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Postby Caelum on March 19th, 2010, 3:09 am


we walk on the roof of hell
gazing at flowers.

- kobayashi issa -

Basic Information

Male ethaefal of Syna (Forsaken)
Fell 91st Day of Autumn, 503 A.V.

Physical Description

Caelum is marked by the goddess Nikali with Ranuri. This gnosis gives the bearer a unique appeal or allure that people (of either sex) are drawn to inexplicably. They tend to be trusted more easily than others would be. People tend to open up to them, and spill secrets far more easily than they normally would.

By Day: This worshipper of Syna stands at six feet, one inch in height, made up of long, lean muscle and a noble bearing. The sun catches in deep tones within his flesh and seems to be echoed in his eyes, almost as though he swallowed that golden star. His hair and the elegant curve of his horns shift in colors with the seasons. Summer 515 AV: His hair is a pale auburn touched with gold and his horns are ivory tipped in gold.


By Night: Beauty fails, Caelum believes, as the moon rises, draining the sun's fire until he is the image of the Drykas he once was. The embers in his hair vanish, leaving only darkness behind, possessed of endless reams of intricate knots and braids. and his features grow more broad. His skin pales, becoming thoroughly littered with winding tattoos, the dark windmarks curving about his right eye only to reappear again at the throat and yawn down the remains of him. Shorter now, and with the scars of a grasslands healer.


The Chevas mark shared by Lillis and Caelum remained unfaded where it coiled down the forsaken's throat. In fall of 511, it vanished, leaving a Lacun mark on his chest where a love should still have been.

Character Concept

It is often said, the brighter the soul, the darker the Forsaken.

The universe shattered, Caelum still believes, when the sky shattered, spitting him into the waters of the Suvan Sea which only shattered next. Broken and embittered, he crawled his way back to earth, and broken and embittered, he walked it for years. He is a driven creature, endlessly questing for an impossible, impractical hope -- a way back home. He wishes to heal the Ukalas if, indeed, there is even a rift in them to heal. That goal still as out of reach as the stars, he strives instead to heal the bodies, hearts, and minds of a world badly broken in the Valterrian. For all the cold the loss of his sun left behind, his temper yet flares swift as sparks into conflagration. While he is occasionally viciously aloof, his existence is nonetheless scattered with blazingly bright moments of kindness, of patience, of goodness. There are rich shadows still clinging to him, seeping out of his past as one of the Forsaken, but he has evolved largely beyond their reach.

Character History - Pre Creation

Some people have lives that are more secret than story. He is one of them.

The first time he fell, his enemies waited on the shore. The Ruv'na lined up like crows and came over him like a nightmare, with fists and teeth, blades and blood. He was mere minutes old when he died in the shallows, nameless and alone, while Syna hid her face in storm clouds that wept in the sky.

A few centuries later, his fury calmed in arms of his Bright Lady, he fell for a second time. It was the 91st day of fall in 503 A.V. and it stormed again. Lightning walked off the coast of Black Rock and thunder talked omens to the day. In it he forgot his name, forgot his reasons, forgot his gods and all of his lives as they shredded in his descent. They left him with nothing but his name, a perfect and crystalline series of sounds in the celestial language that was completely incapable of being uttered.

The dimmest star in the sky that night he asked the name of from a sailor. It seemed as far away as the Goldenlands in the Ukalas he had called home. Caelum, the sailor told him, and so he calibrated the compass of his soul by it and went with her aboard Captain Rezar’s Bright-Eyed Mariner. They pretended to be honest maritime merchants more than they actually were, but their cheerful inequity suited him and he was reintroduced to the world. During these early hours a Priest of Rak’keli was hauled off the passenger list of a defeated competitor and in aiding him Caelum found himself returned to the path of healing.

Shortly thereafter Caelum departed the company of Rezar’s crew in pursuit of all his impossible, impractical hopes. He wished to go home, an ambition torn from the salted earth of his soul, and to heal the hearts, minds, and bodies of the world badly wounded in the Valterrian. Ill omens dogged his dreams and life before his ascension as a Drykas Ankal before the Valterrian was barely recollected, a buckshot-like scatter of clips and phrases that trespassed upon his consciousness at the most inconvenient of moments. Determined to suss out the secrets of his past and sick with paranoia for the coming of another global doom, he crisscrossed Sylira and occasionally beyond.

In the Spring of 505 A.V. Caelum stumbled across the slaughter of a traveling Konti family and hauled Lillis De'Nerys, the sole survivor, out of the horror. From that point forward, they were inseparable. They set up household in the city of Zeltiva and carefully sewed a life together from the scraps of themselves. They were a pair of ghosts really, lonely together. He kept the pieces of her from scattering like ashes, and she was the last lodestone summoning him home. It was love, and it was happiness too. Imperfect, but tangible. Flawed, but true. It was the closest either had come since tumbling from their respective heights.

It would remain the closest for Caelum for years and years and years yet to come.

Caelum continued to travel during these more merciful years, but he failed to do so too far or too often. His love for Lillis was deep, but his quest was unrelenting. Medicine. Herbalism. Glyphing. Archaelogy. Intelligence. The topics he sought and ultimately researched, having assigned himself as the architect, the cartographer and the physician to a crippled universe, spanned multiple hordes of knowledge. He gathered a small collection of friends over the region and maintained correspondence. Mostly, though, he sought, and prepared, and watched the sky for what he didn’t know but was sure yet to come.

He would still be in Zeltiva, working at the university clinic and running a small and dusty oddities shop had not life been jilted and shattered, god-bombed once more. Ebonstryfe and the slaving ship's captain responsible for the slaughter of the De'Nerys family had joined fists with fate and knocked Caelum and Lills right back to their knees. Separated, enslaved, Caelum gnawed on his chains. The years in the shadow of Rhysol are a black hole pockmarked with soul thefts and mind melds as his jailers desperately sought to harness the power of the celestial language locked in his mind. It was a state of service that lacked integrity and pain that was empty of promise. His faith was ground to dust and shadow and he crumbled into a forsaken state. Therein his sins grew legion.

It was not until the winter of 510 A.V. that with the aid of a member of the Rising Dawn he arranged his escape. It landed him far from Zeltiva, far from wherever Lillis whom he could only pray was yet living might be, and in his struggling to reform himself yet again, to pick back up his quest and add to it finding Lillis, the gods called him again.
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Postby Caelum on June 23rd, 2011, 11:02 pm


Occupational Skills
Skill Score Level Addt’l Notes
Bartending 16 Novice -
Botany 13 Novice -
Business 21 Novice -
Cooking 7 Novice -
Foraging 14 Novice -
Gardening 26 Competent -
Herbalism 86 Master -
Hosting 22 Novice -
Leadership 71 Expert 4 Seasonal Experience
Medicine 100 Master 15 Starting Package, 15 Seasonal Experience
Negotiation 26 Competent -
Observation 92 Master -
Philtering 34 Competent -
Poison 0 - -
Psychology 12 Novice -

Cytali Skills
Skill Score Level Addt’l Notes
Acting 19 Novice -
Cryptography 11 Novice -
Diplomacy 18 Novice -
Intelligence 66 Expert -
Interrogation 16 Novice -
Intimidation 22 Novice -
Investigation 59 Expert -
Larceny 8 Novice -
Meditation 35 Competent -
Persuasion 39 Competent -
Planning 13 Novice -
Politics 28 Competent -
Stealth 27 Competent -
Subterfuge 37 Competent -
Tactics 32 Competent -
Teaching 24 Novice -

Mental Skills
Skill Score Level Addt’l Notes
Agriculture 5 Novice -
Animal Husbandry 22 Novice -
Anthropology 12 Novice -
Archaeology 6 Novice -
Architecture 2 Novice -
Astronomy 45 Competent 10 Racial Bonus
Cartography 21 Novice -
Childcare 2 Novice -
Cleaning 1 Novice -
Composition 2 Novice -
Copying 2 Novice -
Cosmetology 1 Novice -
Deduction 29 Competent -
Dentistry 1 Novice -
Drawing 25 Novice -
Flirting 2 Novice -
Gambling 1 Novice -
Horsemanship 47 Competent 10 Starting Package
Interior Design 1 Novice -
Land Navigation 18 Novice -
Law 9 Novice -
Logic 1 Novice -
Mathematics 1 Novice -
Organization 3 Novice -
Philosophy 73 Expert -
Research 3 Novice -
Rhetoric 71 Expert -
Sea Navigation 6 Novice -
Seduction 7 Novice -
Singing 14 Novice -
Socialization 55 Expert -
Storytelling 3 Novice -
Undertaking 1 Novice -
Wilderness Survival 15 Novice plains & forest
Writing 5 Novice -

Physical Skills
Skill Score Level Addt’l Notes
Acrobatics 19 Novice -
Bastard Sword 30 Competent -
Bodybuilding 19 Novice -
Daggers 47 Competent 10 Starting Package
Dancing 1 Novice -
Dual Wield 19 Novice -
Endurance 28 Competent -
Fishing 9 Novice -
Hunting 22 Novice -
Ice Skating 4 Novice -
Riding (Horse) 64 Expert 15 Starting Package
Running 26 Competent -
Sailing 13 Novice -
Shortbow 33 Competent -
Swimming 1 Novice -
Tracking 14 Novice -
Unarmed Combat 59 Expert -

Skill Score Level Magic Type Acquirement Add'tl Notes
Glyphing 28 Competent World Magic NA -
Projection 43 Competent Personal Magic and all our orisons. -
Reimancy 23 Novice Personal Magic setting the board. Fire
Dreamwalking Gnosis 1 Nysel Marked Divine Magic I Call You Back to Me fractal pattern in glimmering sky colors top front of skull, under hair, visible only if hair swept back
Healing Gnosis 2 Rak'keli Favored Divine Magic shouldering the sky. & seek the beginning. mirroring marks of a winged snake on backs of hands that coil over wrists & up forearms in opal gold
Ranuri Gnosis 1 Nikali Marked Divine Magic one foot in the sea. wine red chain links looping over left hip and down thigh and groin area
Ageing NA Ethaefal Racial Ability Creation 1 Day Per Day

Language Fluency Addt'l Notes
Celestial Fluent/Unspeakable Nikali's Blessing
Pavi/Grasslands Signs Fluent -
Common Fluent Re: Misc. Lores
Kontinese Basic Re: Misc. Lores
Tukant Poor Re: Misc. Lores


Divine Binding (Relinquished): Denval

Physician Lore :
Relevance: Physician
  • Comforting Victims
  • Cold Grip of Fear
  • Dealing with Rape Trauma
  • Medicine: Predicting Challenges With A Birth
  • Birth: Choosing Between Mother & Baby
  • Medicine: Cesarean Procedure
  • PTSD Identification & Therapy
  • Gravedigging
  • Breaking Fevers
  • Nutrition Necessities
  • Saving a Baby Bunny
  • Treating Hypothermia
  • Rehabilitation of Severe Fever
  • Food Poisoning
  • Tending the Sulky & Disagreeable
  • Tending to Burns
  • Human Anatomy
  • Akalak Anatomy
  • Equine Anatomy
  • Setting Bones
  • Wound Care
  • Treating Depression
  • Psychosomatics
  • Standard Surgery Tools
  • Extracting Arrowhead Pieces
  • Herbal Uses
  • Konti Anatomy
  • Medical Terminology
  • Burn Poultice
  • Fever Remedies
  • Origin of Infection
  • Elevate & Cold Compact
  • Acne Mask
  • Creating Hand Cream for Chapped Skin
  • Infant Care Standard
  • Taking Vitals
  • Treating Dangerous Growths
  • Setting Broken Nose
  • Field Medicine
  • Necessary Medical Supplies
  • Debridement
  • Cleanliness
  • Identified Lousewort
  • Identified Gentian
  • Identified Rose hips
  • Identified Goldenseal
  • Identifed Cascera bark
  • Diseases of Syliras
  • Diseases of Cyphrus
  • Trestment of Massive Infection
  • Identified Orangeroot
  • Sutures
  • Obstetrics
  • Diseases of Taldera
  • Diseases of Kalea
  • Removal of Arrowhead
  • Allergic reactions
  • Lore of Talderan Flora
  • Psychological Scars
  • Trauma Diagnoses
  • Diagnostic Measures
  • Zith Anatomy
  • CPR
  • Kavala's Special Herb Blend
  • Myrdas
  • Finger Amputation
  • Hand Amputation
  • Akalak Anatomy
  • Birth complications
  • Surgical removal of arrowhead
  • A Healer, Not A Fighter
  • Medicine: Girls need to be exercised every day
  • Medicine: Pregnant women needed to be fed vegetables laden with nutrients.
  • Medicine: Leafy vegetables contain Folates.
  • Medicine: the dead girl didn't die the night before (rigor mortis)
  • Medicine: Basic Post Bone-Setting Care
  • Herbalism: Aphrodisiac Herbs
  • Herbalism: Yarrow and Its Uses
  • Medicine: The Window of an Erection
  • Medicine: Assessing Groin Injuries
  • Medicine: The Vital Importance of Cleanliness
  • Medicine: Assessing Matthew’s Mental State
  • Medical Procedure: Draining Blood From The Penis
  • Burning Sage to Purify
  • Healing Tonic for Hirem
  • Drink: Rum, Mint, Bee Pollen & Tonic
  • Focus Drink: Wine, Calgonquit, Hyssop & Bay
  • Drink: Rum, Vanilla Extract & Tonic, For Nerves
  • Medicine: Healing through Pain
  • Sewing up open wounds
  • Medicine: Mending hairline fractures
  • Medicine: Human female anatomy
  • Observation: The smell of a septic wound

Cytali Lore :
Relevance: Cytali
  • Chavi & the Chavena
  • Human Naivete
  • Star Navigation
  • Religion: Syna
  • Leth Origins
  • Who Is Tanroa
  • God: Leth
  • Pushing Past Painful Memories
  • Enduring A God's Regard
  • Projection: Astral Body
  • Projection Uses
  • Glyphing Advanced
  • Caiyha
  • The Magic Is In The Stone (Static in the Solduvan Stone)
  • The hubris of a mage
  • God: Yahal
  • Having One's Soul Detached (Projection Initiation)
  • Lore of Past Life (Sunsinger)
  • Sondra: Sinspeaker
  • Sondra: Identification
  • Azenth/Zaital
  • The Unburning
  • Religion: Ivak
  • Key to Sondra’s Chavi
  • Denval: Now and Then
  • Justus: Now and Then
  • Cian Galensar: Now and Then
  • Stressful Diplomacy
  • Religion: Nikali
  • Rhysol's Gnosis
  • Effects of Static
  • Past Life: Kasb’el-in-Denval
  • Religion: Wysar
  • Celestial Language: Nikali’s Blessing
  • Appearance of Syna's Mark
  • Appearence of Chaon
  • Recovering Quickly from Overgiving
  • Goddess: Priskil
  • God: Tyveth
  • Dira's Domain
  • Gods: Sylir, Kihila, Dira
  • Priests of Krysus
  • Hanky: Key to Eida's Chavi
  • Trelissa: One of Nysel’s handmaidens
  • Dreamwalking: Entering the Chavi
  • Dreamwalking: Bending Reality
  • Dreamwalking: Creating ones on personalized dream
  • Dreamwalking: Moving instantaneously from one place to another
  • Dreamwalking: suspending belief
  • Nysel: Meeting the God in Person
  • Nysel: Jealous of Other Gods’ Attention on Caelum
  • Nysel: Purposely let Caelum toughen up and suffer
  • Nysel: Claims more trying times are coming.
  • +1 Picture featuring Alaia's blood
  • +1 Pile of Aoren's Hair
  • One feather from the rakanivas' wing that had fallen shortly after the Goddess' departure
  • Rak'keli: Intervention of Caelum's Behalf
  • Rak'keli: Put your patient before your pleasures
  • Rak'keli: Sometimes with Healing there comes Sacrifice

Miscellaneous Lore :
Relevance: Miscellaneous
  • Lore of Large Domestic Animal Mud Extractions
  • Being Ambushed
  • Art: Turning Scars into Designs
  • Glassbeaks Nature
  • Wilderness Survival: Basic Cyphrus Fauna
  • Stringing a Bow
  • Lillis De'Nyres's previous location
  • Ultimate grandson (Sama'el)
  • Vital Points With Dagger
  • What is the Web
  • Windoak History
  • Layout of Syliras
  • Syliras Political Difficulties
  • Magic: Glyphing
  • University of Zeltiva
  • Denvali Quarter
  • Severed Kelvic Bond
  • Magic: Malediction, Magecrafting, & Auristics
  • Denval: Crop Rotation
  • Denval: Sunflower Harvesting
  • Bala: Religion
  • Appearance of Bala Mark
  • Language: Kontinese 1/5
  • Denval Military Government
  • Riverfall Layout
  • Riverfall Society
  • Bartendng: Effectively Serving Large Party
  • Organization Techniques
  • Penmanship
  • Distance Charting
  • Common 2/5
  • Drawing to Scale
  • Vanishing Borders
  • Ledger Balancing
  • Ravok Faction: Rising Dawn
  • Fall of Ancient Denval
  • Tactics: Standard Drills
  • Tale of Sagallius, Aquiras, & Priskil
  • Intelligence: Reconnaissance Tactics
  • Supplying Camp
  • Glassbeaks
  • Observed Reimancy Form: Coiled Flare
  • Lillis: Love, Life & Death
  • Lillis' Daughter
  • Konti Persuasion
  • Zeltiva: Layout
  • Denval Breeding Program
  • Ambushed on the Kabrin
  • Sharing a Camp
  • Road Weather Preparation
  • Camp Cooking
  • Language: Kontinese 3/5
  • Denvali Culture
  • Symenestra Curse
  • Desire to Become a Kuvan
  • Tukant Poor
  • Taking Over a Situation
  • Controlling a Crowd
  • Wilderness Survival: Setting Camp
  • Wilderness Survival: Starting a Fire
  • Ignoring Nikali's Call
  • Navigating Alvadas
  • Dealing with Cardsharks
  • Equine Behavior
  • Misjudged Time
  • Tactics: Fire & Movement
  • Jamoura Culture
  • Relieving of Sword
  • Origins of Eypharian Race
  • Legend of Hai
  • Zeltiva Governing
  • Black Sun: Basic
  • Ebonstryfe
  • Tracking: Prints of Dire Wolf
  • Arrow Components
  • Archery Wind Resistance
  • Fishing Arrow Use
  • Proper Archery Stance.
  • Mounted Archery
  • Dual Weild: Off Hand Advantage
  • Memory of the Fall
  • Haev Provedan: Needed Caelum for extraction, not an autopsy.
  • Navigating Riverfall
  • Eida: Broken Kelvic Bond
  • Rhetoric: Humility In One’s Viewpoint Of One’s Skill
  • Self Discipline
  • Horse Combat
  • Equine Breeding
  • Dog Guards
  • Unarmed: Disarming
  • Daggers: Disarming
  • Unarmed Combat: Just because one tool is proficient doesn’t give leave to neglect another tool.
  • Unarmed Combat: Do not forget to move one part of the body while moving another
  • Unarmed Combat: Kata more than simply a dance
  • Deduction: Balance and leverage can be greater than skill and brawn.
  • Unarmed Combat: The practicality of killing a threat.
  • Unarmed Combat: Proper Stance
  • Unarmed Combat: How to Block
  • Separating one’s mind into three distinct pieces: one for combat, one for ranuri, and one for the continued assessment of all data
  • Alvikin: One hell of a fighter
  • Combat: Using Nikali’s gnosis to your advantage
  • Alvikin: Wants Caelum To Be worthy of Kuvay’Nas Status
  • Meditation: the way it can help oneself in combat.
  • The Sanctuary's New Layout
  • Kavala: Earth Reimancer by Sama'el Sunsinger
  • The Champion of Ivak Came to Riverfall
  • Kavala: Wants to Restart the Cytali
  • Kavala: Sister Akela Marked by Nikali
  • Kavala: Building a Healing College
  • Riaris: Marked by Krysus
  • Riaris: The Difficulties of Being Marked by Krysus
  • Kavala: Past as a Slave After Leaving Mura
  • Kavala: Meshes Pain and Pleasure
  • Kavala: In Love With Riaris
  • Unnecessary Worry: A Reflexive Thing
  • Fear Forgotten in Adrenaline's Rush
  • Defensive Stance With Dagger
  • Guard Position With Sword
  • Butterfly Sword Advance
  • Sword & Dagger Off Hand
  • Breathing Technique
  • Heft of Sword
  • Making Res
  • Vanator: Lacun Marks of Lost Loves
  • Vanator: A Potential True Friend
  • Unarmed Combat: Pivot and Redirect Momentum
  • Unarmed Combat: Choke Hold
  • The Power of Names
  • Common Fluent
  • Vantha: Noted for Singing & Storytelling
  • Sybel: Sings nicely
  • Sybel: Orphan Among The Drykas
  • Sybel: Barmaid at The Trough
  • Location: Alements
  • Using Ranuri to Aid with Business Deals
  • Using Ranuri to Identify Another Marked
  • How to be an Excellent Host
  • Ice Skating: Standing up on skates
  • Ice Skating: Doing Basic Maneuvers & Jumps
  • Approval of Friends Relieves the Mind
  • Not Just A Bar But the Eyes and Ears of the City
  • Kavala: Family Deserves Unity
  • Kavala: Worth Saving
  • Lillian De'Nerys: Safe in the Pavilion
  • Withheld Truths Inflict the Most Pain
  • Matthew: Interested In Increasing Sexual Stamina
  • Matthew: Theresa Parker is Matthew’s Mother
  • Matthew: Can “Endure” Without Tonics
  • Matthew: Studying Prostitution
  • Matthew: Aspiring Chicken Farmer and…Spy(?)
  • Matthew’s Game: Random Chess
  • Philosophical Debate: The Circle of Instinct
  • Intelligence: The Role of Instinct
  • The Price of Kenashian Rum
  • Tydus' Views on Slavery
  • Hirem: A Benshira
  • Hirem: In Mental Anguish
  • Hirem: Once a Prisoner
  • Hirem: Keeper of a Secret
  • There Exists a Way Out of Hai
  • Hirem: Afflicted with PTSD
  • Hirem is Grateful
  • Cooking: Lillian's Sandwich
  • Bribing Meddin Flint
  • Bribing Decath
  • Alaia's Past Life: Nitya of the Poisoned Arrow
  • Shaol: New Alements Employee
  • Aoren: A Healer
  • Aoren: In Riverfall
  • Aoren: Kissed by Rak'keli
  • Owing Cara of the Moonstone Baths
  • Kissing Aoren
  • Aoren's Wishes
  • Architecture: How to Test for Proper Ventilation
  • Basic Appraisal of Structure Condition
  • Basics of Redesigning a Basic Building
  • Drawing: Sketching a Simple Blueprint
  • Planning: How to Research for a Big Purchase
  • Acting: Putting on an Act to gain Sympathy
  • Effectively Flirting with Simple Glances
  • Alements: One Year Old!
  • Yra's Gift
  • Hirem's Gift
  • Anniversary Attendees
  • Rosela's Gift
  • Aoren's Gift
  • Riverfall's Tensions
  • Location: Rattling Chains
  • Location: The Sanctuary
  • Observation: The smell of sycamore and birch wood
  • Social gestures work just as well as words sometimes
  • Vanator: Was once a Zith slave
  • The Sanctuary: A peaceful place to die
  • Haev Provedan: The Slaver
  • Observation: The look of a dying girl
  • Mathematics: Time keeping
  • Elise: No longer a slave
  • The warmth of Kavala's suite
  • Kavala: Always prepared to defend herself
  • Kavala: The protector
  • An initiation in Reimancy
  • Caelum: A promise to the gods
  • Kavala: Sharing blood
  • Kavala: A special bond
  • Kavala: An unforgettable kiss
  • The burn of a ritual knife

DisclaimerAny and all awarded lores deemed irrelevant and useless have not been added.
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Postby Caelum on July 7th, 2011, 1:58 pm

Equipment and Possessions

Item Cost Acquired
linen tunic NA SP
wool sweater NA SP
brown leather duster NA SP
leather riding pants NA SP
split soled riding boots NA SP
cotton socks NA SP
cotton undergarments NA SP
basic toiletries NA SP
eating knife NA SP
flint & steel NA SP
large 4 person tent NA SP
large tarp NA SP
100 ft rope NA SP
lantern NA SP
2 torches NA SP
bedroll NA SP
blanket NA SP
fishing tackle & hooks NA SP
yvas & yvas bags NA SP
Vega- Windrunner 16hh horse NA SP
gold necklance w/ sun pendant NA Heirloom
healing kit 50 gm pre creation
2 daggers 4 gm pre creation
composite shortbow 75 gm see ledger
shortbow arrows (20) 1 gm see ledger
fishing arrows (20) 4 gm see ledger
book (blank/ledger) x 3 60 gm see ledger
Alements Patio & Elaborate Dock 2625 gm the perfect space
Alements Tavern/Kitchen/Ice House/Shop/Infirmary Gifted the perfect space
Alements Equipage 1612 gm, 5 sm Alements Business Plan
boots (high dress) 3gm see ledger
short sleeved tunic, embroidered, cream 4gm see ledger
leather trousers 1gm, 6sm see ledger
leather vest 6sm see ledger
bastard sword (w/ ornate pommel) 185gm see ledger
bow case 20gm see ledger
night leather armor 60gm see ledger
4 daggers 8 gm see ledger
scabbard (secret container) 9 gm see ledger
archer's arm guard 1gm see ledger
leather weapons belt 1gm see ledger
tent (pavillion) 50 gm see ledger
Alements 2nd Floor Additions (Master BR/4 BRs/Bathroom/All Elaborate) 5500 gm putting down roots.
wagon 35 gm the Forivec Coup, iii: a sanctuary.

Deeds of Ownership :
Bill Of Sale ~ Deed Of Ownership




525 Plunge Pool Lane
Berth Space 25
City of Riverfall, Cyphrus Region


Tavern (Elaborate) 2,500 GM 400 sqft
Kitchen (Elaborate) 1,800 GM 400 sqft
Shop (Elaborate) 2,000 GM 400 sqft
Ice House 500 GM 250 sqft
Infirmary (Elaborate) 1,400 GM 800 sqft

Total: 8,200 GM 2.250 sqft
Minus 25% buying it all at once (-2,050)
Grand Total: 6,150 GM with new buildings, furnishings, stuff we need to open immediately besides booze and food and stock for the shop.

Bill of Sale ~ Deed Of Ownership




525 Plunge Pool Lane
Berth Space 25
City of Riverfall, Cyphrus Region

Proposed Expansion:

Dock (Elaborate) 3,000 GM (four smaller boats or two larger vessels)
Patio (Elaborate - Stone) 500 GM 400 sqft

Total: 3,500 GM
Minus 25% buying it all at once (-875 GM)
Grand Total: 2,625 GM with new structures, furnishings, and dock which we will actually need fairly soon.

Bill Of Sale ~ Deed Of Ownership




525 Plunge Pool Lane
Berth Space 25
City of Riverfall, Cyphrus Region


Master Bedroom (Elaborate) 2,500 GM 400 sqft
4 Bedrooms (Elaborate) 2,000 GM per pair 400 sqft per pair
Bathroom (Elaborate) 1,000 GM 400 sqft

Total: 5,500 GM 1600 sqft
Includes Furnishings and linens.


Amount Description Total
+100 gm Starting Package NA
- 4 gm 2 daggers NA
- 50 gm healing kit 46 gm
- 5 sm 1 night stabling at Windmount in Syliras NA
- 2 cm offering at Kova's Well NA
- 45 gm Summer 511 AV Living Expenses NA
- 45 gm Fall 511 AV Living Expenses - 44 gm, 5 sm, 2 cm
+ 1128 gm Winter 511 AV Income NA
0 gm Winter 511 Living Expenses per Tabernac 1083 gm, 8 sm, 8 cm
- 45 gm Spring 512 AV Living Expenses NA
- 50 gm Holy Symbol, Gold NA
- 50 gm Prayer Beads NA
0 gm Winter 512 AV through Summer 513 AV Living Expenses/per Gossamer 938 gm, 8 sm, 8 cm
- 75 gm Shortbow, Composite NA
- 1 gm Shortbow Arrows NA
- 4 gm Fishing Arrows NA
- 135 gm Fall 513 AV Living Expenses 803 gm, 8 sm, 8 cm
+ 3276 gm Fall 513 Income 4079 gm, 8 sm, 8 cm
- 2625 gm Dock & Patio on Alements NA
- 135 gm Winter 513 AV Living Expenses 1319 gm, 8 sm, 8 cm
+ 3312 gm Winter 513 AV Income -
- 1612 gm 5 sm Alements Startup Expenses 3019 gm, 3 sm, 8 cm
- 135 gm Spring 514 AV Living Expenses 2884 gm, 3 sm, 8 cm
- 3 gm boots (high dress) -
- 4 gm short sleeved tunic, embroidered, cream -
- 1 gm, 6sm leather trousers -
- 6 sm leather vest -
- 185 gm bastard sword (w/ ornate pommel) -
- 20 gm bow case -
- 60 gm night leather armor -
- 9 gm scabbard (secret container) -
- 1 gm archer's arm guard -
- 1 gm leather weapons belt 2599 gm ,1 sm, 8 cm
+ 9282 gm Spring 514 AV Income 11,881 gm, 1 sm, 8cm
- 25 gm Payment for Special Deliveries/Bribe to Mark (Employee of Haev Provedan) 11,856 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 25 gm Payment for Special Deliveries/Bribe to Owen (Employee of Haev Provedan) -
+ 30 gm Awarded in light it up. -
- 50 gm Payment/Bribe to Decath Rhodes (Employee of Haev Provedan) -
- 100 gm Bribe to Meddin Flint (Employee of Haev Provedan) -
- 750 gm Payment here to Tydus for intel work & slave purchase at Rattling Chains. -
- 450 gm Summer 514 AV Living Expenses 10,511 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 250 gm Starting Bonus to Calters. -
+ 9,282 gm Summer 514 AV Seasonal Wages 19,793 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 10 gm Bath & Bribe at Moonstone -
- 5500 gm Alements 2nd Floor Additions 14,283 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 1080 gm, 5 sm Supplies for Freed Slaves -
- 1000 gm to Tydus in payment for services rendered Summer 514 AV 12,203 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
-450 gm Fall 514 AV Living Expenses 11,753 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 546 gm Fall 514 AV Wages Paid to Yra na
- 500 gm Payment for Services Rendered to Evalin Fall 514 AV 10,707 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 50 gm Tent (Pavillion) -
+ 9282 gm Fall 514 AV Wages 19,939 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 546 gm Winter 514 AV Wages Paid to Yra na
- 738 gm Winter 514 AV Wages Paid to Evalin na
- 8 gm 4 Daggers na
- 200 gm Gifted to Pisces 18,451 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 1,410 gm Spring 515 AV Wages + Bonus Paid to Evalin 17,041gm, 1sm, 8cm
- 900 gm Living Expenses Winter 514 AV & Spring 515 AV 16,141 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
- 2,424 gm For product and services to Fallon outlined in 87 Summer 515 AV timestamped letter delivery here 13, 717 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
+ 9,282 gm Winter 514 AV Wages -
+ 9,282 gm Spring 515 AV Wages 32,281 gm, 1 sm, 8 cm
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Thread List

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Inactive Threads: Post Creation Part Two :
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one man in his time
plays many parts,
his acts being seven ages.

- w. shakespeare -

Name: Lillian Tolliver
Race: Konti
DoB: 50 Fall 510 AV
Skills: Singing +10, Painting +10, Lute +10
Approval: by Gossamer.

Lillian was born to Lillis De'Nerys, former wife of the ethaefal Caelum, and a human merchant called Gerald Tolliver. Lillian's mother died in childbirth and her father perished in the Djed Storm of 512 AV. Orphaned, the konti toddler was captured by the Drykas raiding parties collecting warm bodies to resupply their own ranks. Ultimately bought by a down-on-their-luck pavillion, she was treated well but was never truly welcomed as part of the family. In Spring of 514 AV, Caelum along with his old friend Kavala Denusk arrived in Endrykas to claim Lillian and take her home.

Race: Human
DoB: 3 Spring 495 AV
Skills: Bartending +20, Cooking +20, Storytelling +10
Business: Alements
Approval: by Gossamer.

Elise was born in chains. She was raised in Ravok, toiling through Xieroh's Bed & Breakfast, and grew like a weed, more downward than up. She was taught to tend bar and to entertain and, when the proprietor left his business in the hands of a less savory partner, she was sold to Haev Provedan for a hastily turned profit. En route to Riverfall, Elise fell ill and was left to recover or die in the dark tunnels of Rattling Chains. That was where Caelum found her, claiming Elise as his payment for services rendered.

Inactive Guest Mod :
  • i: don't be afraid
    Location: Ravok
    Timestamp: 76 Summer 511 AV
    PCs Involved: Hadrian, Kendall, Sondra
    Status: Done
    Approval: Founders
  • we sing what was lost.
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    PCs Involved: Balthazaar, Belgar, Massacre & Sliver
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  • brother of the forgotten.
    Location: Riverfall/Sea of Grass
    Timestamp: 53 Fall 513 AV
    PCs Involved: Oworo, Vanator, Davus, & Favchean
    Status: Completed
  • Trapped!
    Location: Wind Reach
    Timestamp: 83 Fall 513 AV
    PCs Involved: Lavira, Azira, Kian, & Aose
    Status: Abandoned


Lie Down With Lions
Introduction via a Tabernac approved solo training thread.
To Claim Sanctuary
His arrival in Denval
Past Life Clip
Citywide Plot

- Opal Order Healer
- Priest of Rak'keli
- Origins unknown.
- Previously located in Denval at the Opal Clinic

*Guest Moderation Approval by Founders*

Inactive Threads

Botany Expert
Dentistry Competent
Forgery Competent
Gardening Competent
Herbalism Master
Intelligence Competent
Larceny Competent
Leadership Competent
Massage Competent
Medicine Master
Persuasion Competent
Philtering Expert
Politics Expert
Poison Expert
Riding Competent
Teaching Expert
Unarmed Combat Competent

Gnosis: Rak'keli [3]; Yahal [2]; Bala [1]

Languages: Arumenic, Common, Denvali, Kontinese, Lhatvian, Nari, Shiber, Vani

Cian Noc is a Priest of Rak'keli who was deposited in Denval during the summer of 504 A.V. by a pirate ship called The Bright-Eyed Mariner. He was a student at the Opal Temple, spat as a young man from winter's teeth into Mura in the year 499 A.V. only to depart with full Opal Order Healer's rank within two years. While friendly and outgoing, it was a rare person even among his fellow students and later colleagues who was ever allowed close enough to learn the mysteries of Cian's past. He harked from somewhere in the south and was possessed of a surprisingly sharp intellect. Blessed by the goddess of healing thrice over, however, no one questioned the integrity of his devotion despite his refusal to discuss details of his past.

With unruly chestnut hair and caramel eyes ringed in soot, he is amiable and trademarked by a sneaky, lynx smile. The community of Denval welcomed him with opened arms, happy to have the service of an Opal Order healer willing to set down roots in their secluded city. The clinic he runs is free to all, stranger or citizen, human or otherwise, and both it and Cian are largely supported by the generosity of the Denvali and the donations of grateful patients. If his fingers are sometimes fast at picking pockets or catching the eye of an attractive love interest, then they are faster in surgery and never, never with an intention to harm.

Rarely is he found dressed in the white robes of his calling, preferring more casual clothing that he claims stain less easily. Considering the amount of time he spends elbows deep in blood and gardening soil, this is hardly commented upon.

Despite his occasionally unorthodox manner and curious choice of locale, he is a bonafide medical genius who has never faltered in his determination to heal bodies, minds and souls.

Alander Jin
And All Our Orisons
Introduction via a Verilian approved solo flashback.

- Expert Projectionist
- Located in Ravok
- Rising Dawn
- Ahnatep Exile
- Owner of Xieroh's Bed & Breakfast

Featured In

Caius Delucia
And All Our Orisons
Introduction via a Verilian approved solo flashback.

- Captain of Hanged Fate.
- Black Sun
- Zaital Azenth
- Spiritist
- Located on the high seas.

Featured In

Rahel Aurelius
Dark Side of the Sun
Introduction via a Fallacy approved thread.

- Cursed of Syna
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Grader Ledger

Sow a thought, reap an action;
sow an action, reap a habit;
sow a habit, reap a character;
sow a character, reap a destiny.

- s. covey -

Lhavit :

Riverfall :

The Northern Reaches :

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