Tani's Plotnotes

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Tani's Plotnotes

Postby Tani on April 23rd, 2014, 10:29 am

Tani's Plotnotes

Character Notes
Despite her pretensions to the contrary Tani is, fundamentally and irrevocably, a broken creature. In part, that's what makes her interesting to write. She doesn't realise just how bad the situation is. Since her bondmate's death at the hands of Mizahar's favourite Myrian in A Change in Circumstances Tani has been, ever so slowly, slipping away from the person she could have been, trading family, clan and culture in exchange for the faintest chance of uncovering her bondmate's fate. Further, she's done it all without ever realising what she's throwing away. She's a deceptively cheerful fatalist, and resigned to the fact that hunting her bondmate's killer to the ends of Mizahar may take the rest of her life - and shorten it dramatically. That's not to say she's any less confident of her success. Tani might be sauntering down a decidedly dangerous path, but she'll go smiling the whole way.

It'd be awesome to have other people involved as often as possible, so if you've got any plot ideas or suggestions, or just want to thread sometime, feel free to PM me!

Seasonal Story Goals - Spring 514AV
Escape a Predator (Night Terrors)
Encounter a Glassbeak (and survive!) (Desperate Measures)
Deal with a slowly-festering leg wound (acquired in Night Terrors).
Catch a bird.
Take shelter in a Watchtower.
Call on a God for help.
Find the remnants of the camp used by the Drykas in their raids.
Discover her bondmate's fate.
(Fail to) Locate her bondmate's body.
Get hopelessly lost. (Desperate Measures)
Take a swim.
Begin to fall to starvation. (Desperate Measures)
Meet a rider of the Watch (and stalwartly refuse help).
(Somehow!) Arrive in Kenash.

Seasonal Skill Goals - Spring 514AV
Become a competent hunter.
Become a competent tracker.
Learn how to be more stealthy than an engine in a barn.
Begin weapons training?

Misc. Goals - Spring 514AV
Flashback - The Djed Storm.
Further Flashbacks - Life in Endrykas, Tani's first riding lesson (the horror!), running from her tutors.
Applications - Create NPCs for the rest of the Glassrider pavilion.

Long Term Goals
Follow Razkar's trail and attempt to track the Myrian down.
Finish Kyron's half-carved strider - currently with the remainder of her material possessions in Endrykas.
Become an unwitting disciple of the Goddess of War.
Find a (new) bondmate.

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