Location Alements.

An upscale tavern that treats the ailments of Riverfall in a variety of ways.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]


Postby Caelum on June 17th, 2014, 8:53 pm


Alements is located on the third tier of the waterfall at dock level. A crystalline quality of light hangs over the sprawling patio that fronts the club and causes the reefed sails of the catamaran often tied up at the attached dock to glow like pearls in the dusk. Copper lanterns throw firelight at the slow trespass of night, but even the darkness seems to soften when held up to the colored glass that displays cycle patterns of the sky in floor to ceiling windows. The patio is spread with waxed wooden tables and chairs that boast a collections of flowering herbs as centerpieces and decorative elements.

Through cherry wood double doors with a paneled glass is a stone floored tavern littered with a collection of thick rugs that vary in pattern but are connected in their color design. Copper sheeting is behind the bar and polished to a mirror shine. The bar curves along the back wall and is topped in ivory marble veined in warm gold. Everything is scented with the herbs spilling from the window heights from recessed ledges. There are more of the cherry wood tables and chairs inside, but scattered cozily among them are sitting areas furnished with cushy armchairs and low divans.

Everything is natural textures and light. It is fire and earth, air and water, the elemental aspect that is a play off of the name immersive and comfortable.

It is the drinks, however, that make Alements unique.

The menu is hand lettered in a painstakingly neat script and set in small wooden stands along the bar and at tables for easy access. Once read, all of the puns involved in the tavern's name abruptly makes sense.

ImageName: Caelum
By Day: Ethaefal of Syna
By Night: Drykas Horselord
Title: Owner & Proprietor

Caelum appears as if by magic should a medical consultation be required and he handles it with warmth and a friendly smile. It is impossible not to feel drawn to him at least in flickers due to the divine gnosis of ranuri granted him by the goddess Nikali. It is a well kept secret, however, that he has it and that therefore part of his charm and insight is the result of magic being afoot.

He can most often be found behind the bar though handling a number of solutions and decoctions, mixing them into mysterious tonics that turn out invariably pretty and often decorated with flowers or springs or wedges of complimentary fruit. Some drinks, however, are short and fast and dark as the wolf's hour before dawn. It depends on what the customer needs at the time. That is, what the proprietor decides the customer needs. The miracle is that he is right every time without fail. Nobody finishes their drink unimproved.

He is a master physician in addition to running Alements and will set out to heal any number of injuries or ailments; and if, from time to time, information can be bought and sold through him, surely that is nothing more than a rumor.

ImageName: Elise (NPC)
Race: Human
DoB: 3 Spring 495 AV
Skills: Bartending +20, Cooking +20, Storytelling +10

The tables are served by a young woman who introduces herself as Elise. She has hair so dark a brown it is almost black and wide, intelligent eyes the color of indigo. She favors simple, elegant dresses and cotton aprons tied about her narrow waist. She is lovely and soft spoken and she knows her business, serving all with a speed and grace. She seems very much in her element and works seamlessly with Caelum.

Elise was born in chains. She was raised in Ravok, toiling through Xieroh's Bed & Breakfast, and grew like a weed, more downward than up. She was taught to tend bar and to entertain and, when the proprietor left his business in the hands of a less savory partner, she was sold to Haev Provedan for a hastily turned profit. En route to Riverfall, Elise fell ill and was left to recover or die in the dark tunnels of Rattling Chains. That was where Caelum found her, claiming Elise as his payment for services rendered.

Ale (mug) – 1sm
Ale (pitcher) – 3sm
House Wine (glass) – 1gm
House Wine (bottle) – 10gm
Specialty Wine (glass) – 5gm
Specialty Wine (bottle) – 20gm
House Tea (cup) – 1sm
House Tea (pot) – 3sm
Juice (cup) – 1sm
Juice (pitcher) – 2sm
Coffee (cup) – 1gm
Coffee (pot) – 10gm

Medicinal/Therapeutic Herbs Added to Single Serving Beverage:
*Price includes basic health consultation to determine type of herbs.
Common– 2gm
Uncommon– 3gm
Rare– 4gm

Medicinal/Therapeutic Herbs Added to Pitchers/Pots/Bottles Beverage:
*Price includes basic health consultation to determine type of herbs.
Common – 8gm
Uncommon – 12gm
Rare –16gm

Specialty Tinctures:
*3gm per cup/12gm per pitcher.
Weeper’s Wine – Calming solution and stress relief.
Problem Solver’s Spritzer – Clarity of mind.
Libation Liberator - Hangover cure.
Wake Up Wine - Energy booster.
Snake Oil – the Cure All.

Fruit, Cheese, & Nuts Plate (1 serving) – 2sm
Fruit, Cheese, & Nuts Platter (6 servings) – 1gm

Treatment for Minor Injury/Illness - 2gm
*Price excludes any necessary medicine, herbal or otherwise. Notably, use of the healing gnosis will eradicate the need in most cases. This is for treatment of things such as minor cuts, burns, pulled muscles, rashes, colds, sore throats, ear infections, et cetera.

Treatment for Major Injury/Illness – Price Varies
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