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Postby Gwin on February 25th, 2011, 3:24 pm



Photomanipulation by Leeta Snow

Song :


Full Name: Gwinquietruos
Race: Akvatari
Gender: Female
Birthday & Age: Summer 490 AV; 25


Gwin is of typical Akvatari height, meaning 5’8’’ (176 cm). Her frame is lithe and slender, bordering on thin in fact, with a creamy complexion that develops freckles rather than tans in the sun. Surprisingly, her chest has a nice shape and just the right size. Her figure resembles an hourglass, developing into a seal-like tail that is covered by fur the shade of algae and grass and ends in flippers. The tail’s strength allows her to propel herself through water quickly and could even be used for self-defense. Sprouting from between her shoulder blades is a pair of large butterfly wings, appearing like green glass in the sun. They are spotted with occasional lighter dots and veined with black, as if the glass was divided into several parts, creating a window not unlike those in temples. However, the Akvatari’s wings are far stronger and more durable than glass. Gwin’s face could be described as pretty, featuring a petite nose and soft, pale red lips. Her features are somewhat childish, but display great clarity of mind, like a painting that was drawn with remarkable precision. Her eyes are a deep vibrant green, bordering on turquoise, and sometimes strange lights dance in their depths. Pale blond hair frames her face and cascades down half her back. It falls in waves and is somewhat messy, since combing it after every swim would prove a senseless endeavor.

After Spring 515 AV, Gwin has a scar in the form of a lit candle on her right upper arm. Evalin carved it into her skin as sign of Gwin's loyalty to her cause.


Due to simple and unrestricted upbringing, Gwin is very much in tune with nature, especially the sea and the sky, and often fascinated by its little wonders. In general, she is soft-spoken and thoughtful, a quiet person who often appears transcendent, as if not really listening. Her speech is slow and hesitant, her voice sounds like a soft whisper and is not suited for speaking in crowded places. She frequently loses herself in a state of deep melancholia, the trademark of the Akvatari, and her overall outlook on life is very pessimistic. Consequently, being alone and isolated doesn’t bother her in the least. Lasting relationships are unknown to her, only transitory acquaintances allowed.

Because of her curious and artsy nature, Gwin tries to avoid stagnancy in her life at any cost. Embracing change, in her opinion, is the only way to maintain a state of inspiration, a prerequisite to create ‘good art’. Thus, she travels and never stays in one place for too long. She has learned to appreciate those fleeting moments of wonder and discovery, but retreats and leaves as soon as she feels that some sense of routine has been established. Like most Akvatari, she also ignores any laws constituted by other races and refuses to adjust to the places she is visiting. That doesn’t mean that she is reckless though, because she despises violence and avoids it whenever possible. When faced with two options, she will always pursue the line of least resistance. In other words, she is constantly on the run, trying to escape from the fear of losing inspiration, so much in fact, that the fear of loss becomes a significant source of inspiration itself.

Art is everything to her and creating art defines her very existence. Rather than the outcome, however, the process itself is her aim. While she does try to get better with every work, she believes that she can only learn through repeating the process again and again – not necessarily how to be a better artist, but also about more basic principles of life. Therefore, art is far more than a mere job to her.

Although she will accept material gifts such as salaries or rewards, the meaning of material values is totally lost on her. She simply does not know what to do with the mizas she receives and usually spends them on art or music supplies or gives it away, donating to various causes and people she meets on her travels. While she certainly doesn’t believe in making the world a better place through such actions, she tries to avoid carrying too much meaningless baggage around. Such is associated with routine and comfort, after all.



Like every Akvatari, Gwin was born in Abura and raised by her mother. Because she was an only child, her mother, Ledosioum, taught her everything she knew: a little drawing, how to play the violin and how to read and record music on vellum sheets. Ledosioum heard music always and everywhere and writing it down was only a process of documentation and not so much creation to her. Her hearing was near-perfect and she learned playing new instruments very quickly. Gwin has inherited that talent. She chose her first instrument at the age of five years. Soon the regular songs and ballads didn’t satisfy her anymore and she started composing her own music and writing it down. To her, hearing music everywhere was natural. Only later did she learn that not everyone possessed that ability.

Because she showed an interest in religion from a young age on, Ledosioum used to tell Gwin stories about the Gods and Goddesses. Her own approach of mild curiosity and fascination was passed down on her daughter, instilling a sense of wonder and fleeting admiration, but not enough to be called worshipping. Since neither her mother nor she had ever met a god in person, they were little more than personifications of natural phenomena such as the sea and the wind. However, Gwin showed special interest in the world of dreams. The colorful descriptions and vibrant images she saw of the Chavena caused her to think that dreams were closely connected with one’s ability to create art. This was confirmed by a dream she first experienced at the age of thirteen. That dream had been recurring since then, its message always being the same: Perfection. In the dream, Gwin felt that her music was perfect and lacking nothing. Of course, reality is entirely different, but she can’t help but try to grab that fleeting image of perfection and hunt it down.

Therefore, she left her home when turning fifteen, ever wandering and going back and forth to find something that is as transitory as a beautiful flower and as fleeting as a summer breeze.


For some time she was drawn to Eyktol, so she learned to brace the desert heat and memorized songs the Benshira and Chaktawe shared with her. Then she turned north, briefly visiting Riverfall, and east again. In winter 513 AV, Zeltiva welcomed her with open arms and the mixture of scholarly learning and sailors enchanted her. During the two seasons of her stay, Gwin studied music at the university and learned sea shanties from Svefra visitors.

The town couldn’t hold her forever though, so she traveled back to Riverfall in summer 514 AV. Little more than a visitor, she enjoyed the beautiful parks, waterfalls and architecture of the city. There was so much to explore, so many people to meet that she extended her stay again and again. One evening Gwin, sitting between sleeping flowers, was approached by what looked like a small child. During their conversation, however, the girl turned out to be the mighty and immortal witch Evalin. In order to save her life, Gwin promised the monster her services as a bard. After over two seasons in Riverfall, she is preparing to leave and follow the witch wherever her plans take her. Surprisingly, Gwin is looking forward to what will come, believing it’ll bring her closer to perfection in her music.


Childcare - 1 xp
Deduction - 1 xp
Drawing – 16 xp (10 racial bonus)
Interrogation - 2 xp
Investigation - 3 xp
Intimidation - 1 xp
Logic - 3 xp
Music composition – 26 xp (20 sp)
Observation - 38 xp
Persuasion - 3 xp
Philosophy - 8 xp
Rhetoric - 15 xp
Singing - 6 xp
Socialization - 36 xp
Storytelling - 1 xp
Teaching - 1 xp
Violin – 53 xp (30 sp)
Writing - 2 xp


Absolute Pitch (sp)
Adding To The Mood Of A Story With Your Violin
Akvatari Music (sp)
Art Theory: Of Clarity and Inspiration
Art Theory: The Dream That Inspires Reality
Art Theory: To Listen, To Record
Ballad Structure
Benshira Musical Styles
Caladien Trea: Raised By A Tree?
Cerulean Pier: Layout
Djed Theory: Magic, A Shadow of An Act
Drawing: Charcoal smudges easily
Drawing: Sketching Using A Visual Reference
Hajt: The Boy From the Toy Store
Instrument: Guitar
Layout: Maiden's Cape
Location: Bohrnn & GoldWoerth
Location: Fountain of Cascading Harmony
Location: The Quill’s Rest
Location: The Scholar’s Forum
Malus: A Svefra
Malus: Does Not Take Care of His Guitar
Malus: Fellow Musician
Mizuriel: Aesthetically Challenged
Mizuriel: Lives with Samantha
Music Composition: Incorporating The Mood Into Music
Music Composition: Keeping With The Tempo
Music Theory: Relaying Present Events Through Music
Music: It's Sculpted With Emotions
Observational Insight: Every Location Has An Undertone
Observational Insight: Memorizing A Person’s Natural Motion
Philosophy: On Needs and Wants…
Race: Ethaefal
Riverfall: Knirin Gardens
Shall: Konti
Sinoa: Also Learned His Instrument From A Parent
Sinoa: He Is Seeking New Experiences
Sinoa: Is A Pycon
Sinoa: Isn't Sure Where He Was Born
Sinoa: Plays The Flute
The Boy Scholar: A Reimancer Who Is Not What He Seems
Toys: A Different Form of Art
Yahebah’s Appearance
Yomphis: Can Be Found At The Worlds End Grotto
Zeltiva: Unique City
Childcare: Funny Faces To Amuse A Baby
Ricky: Happy Father From Zeltiva
Ricky: A Wave Guard
Martin: Ricky’s Little Boy!
Lani: Girl With Strange Eyes
Lani: University Student
Aquila: An Air of Tragedy
Aquila: Missing Someone
Meredith: Singer
Music: A Kind of Healing
Location: Valkalah's Tears
Riverfall: Shaped Above and Below the Water
Calters: Another Akvatari
Calters: Born in Riverfall
Calters: Plays the Ocarina
Calters: Anagram for Scarlet
Calters: Has Never Left Riverfall
Meeting Another of Your Kind
The Prospect of Taking Calters to Abura
Comfort Found In Melancholia
Music: Simple Notes, Clear Notes
Musical Rhythm: Sea Wave Pace
Svefra Song: Ye Gentle Waves
Svefra Song: Tides Rise, Tides Fall
Fishing: What it is Like to be the Fish
Alements: Warm, Sweet Place
Hirem: Singing Benshira
Dimah’s Lament in Common
Dimah’s Lament in Shiber
Hirem: Connection and Past with his Faith
Hirem: Being the Architect of your own Destiny
Hirem’s God is as Music in the Heart
Gnosis: Mark of a God
Riverfall: A City of Beauty
Story: A Song of Blood and Pain
Evalin: The Immortal Witch
Philosophy: The Mask of Music
Oath: To Be The Music of Vengeance
A Message and Mission: Meet Me At This Address…
Riverfall: Can’t Stand the Cold
Water Park: Layout
Akalaks: Upholden to Honor
Riverfall: Dislikes Thieves
Children: Unpleasant
Sunberth: Den of Thieves
Gendler: From Syliras
Hirem: The Benshira
Evalin: The Immortal Witch
Hirem: A nervous man
Evalin: The Monster
Evalin: Master
Evangeline: The truth behind the name
Alements: One Year Old!
Caelum's Social Connections

Common (fluent)


100 gm
+546 gm (wages, Winter 513 AV)
-45 gm (seasonal expenses, Winter 513 AV)
-30 gm (Zeltiva university class fees, Spring 514 AV)
-45 gm (seasonal expenses, Spring 514 AV)
+546 gm (wages, Summer 514 AV)
-135 gm (seasonal expenses, Summer 514 AV)
-135 gm (seasonal expenses, Fall 514 AV)
-20 gm (gift to Timothy Mered, Winter 515 AV)
-6 sm (2 tea pots at Alements, Winter 514 AV)
-135 gm (seasonal expenses, Winter 514 AV)
-135 gm (seasonal expenses, Spring 515 AV)
+25 gm (performance at Sayana's wedding, Summer 515 AV)
-135 gm (seasonal expenses, Summer 515 AV)
=401 gm 4 sm


1 single-room apartment in Abura
1 violin of light wood & water-proof case (family heirloom)
1 black strap of fabric
1 waterskin
1 satchel, water-proof (with toiletries)



Flashbacks :
508 AV, Sp 62: Carry Me, Take Me Away

508 AV, Fa: In the Shadow of the Orchards
(Violin +2, Singing +1)

508 AV, Wi: The Unbearable Tragedy of Existence

511 AV :
511 AV, Sp 55: Sweet Breeze
(Socialization +2, Observation +2, Swimming +1, Teaching +1)
511 AV, Sp 57: A Grand Symphony, Maybe
(Observation +2, Socialization +2)

513 AV :
513 AV, Wi 66: Creating Hope
(Violin +2, Socializing +4, Observation +1, Storytelling +1)
513 AV, Wi 72: Sound of the Cityscape
(Composition +2, Observation +2, Violin +3)
513 AV, Wi 80: Drawn to Solitude
(Drawing +3, Observation +4, Socialization +3)
513 AV, Wi 87: Art and its Forms
(Observation +2, Rhetoric +3, Philosophy +2, Logic +1)

514 AV :
514 AV, Sp 3: Brighter than Hell
(Drawing +3, Observation +3)
514 AV, Sp 5: The Wrong Note
514 AV, Sp 12: Children of the Dream
(Music Composition +4, Observation +2, Writing +2, Socialization +2)
514 AV, Sp 34: Tales in the Wood
(Socialization +4, Interrogation +2, Rhetoric +1, Philosophy +1)
514 AV, Sp 67: Ocean's Kiss
(Childcare +1, Socialization +2)
514 AV, Sp 70: Ruin Ravagers
514 AV, Sp: A Melody Blooms

514 AV, Su 7: A day of play
(Singing +2, Violin +4, Observation +3, Socialization +3)
514 AV, Su 52: drown.
514 AV, Su 70: Familiar Places
(Observation +4, Socialization +3, Violin +2)
514 AV, Su 78: In the Tea Leaves
514 AV, Su 82: Teach the Waves how to Sigh
(Observation +2, Violin +2, Socialization +3)

514 AV, Fa 10: More Than Fishing
(+1 Intimidation, +1 Observation, +1 Persuasion, +2 Socialization)
514 AV, Fa 21: When Darkness is Alight with Song
(Violin +2)
514 AV, Fa 52: What a Wonderful Day for Music!
514 AV, Fa 66: Where was the Light
(Violin +3, Persuasion +2, Rhetoric +3, Philosophy +5, Investigation +2)
514 AV, Fa 85: skyfall.

514 AV, Wi 1: Open, Open, Opening Up
514 AV, Wi 3: Caught Between Fire and Ice
(Rhetoric +4, Observation +2, Investigation +1, Socialization +2)
514 AV, Wi 16: Summoning the Desert Heat
(Observation +4, Singing +3, Socialization +1, Violin +3, Rhetoric +4)
514 AV, Wi 61: Returning
(Observation +1, Socialization +2)

515 AV :
515 AV, Sp 12: What Holds Us Down
515 AV, Sp 17: Closer than Comfortable
515 AV, Sp 19: Gather my Children
(Observation +2, Logic +2, Socialisation +1, Deduction +1)
515 AV, Sp 27: keep it lit.
(Violin +1, Observation +1)

515 AV, Su 55: Celebrations
515 AV, Su 58: Never was a Cornflake Girl
515 AV, Su 60: Stolen Innocence

515 AV, Sp 32: Her Last Lament
515 AV, Su 15: Rocking seas, and a curious Akvatari
515 AV, Su 53: In This Twilight
515 AV, Su 56: Ghosts of Our Past
515 AV, Fa 45: Follow the Tide
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