OOC Info Zeltivan Quest Sign Ups (Spring)

If you are interested in joining one of quests in Zeltiva this Spring look here!

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Zeltivan Quest Sign Ups (Spring)

Postby Loken on March 27th, 2014, 7:04 pm

I am up for tossing Loken at helping capture some people.

Quest: The Asylum Breakout

Role: Fighter and Support

Applicable Skills:

Skill Total Proficiency
Unarmed Combat 26 Competent
Weapon: Tiger Hook Sword 30 Competent
Flux 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival 5 Novice
Poison 2 Novice
Planning 2 Novice
Acrobatics 1 Novice

Inventory of note:
Leather (Light armor)
x2 Tiger hook sword
x10 Shuriken
Flint & Steel. (Never know when fire is needed for a non-Reimancy user)

What you are looking to get out of the journey?:
Loken is new to Zeltiva although he is an Ano Cultist. The breakout will cause a disturbance to the natural order and balance of things which will have him praying to Gnora then going in to help maintain order. I hope to get him on the path to gaining his second Gnosis mark and joining the Wave Guard.
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Zeltivan Quest Sign Ups (Spring)

Postby Pulren Marsh on April 1st, 2014, 4:14 pm

ImageI'll also sign up for the breakout. Though my Novice Brawling and Trident could prove fatal versus Overgiven Magi, it fits with Pulren to want to help anyway. Being that the Wave Guard is a citizen militia, it makes sense to me that he would try to help. Maybe he can save other victims somehow.

Trident 10
Brawling 10
Swimming 30
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Zeltivan Quest Sign Ups (Spring)

Postby Aoren on April 10th, 2014, 11:34 pm

Hi there! I am going to throw myself out there and say that I would be more than happy to accompany a group on a Quest if any openings arise.

Quest Desired: Labyrinth of Time
Role: Battlemage, Healer, Seer

Applicable Skills

Skill EXP Level
Reimancy 66/100 Expert
Quarterstaff 26/100 Competent
Philtering 27/100 Competent
Acrobatics 23/100 Novice
Glyphing 19/100 Novice
Herbalism 16/100 Novice
Medicine 13/100 Novice
Shielding 9/100 Novice

Inventory of Note

Quarterstaff (x1)
Body Pack (x1)
Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) (x2)
LG Tent (4 People) (x1)
LG Tarp (x1)
Bedroll (x1)
Blanket (x1)
Lantern (x1)
Compass (x1)

What are you looking to get out of the journey?

I am looking for something to add to Aoren's story mostly. It would be wonderful to get the chance to increase a few of the skills I listed above but overall I am just looking forward to the adventure. I am happy to accept whatever is deemed an appropriate reward for the trials faced along the way.

EditUpdated relevant skills.
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Zeltivan Quest Sign Ups (Spring)

Postby Felakal on April 17th, 2014, 9:15 pm

Not sure if it's already full or not, but I'd like to sign up for the Asylum quest.

Riding : 12 pts
Weapon Lakan: 33 pts
Wilderness Survival: 5 pts
Blind Fighting: 5 pts
Unarmed Combat: 15 pts
Observation: 14 pts
Rhetoric: 7 pts
Blacksmithing: 1 pt
Deception: 1 pt
Weapon Lakan (thrown): 1 pt
Running: 1 pt
Torture: 1 pt
Weapon, Knife: 1 pt( + 1 pt)
Debate: 1 pt( + 1 pt)
Canoeing: 1 pt( + 1 pt)
Negotiation: 1 pt( + 1 pt)

Inventory to note:
Shield, small, steel w/ teeth & spikes
99 ft of rope
2 torches
Vial of acid

I'm mostly looking for XP and Lores really. Maybe an opportunity to get some equipment, but I really want to up Felakal's skills more than anything.
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