Ty's Scrawls

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Ty's Scrawls

Postby Tydus Tempest on March 23rd, 2014, 10:12 pm

Spring 513The letter arrives by the talons of the Avikki, dropped into the hands of the presiding Lia of the Pod visited. The scroll is worn by the salty air and grip of the Avikki, torn in parts, but easily readable.

Ahoy, Svefra of the Suvan!

We send to you the Avikki to alert all of our brothers and sisters under Laviku (the literate ones, anyway) in the hopes that you are willing to receive us with open arms. After years of wandering the other (and clearly inferior) waters of the world, we have decided to return!

Those that wish to meet with the Tempest Pod, simply locate us across the Suvan, we will be wandering about in search of the songs and adventure among our people in our home waters.

The Flag is a crimson flag with a black skull and crossbones upon it, hung in the air atop of the Sloop, The Waverunner's Fist. Feel free to visit and make merry! If you wish to make dealings with us, simply call to the Avikki so it will stay and write to us. We eagerly await your responses.

To Laviku, to the Suvan, and to the Svefra!

- Addressed by Tydus Tempest at the behest of Lia Tatianna of the Tempest Pod.
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Ty's Scrawls

Postby Nyxie Nadira Draer on March 27th, 2014, 8:38 pm

Ahoy, The Tempests!

We send you the Avikki to welcome you to the Suvan!

My family and I are a part of the Draer Dynasty in Kenash. We will be heading to God's Eye Point for a few days of rest and prayer, after a long season of travelling between Kenash, Syliras and Alvadas for business. Our plantation, "The Riverwave", grows tobacco and chocolate; we trade these goods for mizas and slaves from other coastal cities.

If you're interested in our business, or if you're simply willing to have some good ol' Svefran fun, we invite you to join us! Sail the Northern Suvan Sea, and you'll find the Point on a peninsula north of Alvadas and south of the Gold Watchtower.

We look forward to meeting you~

"To Laviku, to the Suvan, and to the Svefra!"

- Captain Gerolf Draer & Family.
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