Location Bunde and Brandy Supply Shop

General supply shop in the Mithryn Outpost.

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The Mithryn Outpost is a farming community located in the midst of the Syliran Fields. It is a fortified hamlet that is home to about 200 families who work the fields every day, located just south of The Stormhold Citadel.

Bunde and Brandy Supply Shop

Postby Radiant on April 26th, 2014, 8:33 pm

Bunde and Brady Supply Shop


Along the western side of the Mithryn Market, with windows facing Syna as she rises in the East, there stands a humble looking shop. The sign reads simply "Bunde and Brady General Supply". Upon entering the Bunde and Brady Supply Shop one would be treated to the sight of a cozy store that is both inviting and well organized. Contrary to popular belief, the proprietors of the shop are quite friendly and inviting when dealing with customers. It is only when they deal with each other that things take a more entertaining turn but some residents believe that it is all part of how they make business. The shop itself is a single story with the majority of wares being kept in a main room with only a single room to the rear behind the clerk's counter.

The shop is comfortably lit during the day as it possesses a number of windows throughout the space. The floorboards are swept daily, the shelves are dusted weekly. During the evening hours several lamps are lit to assist customers in making their way around the shop.

Here customers can find basic wares needed by the local populace to maintain daily life such as animal feed, tools forged by the Blackburns, candles and torches, as well as medicines. It is not a fancy shop and they do not go out of their way to find anything of the like. For those looking to buy something extravagant they are directed to the Great Bazaar in Syliras. Mr. Brady and Ms. Bunde simply do not have time to bother with such nonsense. The two are an interesting pair who often bicker like an old married couple despite not being married and express no interest in doing so though the residents of Mithryn believe otherwise.

Price List and NPCs

Price List
Tools and ItemsBunde and Brady only stocks basic tools that would be considered practical for every day use.

Item Price
Axe, Carving 1 GM
Hatchet 6 SM
Axe, Carpenter 1 GM
Half-Hatchet 4 SM

Item Price
Pail, Gallon 2 SM
Bucket, 2-Gallon 5 SM
Cask, 4-Gallon 7 SM
Barrel, 36-Gallon 2 GM

Item Price
Toothpaste 1 GM/4 oz
Toothbrush 3 GM
Mouthwash 5 SM/8 oz
Comb 1 GM
Toilette Kit 25 GM

NoteMedicines are not made at the shop. They are shipped from Stormhold Salves in Syliras. Bunde and Brady only stocks medicines for common ailments. More advanced remedies are ordered on a case by case basis.

Item Price
Hangover Tonic 2 GM
Sweetblossom Tincture 3 SM
Rugberry Tea 2 GM
Arsyna Cream 6 SM
Sweetblossom Syrup 1 SM
Lillian Root Tea 8 SM
Krolar Poultice 5 SM

Item Price
Cyphrian Tobacco 1 SM/oz
Syliran Tobacco 3 SM/oz

Pottery/Food/Cooking ContainersRefer to the Price List

Forks/Spoons/KnivesRefer to the Price List

ToolkitsBunde and Brady only stocks kits that are considered practical for every day life at the Outpost.

Item Price
Toolkit, Grooming 30 GM
Toolkit, Animal Groomer's 10 GM
Toolkit, Bowyer/Fletcher's 20 GM
Toolkit, Herbalist/Botanist 20 GM
Toolkit, Cobbler's 30 GM
Toolkit, Hunter/Trapper's 25 GM
Toolkit, Surgeon 200 GM
Toolkit, Soapmaking 50 GM

Item Price
Animal Feed, 10lbs. 5 CM
Animal Feed, 20lbs. 10 CM

Outdoor, Wilderness, ExplorationRefer to the Price List

ImageName: Agatha Bunde
Race: Human
DoB: 20th of Spring 456 A.V
PoB: Sunberth
Title: The Shrew
Skills: 74 Rhetoric, 68 Socialization, 61 Intelligence, 50 Mercantilism, 42 Organization, 38 Weapon: Rolling Pin, 27 Planning, 26 Unarmed Combat, 20 Sewing
Gnosis: None
Additional Info: Agatha Bunde, The Shrew. She showed up in Syliras thirty years ago and upon finding the stone castle to be far too confining she set out for Mithryn. She has made her home at the Outpost ever since. She is a woman of much interest to those without anything else to talk about. An endless amount of rumors surround the woman simply because no one knows anything about her. They know that she is quick witted, straightforward and entirely businesslike but other than that her history is a mystery to those without the gift to pry a little deeper.

The truth of the matter, or at least the truth that she will reveal, is that she is the daughter of a man who got himself involved with the The Daggerhand gang of Sunberth. Her mother abandoned her and her father when she was younger, unable to bear living in the lawless town any longer and unable to support her father's involvement with the gang. Eventually things took a turn for the worse and Agatha was forced to flee Sunberth or die. She has not looked back since.

On the off chance that someone can break through her tough exterior they will find that she is a woman of experience. She can often provide insight into the daily life of several cities throughout the Sylira region and will sometimes hint that her past is a little more colorful than what one would suspect at first glance.

Her relationship with her business partner is a subject of heated debate amongst the townsfolk of Mithryn. One moment Agatha might seem to be completely infatuated with her counterpart and the next she is bopping him on the noggin with her rolling pin. All in all it is agreed that there is something between Agatha and Winslow, what that something is? Only Cheva knows.

Agatha Bunde is far more experienced in worldly affairs than she lets on. She maintains contacts in the cities of Syliras, Zeltiva, and Sunberth who filter information about the city to her on a regular basis. Some of this information might prove useful if whispered in the right ears.

Moderator's Note: Moderator attention/permission required for the divulge of information.

ImageName: Winslow Brady
Race: Human
DoB: 55th of Summer 447 A.V
PoB: Mithryn Outpost, Syliras
Title: Old Beast-Doctor
Skills: 70 Rhetoric, 65 Socialization, 59 Woodcarving, 43 Organization, 40 Animal Husbandry, 36 Medicine
Gnosis: None
Additional Info: Winslow is an old man born to farmers who made their home at the Mithryn Outpost for generations. He never took to tilling the fields and weeding gardens. His interests lay elsewhere. He was far more interested in the care of animals and eventually found work at the Garrison tending to the Knight's horses. As time passed he began caring for other animals that were brought to him and has since gained a bit of a reputation around Mithryn as being the resident veterinarian. While he does not possess the advanced knowledge of a highly trained physician or medical expert he gets by with home remedies and attentive care. When he cannot fix an ailment he often recommends either visiting Syliras proper for more help or simply tending to the animal as it transitions out of the world of the living.

When Agatha Bunde came to the Mithryn Outpost she soon approached him with an offer to go into business with her. He accepted for one reason or another and the two have been partners ever since. Their partnership is sometimes a hilarious thing to behold. Where Winslow is typically mild-mannered and quiet he can get into very heated arguments with his counterpart. The two constantly bicker but it is universally agreed that the arguments are their awkward form of public affection as opposed to true hostility.

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Feel free to self-moderate, except for information gathering from Bunde.

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