't buy her ruse, she wasn't sure what she was going to do. "So I don't know where they are. Just go, please," she pleaded while still avoiding his gaze directly. How she wished that there was actually someone coming to her rescue.

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[Scarlet Sanctum] Why Not Use the Door? (Eleazar)

Postby Eleazar Victor Syroin on July 21st, 2014, 1:22 pm

OOCI am a horrible person. There is no excuse for why this took so long. I'm so sorry. I fully understand if you don't want to continue this thread.

'What do ya mean ya don't know.'

It came out a whine more than anything else. He had expected her to know, he had expected her to tell him and she wasn't even lying which made it all much worse. So chasing the woman down had been a waste of time. Well not a complete waste, at least he now knew Ruby didn't tell her girls where the valuables were hidden but still all that time he could have spent searching the place. Confidence washed from his form as shoulders sagged down, brows tilted sloppily upwards and the teen wallowed in his own misfortune.

“B-But Ay spent all 'at time chasing ya down 'cause Ay thought 'Oh look 'eres one of Ruby's top girls Ay bet she'll know where 'ey are' But now ya don't 'n' Ay don't have any more time ta look aboot and find 'em 'n' -'n'”

Finishing up his little scene with some frustrated flailing of the long stick like limbs he called arms, Eleazar let out a dramatic sigh. It had not been a good night for a robbery and Sophie had a point. The cleaning staff in most Sunberthian establishments tended to show up well before first rays of sun light had even reached the lawless city. With no sense of what how long it had been since he ventured into the building, the thief didn't feel like risking the wrath of a cross local armed with a metal bucket and a mop. He could always try again on another date.

Shooting the harlot what may have been interitated as an apologetic look he waddled slowly over to the door. Nudging it open with his foot, he waited by the door hinge, deliberately avoiding eye contact with the female. Candle light spilled out into the corridor and over the carpet, outlining his features against the darkness. Swallowing what little pride he had less, Eleazar locked gazes with the beautiful woman he had scared so badly and timidly asked his question.

“Ay don't suppose ya would mind, erm ya know showin' mi 'e way out of 'ere. Et's just -Heh. Et's a bit too early in da mornin' ta go climbin down outta windows.”
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[Scarlet Sanctum] Why Not Use the Door? (Eleazar)

Postby Aladari Coolwater on September 23rd, 2016, 12:48 am

Name:Eleazar Victor Syroin

Please add to your ledger for the Winter 515 AV living expenses, and update your threads list.


It looks like you've been inactive for about two months. If you return, PM me back and I will get your grade.

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