[University Classroom] Magic With Memry

Aoren goes to his Magic 101 class and meets his teacher.

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[University Classroom] Magic With Memry

Postby Neologism on June 30th, 2014, 10:32 pm


Grade Awarded!

No skills can be awarded for this class (but I think the lores will more than make up for it :P)

Yo Dawg, I heard you like Lores ...

➢ Everything You Do Is A Manipulation Of Djed
➢ Magic is The Art and Science Of Manipulating Djed
➢ Djed Is Resistant To Change
➢ Magecraft Is A Discipline That Can Deal Permanent Changes To Djed
➢ The Two Disciplines Of Magic Include Personal Magic and World Magic
➢ Morphing: Used To Change Your Form
➢ Morphing: The Discipline of Change
➢ Glyphing: The Discipline of Purpose
➢ Glyphing: A Form of World Magic
➢ By Using Glyphs and Morphing A Wizard Could Alter The Appearance Of Another
➢ The Focus Of A Glyph Is Capable Of Copying And Storing The Magic That Touches It
➢ There are Seventeen Known Disciplines of Magic
➢ Auristics: The Discipline of Insight
➢ Auristics: Can Read The Auras Of Both Animate And Inanimate Objects
➢ Familiary: The Discipline of Bonding
➢ Familiars Come From Fyrden
➢ There Are Worlds Beyond Mizahar's
➢ Familiar Magic is Directly Related To Fyrden Creatures
➢ Flux: The Discipline of Enhancement
➢ Flux: One of The More Dangerous Forms Of Personal Magic
➢ Flux: The Ability to Concetrate Stength, Speed and Toughness
➢ Hypnotism: The Discipline of Persuasion
➢ Hypnotism: A Controversial Magic
➢ The Forms of Magic Provide The Necessary Structures To Manipulate Djed
➢ There Are A Number Of Lost Disciplines That Very Few Know About
➢ You Can Technically Make Your Own Discipline of Magic, But It is Very Dangerous
➢ Leeching: The Discipline of Absorbtion
➢ Leeching: Siphons The Djed Off Of Another Object (Animate or Inanimate)
➢ Leeching: Poisons The Wizard
➢ Projection: The Astral Discipline
➢ The Outermost Layer of Every Living Being's Soul is Called The Astral Body
➢ Projection: The Ability To Detach Your Astral Body
➢ Personal Magic: Morphing, Auristics, Familiary, Flux, Hypnotism, Leeching, Reimancy, Shielding & Projection
➢ World Magic: Glyphing, Alchemy, Animation, Magecraft, Malediction, Spiritism & Summoning
➢ World Magic Uses the Djed Of The Object
➢ Personal Magic Uses Your Own Djed
➢ There Are Three Laws of Djed That Never Change
➢ Djed Cannot Be Created Or destroyed
➢ Some Forms Of Djed Are More Powerful Than Others
➢ Some Djed Transformations Are Irreversible


Lore Galore! Holy crap Ao ... Anyhoo, I loved it. You have set a new precedent for University classes. Way to go! :D Since I am a JrST, I need to get my grades approved before I can post them. I apologize for any late grades. If you find any problems or are concerned about anything, please let me know and we can work it out. :)
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