[Dusk's Scrapbook] New beginnings

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[Dusk's Scrapbook] New beginnings

Postby Dusk on December 2nd, 2011, 2:03 am

Hey guys! I'm rolling in on the end of my semester, so life is a bit crazy right now. I have to do a ton of homework and projects this weekend, and after that I should have a few days respite before finals. I know several people have sent me PMs and are waiting on replies to threads, and I will try to get to all of that either Sunday or Tuesday at the latest.

Thanks for your patience!
PLEASE NOTE: Finals are over, but summer is eating my soul. As such, as of the end of June I will not be accepting any new quests/modded threads until I finish some of the ones I've already started/agreed to. My apologies for this, but I don't want to be unfair to those who have been waiting for replies!

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