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Isaac Iceglaze

Postby Isaac Iceglaze on January 27th, 2014, 2:55 am

Isaac Iceglaze


Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Race: Dire Polar Bear Kelvic
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Birthday: 77 Summer 512 AV
Death: 45 Winter 517 AV
Birthplace: Avanthal

Human Form
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Colour: Cerulean Blue
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown

Polar Bear Form
Height: 9' 1"
Weight: 410 lbs
Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown
Hair Colour: Crystal Clear

Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession: Icewatch Guard
Volunteering: Mason & Quarrier
  • at Icestone Isle
Current Housing: 1 basic 20x20 Arvinta in the Iceglaze Hold with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.

  • Avenge my kin
  • Learn to live
  • Create again

Fluent: Vani
Basic: Common

Thanks to Fallon, for inspiring the design of my CS!


Isaac maintained his vigor through work in the quarry. Standing at about six feet tall, Isaac might have seemed intimidating to some, if he ever stood with good posture. Instead, he had a habit of hunching over slightly. It’s a habit that made him seem more timid than he really is.

ImageIsaac was born fortunate; the Kelvic blood of his mother ran through veins. As a Dire polar bear, his stature would have been considered pretty average in comparison to other male polar bears, but his strength came from carrying very large Icestones. He was typically seen pulling his sled through the paths of Avanthal, moving along huge piles of stone.

A smile from Isaac was rare; he mostly stared at others with brooding, cerulean blue eyes. It's an almost autistic expression, as he tends to be reserved and lost in his own thoughts. He found clothing to be generally uncomfortable so he never dressed up and tended towards clothes without too much colour. Isaac did a poor job at trimming his beard but liked to do it anyways because he enjoyed the air of Avanthal on his skin when he shifted to his human form.


"Do I work? Yea, I work almost all the time. Quarrying, constructing, carving… It all really keeps me feeling… alive."

Isaac will be the first to tell you that your problems in life only stem from a lack of hard work. The young Kelvic strongly believed in self-discipline, and was highly conscientious. He ensured that whatever he did was done right, well, and thoroughly. A perfectionist at the core, Isaac was always prepared and on schedule, never wanting anything to be done without order and precision. Isaac worked hard to prove to be as competent as the skilled masons and quarrymen with years of experience.

Such was the life of Isaac Iceglaze, always busying himself. Even when he was around his best friends, Kennan and Simon, Isaac was incapable of fully relaxing. There was not an ounce of spontaneity in him, which meant that he was never really the life of a party. In fact, Isaac preferred to keep in the background when it came to being social. He could keep up a conversation but he wasn’t as stoic as Kennan. Issac considered himself capable of making polite conversion and showing genuine emotions in good company. He was typically introverted, preferring to be in solitude.

Some said that he preferred to be alone because he believed he was above the rest. Isaac was high-minded; he prided himself with having strong, moral principles. Ever since a very young age, Isaac vowed to always do what was ‘right’. Wanting to always be ‘right’ makes it quite difficult to change Isaac's opinion about something he already made up his mind about. Isaac may have been stubborn, but he valued integrity. Such a set of morals grew out of resentment towards his mother, believing that it was wrong for her to leave their family. Asking about her only ever put Isaac in a foul mood; he had always answered in a manner that seemed rather cold and callous.

The young Kelvic was at his best when you caught him in a creative mood. He took pleasure in creating beauty out of icestone, carving it into simple structures of art. Icestone to Isaac was magical and living. He treated it with a sort of reverence, as most Iceglaze members do. But his passion for his trade ran deep; it was a love that was almost innate. Everyday, Isaac’s fascination with the exquisite mineral had grown stronger. It was no wonder then, that he strove to master the art of carving icestone.

OOC: I like to imagine that the video below is very similar to the way the Iceglaze hold would harvest ice from the Icestone Isle.


WIPThis is a draft, and needs flashback threads to flesh out the details :)

Pre-Death :
As Syna rose over the sky of Avanthal on the first day of Autumn, a newborn Kelvic’s cry was heard all throughout the Iceglaze hold. The baby was named Isaac, after his paternal grandfather, for the similar way that his cerulean blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. His eyes weren’t the only feature that was striking about him. The child was born with the mark of Morwen, just like that of his older brother, Marrick. Isaac’s parents soon realized that Morwen had chosen to make their second child faithful to protecting her as well.

ImageMarrick and Isaac both have their mother’s Kelvic blood running through their veins; activated by Morwen’s blessing, both children are capable of shifting into Dire polar bears. Having no previous history of Icewatch members in their bloodline, it was certainly an honour to have had two children selected to fulfill the duty of serving the Queen of Avanthal. But it seemed that such an honour wasn’t enough for Isaac’s mother. A week after his birth, Lisa was nowhere to be found. She was gone. Disappearing seemingly without a reason.

Isaac barely remembers anything about his mother. He could only recall hazy memories of a dream from long ago; where a soft, pale face smiled faintly at him, then traced his cheek with a tender caress. From the little that he’d asked his father, Lor’eno, the boy gained nothing more than the fact that she looked and acted a lot like Marrick. The oldest son’s similarity to Lisa made it difficult for Lor’eno to communicate and connect with him. This made Marrick seek comfort elsewhere, leaving his father to favor Isaac instead. To feel important and powerful, Marrick began to seduce many men and women of power in Avanthal. He became very politically intelligent, and a well-respected member of the Icewatch.

Knowing how Lor’eno’s lack of attention was affecting his older brother, Isaac made sure to show Marrick that he would always be there for him. He admired Marrick for his resilience and developing brilliance. They affectionately called each other Rick and Zac; the brotherly love between them was quite strong all through their brief childhood. So strong in fact, that Isaac was willing to do almost anything to keep it that way for as long as he could…

…Isaac met Kaivanna when he was 2 years old.** In his human form, he was a prepubescent boy who became enamoured by her fiery attractiveness. The woman took a liking to him immediately, after taking care of the wounds she inflicted on him. ImageIt was only accidental; Kai was practicing her Reimancy skills when Zac had gotten in the way, making her aim falter. A spinning ball of fire was then powerfully cast onto the young polar bear. They were luckily near the coast, where Kai dunked the flaming bear into the ocean to save him. In such a circumstance, the pair managed to create an unexpected friendship; a bond had formed between them.

At Zac’s age, Kai was like a big sister---she was the female role model that made up for his loss.

One day, Isaac found out that Kai had been asked to become an Icewatch member by Morwen herself. Marrick was the one who told him the news; Zac was overjoyed. ImageHis mind started racing: what if she asked him to be her mount? Well of course she would, they were bonded already! A huge grin spread across Zac’s face. But it seemed like Marrick had more to tell him…

His older brother was apparently in love. With Kai. And he wanted Zac’s permission to bond with her.

Isaac was shocked. An ache started to grow inside his chest and he wasn’t sure why he felt it. But he was sure of one thing: Zac promised to always be there for his brother. He vowed to always do what felt right. It seemed like there was only one solution…

It has been several seasons since Isaac last looked Kaivanna in the eyes. Severing the bond wasn’t easy. It took days to mentally cut the intangible cord and much longer to mend the emotional scar. Choosing to focus on his own goals, Isaac laboured through the mines and quarries, drowning all thoughts of Kai deep under gruelling work. The young Kelvic caught up to Kai’s age in human form; short beard and muscular build were changes that Kai had yet to see. Not that it really mattered anyway; seeing her now would bring him no joy.

Thus, Isaac carried on through life, working away at becoming the best he could be. A longing to bond was constantly sucking his soul, but he tried his best to ignore it, filling the hole with prayers of dutiful service to Morwen. Isaac believed that a bond would form when the time was right.

**Ablation, AS of Avanthal, gave me permission to use the NPC in Isaac’s history. Approval from a DS/ST is pending.
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Isaac Iceglaze

Postby Isaac Iceglaze on December 6th, 2020, 2:41 pm


Post Death:
Materialization - 32 XP (20 SP, 10 RB) - Competent
Possession - 10 XP (10 SP) - Novice
Soulmist Projection - 10 XP (10 SP) - Novice

Note: Pre Death
Masonry - (10 SP) - Novice

✧ Avanthal: The Sculpture Yard
Avanthal: The Gate City Market
Avanthal: The Lodge
Avanthal: The Northern Dovecote
Marus: Manager of the Gate City Market
Negotiation: Beware of the size of your Ask
✧ Morwen: Disappeared
The Outpost: Xyna’s place that exists for trade and profit
The Outpost: Eliah at Xyna’s Shrine and Temple Complex


Ice Reaving (inactive)Image

With Morwen's first mark, Isaac was completely at ease in the cold. The presence of the Ice Reaving gnosis acted as antifreeze that warmed Isaac's blood and kept him comfortable even in subzero temperatures. Exposed tissue could still freeze when faced with severe temperatures, but Isaac was not at all prone to hypothermia if he was well protected against the weather. He even felt ‘comfortable’ in colder climates and indeed uncomfortable in warmer climates.

At this stage, Isaac could control the temperature of ice, melting it or freezing it in small portions. He could scoop up a pot of snow, tap his gnosis, and have a pot of ice water ready for cooking. Isaac also had the ability to tell how thick a piece of ice is - such as the surface of a lake - and could determine whether it was safe or not to hold weight.

At this level, Isaac could shape ice that was already formed as sculptors might - loosening and causing it to shed away until the pattern he wanted was formed. He could not create ice nor manipulate large portions of ice. He cannot, for example, thaw portions of a surface of a lake, but he can take the existing ice and reshape it or melt it. Isaac can only change the viscosity of about a standard 10 gallons of water at a time.

Fall 521
1st - Focused - Ongoing, Moritz
Winter 520
1st - Grueling - Graded
1st - Restless - Completed
1st - Restless II - Completed
Fall 520
92nd - Art of a God(dess) - Graded

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