Closed Ocean's Kiss

Ricky takes his son out to feel the ocean for the first time.

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Ocean's Kiss

Postby Gwin on July 16th, 2014, 11:54 am


Visit? Gwin tried to picture humans and other bipedals in Abura and failed. They’d have a hard time getting any farther than the bases of its towers. As she tilted her head, something like regret colored her features. “I’m not sure if it is. You see, Abura is full of high towers with entrances at the top, not at the bottom like your cities. You’d need wings or one of us willing to carry you to get around.” It didn’t particularly bother her, but she felt the need to point it out before anyone decided to visit on a whim. There wasn’t anything to see for those lacking an artistic mind too.

Her gaze regarded Lani for a moment. A student? Biting her lip, Gwin went through the people she’d seen around the university, but that one hadn’t been among them. Apparently her subject had nothing to do with music. Something about her caused the words to remain stuck in Gwin’s throat, some isolation of the mind.

Instead of commenting, the Akvatari turned back to Ricky. Indeed, she’d spotted the blue uniforms without paying much attention to them. Zeltiva was just another place on her journey, not more, not less. No need to get familiar with local rules and their enforcers.

Finally Lani threw in a few words about dolphins and Gwin noticed them too. They hadn’t been there before, but now she felt a powerful desire to join them in the deeps. Sunlight would be their companion and the current would set the rhythm for their blood and swimming patterns. Instead she remained with the bipedals long enough to hear Ricky talk of his plans. Prying her gaze away from the smooth shapes, she rested it on the child again. “How old is he?”

She couldn’t quite find the right words for all the questions burning inside her. Why wasn’t the child familiar with water? How would it swim? Why wouldn’t it like the water? Instead she chose to bat her wings and follow the pair until the water lapped at her fins. The call grew stronger.

All the while Gwin watched the little boy with interest. “When will you teach him how to swim? I have to say it’s strange to see those who aren’t made for water get introduced to it.” With wide eyes, she wondered how it felt, what the ocean sounded like to their ears. The Akvatari simply couldn’t imagine and that irked her just a little.
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Ocean's Kiss

Postby Perplexity on September 21st, 2014, 9:04 pm

Ricky :
  • Childcare | +3 EXP
    Planning | +1 EXP
  • Childcare: Supplies Needed For A Day In Town
    Childcare: Playing Baby Games
    Planning: A Day At The Beach
    Martin: Finds Enjoyment On The Beach
    Martin: Often Tries To Eat Sand
    Martin: Gets Excited By The Ocean
    Lani: That Girl From That One Night…
    Lani: University Student
    Gwin: An Akvatari
    Race: Akvatari
    Akvatari Are From Abura

Lani :
  • Observation | +2 EXP
    Socialization | +2 EXP
  • The Woes of Boredom
    Observational Insight: Spotting Ricky From A Distance
    Ricky: Has a Son
    Martin: Ricky’s Little Pooper!
    Gwin: An Akvatari
    Race: Akvatari
    Akvatari Are From Abura
    Pocket Humans, Otherwise Known As Babies

Gwin :
  • Childcare | +1 EXP
    Socialization | +2 EXP
  • Childcare: Funny Faces To Amuse A Baby
    Ricky: Happy Father From Zeltiva
    Ricky: A Wave Guard
    Martin: Ricky’s Little Boy!
    Lani: Girl With Strange Eyes
    Lani: University Student

Ariann :
Please update your ledger to reflect proper seasonal expenses. When this is done feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

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Baby! -spazz-

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