[Syliras DS Office - Nightmare] Dreams of Terror

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[Syliras DS Office - Nightmare] Dreams of Terror

Postby Nightmare on April 22nd, 2014, 2:25 am

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a Dream

Hello! This is the Storyteller office of the Domain Storyteller Nightmare. Feel free to PM me for absolutely any reason. Questions, suggestions, requests are all welcome.

*Stealing this Idea from Nemsis and merging it with Aoren's :)

I am currently not taking on any threads at this time!

  1. NOTHING is guaranteed, I will not predetermine any thread. That said, if you have a goal, we can work towards that goal.
  2. Gnosis marks and initiation into Lost Discipline require special permission. Please be prepared to wait or be denied. I would rather run these quests then deny, but it may happen that I simply am unable to.
  3. Prepared to be challenged. Especially for expeditions, traveling threads or grand quests, your PC may be expected to fight or think him or herself out of danger. Though, training threads I'll go pretty easy on my lovely players. ;)

Types of quests:
Master (1/1) -A Quest of large-scale proportions! If I can get it approved, I'll do it! Magic, might, mystery and intrigue! Request whatever you want! So long as it follows the rules I will do what I can to make this as exciting and epic as possible! Currently not accepting Master level at this time, very limited

Hero (2/1) - A grand adventure for all to enjoy. A quest of this nature should fall outside the realm of a mundane purpose. Perhaps you've gone in search of a lost relative? Maybe you want to mount an expedition into some caves? Or maybe you're a hunter who wants to track down some abnormal prey?

Common (3/3) - Need a lesson but don't want to bother with the NPC yourself? Perhaps you want to learn from a master or expert level NPC? Do you want to partake in a rowdy evening in a local tavern? Simple threads with simple outcomes that should usually be educational in purpose or a depiction of something that could occur in everyday life.

Active Moderated Threads :

Ball, Archailist: Knighting quest promised.

Garland, Revy Hiroe, Oriah:Terror in Stronghold -Ongoing

Krieg Messer: Testing brightness - Ongoing

Common Threads
Revy Hiroe - Sayren WindDancer: [Near Syliras] In Myri's name why now!? - Ongoing

Altaira Readva - Oriah: [The Lavender Ruins] When The Spirits Cry (Quest) - Ongoing

Shiress: Promised

Moderation Requests:
Please either PM me or drop a post here to request Moderated Threads using the following form.

Moderated Thread Request

PC's Involved: (You and who else? Who is participating)
Thread Type: (Master, Hero or Common)
Timestamp: (When would you like it to take place?)
Summary: (is it combat, training, something else?)
Possible Goals: (Please leave a brief list of some possible goals)
Notes: (Anything else you would like to tell me?)

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