Location Shinyama Pavilion

Training center and housing for Shinya Acolytes.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Shinyama Pavilion

Postby Kelpie on October 10th, 2010, 7:34 am



The Shinyama Pavilion is stationed on the first tier of the Shinyama Peak and is the training center for the Shinya, the guardians and patrolmen of the city. The Pavilion is used as both a place for one to complain about unruly behavior or to attend lessons or even to become initiated.

It is broken up into five levels, with the bottom level housing the room to which a Shinya Acolyte will gladly greet the visitor and tour them throughout the abode. The bottom level primarily consists of the rooms for initiates stationed off to the left, with a separate office for those seeking the Shinya on business or to ask questions. To the right side is a training area that comfortably fits twenty to twenty-five people at a time; this training area is open to the public for training in whatever they wish, at no cost. Those who wish to train are expected to bring their own weapons, but the Pavilion does have spare weapons if needed. On occasion, a Shinya may give lessons in either unarmed combat, or their preferred weapon. Stairs lay beside the office that lead up into the second level.

The second level of the pavilion consists of the acolyte's rooms, which are approximately 400 square feet, and separated by sliding doors. They are rather lacking in adornment other than the occasional potted plant; they consist of a simple bed, a wooden table and stool, a hearth, and a chest for the Acolyte's belongings. The center of this level is open and rimmed with a gilded fence, overlooking the first level. A stairway is placed beside that which leads to the first level, making it easy for both the residents and the visitors to travel up and down.

The third level houses the newly accepted Shinya until they move to the Monastery. There are fewer rooms here in all, but all of them mimic the sliding doors of the second and first levels and have gilded windows overlooking the rest of the peak. Off to the left of the stairway is a small room meant for a mentor and a pupil to speak privately. The sliding doors here are heavier, to keep the sound of their voices from escaping.

The fourth and fifth levels are strictly forbidden for visitors; adornments are stripped from the walls, and nothing are in these rooms with the exception of the reed flooring, the gilded windows, and parchments depicting pictures of Zintila rising to dance in the starry sky. This is the primary training area for the Initiates, Acolytes, and the occasional Shinya; it is also where many can be seen meditating, dueling, or training with a mentor at almost any hour of the day. The fifth level also houses a large room meant for the Shinya Elite, and is where official meetings to discuss various topics on city protection, training, projection, and other subjects takes place.


Reagan Korr
ImageName: Reagan Korr
Race: Human
Birthdate: 496 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Shinya Acolyte and greeter at the Shinyama Pavilion
Skills: Dancing - 35, Projection - 25, Singing - 50, Meditation - 10, Unarmed Combat - 43, Weapon (Bastard Sword) - 67
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Reagan is a quiet but pleasant young woman; she is courteous and friendly, but her seemingly calm demeanour and small stature hide an intense strength and unresolved anger. Those who underestimate the girl often regret it swiftly. Reagan is almost always at the Shinyama Pavilion; when not training, she is in the front room greeting visitors and showing them around.

Born and raised in Lhavit, Reagan always admired the Shinya; however, she never thought she could be capable of joining their ranks. She contented herself with performing at different bars, restaurants, and events; eventually, she met her husband, and settled down with him, adopting a dog they named Tanny, and her dreams were all but forgotten.

Except one night, her husband got involved in a bar fight with several foreigners to the city, and ended up being killed; with no Shinya present, the foreigners managed to escape the city before their crime was noticed. Devastated, rather than becoming bitter, Reagan finally decided to train to become a Shinya, vowing to help stop the same fate from befalling others.

Kagaya Ona
ImageName: Kagaya Ona
Race: Human
Birthdate: 478 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Shinya Devoted
Skills: Dual Wield - 60, Meditation - 30, Projection - 68, Unarmed Combat - 50, Weapon (Tiger Hook Sword) - 75
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Despite residing at the Monastery, Kagaya spends most of her time off duty at the Pavilion helping train Initiates and Acolytes, and helping them find a suitable weapon.

Kagaya is always clean and properly dressed, with her hair swept up in a bun and her natural beauty taking precedence. She is tall for a Lhavitian, standing at 5'9", and her hands are strong and calloused, much like how her body is toned yet elegantly so. She is quick on her feet, and she often is seen wearing the black and blue robes of the Shinya order, even when off duty.

Kagaya is a stoic woman who is both proud of her order and the determination she sees in new recruits. She is not your typical, motherly matron, and has been known to discipline her students in a variety of ways, be it swimming the rapid and treacherous currents of the Amaranthine River or even deploying the "hand stabbing game" as a scare tactic. She can be ruthless, but to her, it is strictly for the benefit of the individual, so they can realize their weakness and trump it with renewed vigor. Kagaya is wholly devoted to the Shinya, Lhavit and Zintila, and it shows in her exceptional pupils.

Kagaya is a high ranking officer of the Shinya order and is a member of the Shinya Elite, and is sometimes referred to as the Tiger Maiden. She presides over the specialization of most weapon-uses, her preferred being the hooked swords. Kagaya is also incredibly well-respected for the fact that she has taught the majority of the Shinya to this day. She is often referred to as the mother of weaponry, and is the go-to person in regards to different weapon styles. Kagaya has a talent for knowing the best weapon to bestow upon a new Acolyte.

Her history has always been a mystery, but most high ranking officials remember her dedication as a student and the pride she took in the knowledge of her fore-fathers. Rumors have circulated that Kagaya had once been to the lands of Falyndar and even met with the Myrians themselves. Such beliefs are held because of the odd fighting style Kagaya incorporates with her hooked swords; like a tiger, swift and deadly, always striking precise. Some say she was marked by Myri, herself, but all such tales are simply idle fancies.

John Lhutav
ImageName:John Lhutav
Race: Human
Birthdate: 462 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Shinya Guardian (Second in Command)
Gnosis: 1 mark of Gnora (Severing level 1)
Skills: Flux - 50, Meditation - 62, Projection - 68, Tactics - 65, Unarmed Combat - 76, Weapon (Iron Fan) - 27
Languages: Common (Fluent)

John spends much of his time at the Pavilion between attending meetings and keeping an eye on the Neophytes; on occasion, he may give lessons in unarmed combat.

Despite reaching a considerably old age for a Shinya, John is still relatively young in appearance. He sports a shaved frontal portion of his head, with a generous amount of hair tied back into a braid and is always garbed in black, gold or blue flowing robes. He is always seen with a placid expression, but on occasion he may show signs of approval or displeasure. When he does, it shows a deep sense of caring.

Analytical and tactical in every sense of the word, John is a man of observation, logical outcomes and an incredibly strict instructor. He is a very wise fighter, and has learned, over the years of following the principles of Gnora, to overcome the emotional interferences that hinder his abilities in combat. He faults the mistakes in students as a generalized reliance on their emotions, and is often swift in dealing with those that waste his time. Despite the fact that he may outwardly appear stoic and aloof, he does bestow his wisdom onto students that seek his guidance.

John Lhutav is the second-in-command of the Shinya following the Acendant, Alius Tanka. He is the primary officer who dispatches the troops of the Shinya in Lhavit and around the wilderness of the Misty Peaks. John might often be called a diplomat as well, as he has been to Syliras often throughout his life to speak with the Syliran Knights. Most Lhavitians regard him by the White Crane, after the name of his preferred hand-to-hand style. Since a young age, he has risen the ranks of the Shinya and shown his brilliance in combat.

Alius Tanka
ImageName: Alius Tanka
Race: Human
Birthdate: 463 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Shinya Ascendant (Leader)
Gnosis: 2 marks of Wysar (Evantia level 2), 1 mark of Zintila (Akarni level 1)
Skills: Auristics - 42, Leadership - 63, Meditation - 36, Projection - 83, Unarmed Combat - 75, Weapon (Wakizashi) - 32
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Alius is almost always at the Pavilion; he firmly believes in being hands-on and involved with the Shinya, and so likes to watch the Initiates and Acolytes train when he is not in a meeting. He never gives lessons in combat, but may on occasion give lessons in projection, and is known to speak a few words of advice to many of those training, even just the public making use of the training room.

Unlike most Shinya, Alius's head is completely shaved. He has seen many years since he was appointed the Ascendent, and there are now wrinkles riddled throughout his visage. Even so, do not let his age full you. He moves with a grace unmatched by the younger Shinya, and his well-toned physique is carefully hidden behind the rather intricately detailed pure black robes. Alius is of average height standing at 5'10", and he walks at neither a slow nor a quick pace, a reflection of his outlook on life. He is not intimidating, however, he is easily approachable.

Alius is deeply devoted to Zintila, Lhavit and his people. He is a dedicated trainer in the arts of combat and Projection, and can be seen the majority of the day meditating on the fifth floor of the Shinyama Pavilion or studying the pupils closely. He is not overly kind but he is also not rude or aggressive. He is a passive individual, a completely neutral party, and a prime adviser to the Anchorite Hayani. He is a man that listens closely to both sides of the story before making a rash decision, and his patience comes with many advantages. Lhavitians revere him for his loyalty to the city, and foreigners often enjoy the curiosity he takes to their presence.

Alius Tanka is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the ranks of the Shinya. He is the Ascendent, or leader, of the projectionist guards of Lhavit and takes his position very seriously. Born into a long line of respectful Shinya guards, it was no surprise Alius would become one in adulthood. He began his training at age 9, becoming initiated almost immediately after his birthday and proved to his mentors that he was an exceptional fighter. He rose the ranks quickly and achieved the Shinya Elite at the age of 20, the youngest to date. His prowess was not overlooked, and when the time came to establish the new leader of the Shinya, Alius was chosen by an overwhelming vote. To this day, he has guided the Shinya and allowed them to prosper under his hand.

OOC Info
The Shinya are the longstanding, elite guardians of Zintila and her city, Lhavit. Unique among the world's cultures, the Shinya utilize weapons skills and magic together to defend their territory and keep Lhavit safe. They specialize in Projection in combination with unarmed and the usage of weapons. They are experts in the art, and are known throughout the city as dedicated, devoted individuals who uphold the laws of the Star Lady. Although their numbers seem small, the Shinya as a whole is more than an adequate force to protect the city coupled with the Alvina's presence in the City of the Stars.

The Shinya regard themselves as individuals who are able to control their body and minds to an extent far greater than the average person. Meditation is a key task that every Shinya partakes of before every meal, before the night ends, when they first rise and especially before every trial. Most Shinya are told since the initiate stage to meditate on the state of one's soul, and the connection one has to the world around them and where they see themselves within it. Because of their extensive use of projection, Shinya are allowed frequent breaks between bouts of training, and are encouraged and often instructed to sit and meditate to better handle their control over their astral selves.

Because of their label as protectors, the Shinya are often called to patrol the inner city, the outer rims of the city as well as police unruly individuals. As a rule, Shinya do not mingle with citizens freely. They, at all times, are a neutral party in the face of the denizens of Lhavit. They can be approached and asked directions and they will freely give it, but being seen at taverns or shadier locations while on patrol will warrant the Shinya in question mild disciplinary action. The Shinya pride themselves in being the devoted followers of Zintila, and anyone who attempts to or succeeds in soiling the reputation of the Shinya will be dealt with accordingly.

When not busy with their duties, Shinya may retire to the monastery to train in private, or mingle with citizens. All Shinya are to report to a congregation of fellow Shinya and their commanding officer every morning and every evening before breakfast and dinner for their daily meditation and prayers to the Star Lady. Conflict within the Shinya order is rarely, if ever, an issue. If there is a disagreement between two parties, a commanding officer will be called to settle the dispute, or if necessary, the Shinsa will see to this as well. Fights are not tolerated, and should one occur, both individuals involved will receive severe punishment.

The Shinya are revered, devoted, disciplined and sometimes brutal vindicators for the Star Lady, Zintila. They live, breathe and eat for the sole purpose to be protectors and supporters of Lhavit and her people. The Shinya are broken up into 3 sections, and within those sections are several ranks, each supervising those in units below them to create an hierarchy of order. Each rank has their own uniform. Shinya officers are addressed as Madame for women and Sir for men.

The Sections

The Elite: The Elite is composed of the top three ranks of the Shinya, including the Ascendant (Leader) of the Shinya; they are the most formidable, and the most devoted to their city and the Star Lady, patrolling the city largely at night. It is the Elite who determine the advancement of other Shinya through the ranks, and who meet on the top floor of the Pavilion frequently to discuss official city matters.

The Guard: The Guard is made up of the general ranks of the Shinya, starting with newly initiated Shinya. They are the ones who most frequently patrol the city, particularly during the day, and intervene in small altercations, calling for the Elite only in more extreme circumstances.

The Neophytes: The Neophytes are composed of those who are new and still in-training, and thus are not officially considered Shinya; they do not yet have official duties in protecting the city, but rather spend the majority of their time at the Pavilion (where they stay), training in unarmed combat, various weapons, and projection. A Neophyte, no matter their exact rank, is directly sponsored by a Shinya.

The Ranks & Units

TitleNumbersUnit TypeNumber of UnitsWages
Ascendant1N/AN/A80 Ki/day
Guardian1N/AN/A60 Ki/day
Devoted150Wing250 Ki/day
Master300Division340 Ki/day
Rider200Cloud525 Ki/day
Protector110Unit110 Ki/day
Acolyte25N/AN/AN/A (Not paid)
Initiate15N/AN/AN/A (Not paid)

Each rank has supervision and authority over all of the units below them, but tend to control a single unit-type.

Ascendant: Has control over all Shinya.

Guardian: Has control over Wings, Divisions, Clouds, Units, and the Neophytes. Generally in charge of Wings (the Devoted).

Devoted: Have control over Divisions, Clouds, Units, and the Neophytes. Generally in charge of Divisions (the Masters).

Masters: Have control over Clouds, Units, and the Neophytes. Generally in charge of Clouds (the Riders).

Riders: Have control over Units and the Neophytes. Generally in charge of Units (the Protectors).

Protectors: Have control over the Neophytes (Acolytes and Initiates).

The Uniforms

The Shinya are not users of plate or chain mail, instead they wear light leather or small plated skyglass armor and robes as their primary means of defense. They are projectionists, they have no need for plate when they can dispatch of foes from far away. Most of them, however, are trained in an agility based combat style, and their movements are made efficient by the light weight of their uniforms.

The colors of the Shinya's robes are primarily shades of blue and white, with the blacks and golds left to the Guardian and Ascendant. Each Shinya wears a sash based on their rank, with any number of stripes stitched into it to display.

Hairstyles vary wildly from completely shaved heads to long hair. While on duty, unless taken off guard, the Shinya tend to wear their hair carefully confined if they do have some. Both sexes wear the same robes for the exception of high ranking Shinya, where the females wear significantly longer robes and have an added layer of coverage. Shinya instructors wear a specialized set of robes.

Shinya wear soft sandals or boots depending upon the season. Leather is only used when patrolling the outskirts of the city, or when a Shinya leaves the sanctity of Lhavit for an indefinite amount of time. Leather includes vambraces, pauldrons, greaves, breastplate and occasionally belt. Shinya that patrol more at night often wear silver jewelry, accents, and/or silver cloth headbands to give a nod to Leth's glory. Shinya that patrol more during the day often wear gold jewelry, and/or gold colored headbands to give a nod towards Syna. Those that work both sides, often wear a blend of the two metals.

Initiates: Simple light blue robe, white sash with no stripes, black shoes, full cut white pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Acolyte: Simple light blue robe, white sash with two blue stripes, black shoes, full cut white pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Protectors: Light blue robe with a silver trim, black sash with two white stripes, dark-colored beads, black shoes, full cut black pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Riders: Dark blue robe with silver trim, black sash with three white stripes, dark-colored beads, black shoes, full cut black pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Masters: Light blue robe gown with gold trim, black sash with four white stripes, dark colored beads, black s hoes, full cut black pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Devoted: Dark blue robe gown with gold trim, gold sash with two black stripes, dark colored beads, black shoes, full cut white pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Guardian: Black robe gown with gold trim, gold sash with the Shinya insignia, dark colored beads, black shoes, full cut black pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Ascendant: Black robe gown with gold trim, gold overcoat, gold sash with Shinya insignia, dark colored beads, black shoes, full cut black pants, thick over socks and flexible leg bindings.

Joining the Shinya

To join the Shinya, one must first be an Initiate. Recruitment for Initiates generally begins around age 9, but it is not unheard of for those who are older to want to join the order. Initiates are assigned to an Acolyte in a sort of buddy system, and spends time trailing that Acolyte and their Shinya sponsor; at this stage, they primarily focus on chores and errands, but begin to learn the basics of the principals behind the Shinya and to practice meditation.

Initiates do not become Acolytes until the overseeing Shinya is confident the pupil has the potential of becoming one. The Shinya will then approach the Elite to officially up the Initiate to an Acolyte; this process may take anywhere between 3 to 5 years.

As an Acolyte, the young student is still under the order of the Shinya who is sponsoring him, and still has his duties with chores and meditation. However, by this time, the Acolyte is initiated into projection, and begins extensively learning the basics, the importance and the risks of using such magic. Acolytes work closely with their Shinya sponsors, at all times learning from them to better understand the importance of proper etiquette among the Shinya.

Acolytes, during peak twilight hours are required to sit and meditate for anywhere upwards to one to two hours. During the day, they train under their Shinya instructors in projection, martial arts and any weapon of their choosing. When the Shinya sponsor sees that the Acolyte has progressed into the acceptable stages he should be, he will once again approach the Elite, who will call the Acolyte in to the top most level of the Shinyama Pavilion. The Shinya Elite will bestow upon the Acolyte a trial, in which the Acolyte must show their strength and devotion to the order, Lhavit and the Star Lady.

This trial is called the Awakening; when an Acolyte is deemed ready to elevate to the rank of the Shinya, they are called to the Elite where the candidate is told he will be undergoing the Awakening. An Acolyte is only allowed their preferred weapon of choice, a small ration of food, and his uniform.

They are then told that they must travel to the Starlit Cave deep in the heart of the Misty Peaks, and fast and meditate at the hidden shrine there for three days. The Starlit Cave is no different than any other shallow cave, save for the small skyglass shrine to Zintila, which reflects the stars through the mouth of the cave when it is night. Only the Shinya have ever been to the cave, and only they know it's location, for it is a well-guarded secret; Acolytes are given the barest of directions to guide them.

The experience that an Acolyte goes through during this time period is different for all. During the meditation, Zintila speaks to them through the reflection of the stars in her skyglass shrine, to which the Acolyte must return with the item the Star Lady has instructed them to receive. This may be anywhere from a feather of an eagle, to a lock of hair from a bison, or an incredibly rare flower. The Awakening is meant to be a test on the devotion, determination, and the discipline of the Acolyte and to showcase the capabilities said candidate will have as a Shinya.

Should the Acolyte fail, the Shinya will strip the candidate of their right to train and they will have the choice to either leave the order, or be demoted to an Initiate permanently, becoming an attendant to the higher ranks. The process of an Acolyte becoming a Shinya may take anywhere between 5 to 6 years.

A PC may not begin as a full Shinya; however, they may begin as an Acolyte. Note that Initiates and Acolytes are not paid, and so must have another job. The skill requirements to begin as an Acolyte are as follows:

    Projection - 10
    Unarmed Combat - 20
    Weapon (Any) - 20
    2 lores pertaining to the Shinya, Lhavit, Zintila, or one of the above skills

One must be an Acolyte for a minimum of a single season before they can become a Shinya. The skill requirements to graduate to Shinya are as follows:

    Meditation - 20
    Projection - 30
    Unarmed Combat - 25
    Weapon (Any) - 30

Once you have met the skill requirements to become a Shinya, PM your ST; a modded thread for your Awakening is necessary, at which point you will be considered a full Shinya when that is finished. Moving up the ranks further can be discussed with your ST as appropriate.

This location is free to use, and requires no permissions unless you wish to use the NPCs John Lhutav and/or Alius Tanka; in that case, please contact your ST for permission.
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[Lhavit Location] Shinyama Pavilion

Postby Akari on June 30th, 2011, 10:24 am

15th Summer, 511AV

Akari had been standing nervously outside of the Shinyama Pavilion for a few moments, gathering the courage to go inside. It was not that she was afraid of the people, for she held them all in high regard. She was afraid of being rejected. The girl had traveled from Syliras to be here. She was determined to make her father proud, to become a Shinya like he had been. If she was turned away, then she had no idea what she would do. She steeled herself and stepped through the door.

She quickly glanced around the entry area. Someone, an Acolyte by the looks of him, approached her offering a tour. Akari shook her head, instead asking him which of the doors led to the office. The Acolyte pointed it out to her, and she made her way over. She took a deep breath and entered, approaching the secretary before she could change her mind. "Excuse me." Akari paused. "I would like request entry to the Order." She prayed that her nerves didn't show, and forced her mouth into a small smile.
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[Lhavit Location] Shinyama Pavilion

Postby Kelpie on July 1st, 2011, 2:57 am

Fortunately, Akari needn't wait long. The secretary, an old woman with her graying hair pinned into a tight bun nodded in greeting. "Always a pleasure to receive more candidates for the Order." She replied, then called for a young Viraya to approach. After several seconds the secretary turned to Akari, "You may follow Tonga here. He will lead you to the Shinsa for evaluation."

The Viraya patiently waited for the girl to follow, then proceeded to lead her up several flights of stairs and several levels of the pavilion, where the voices of instructors echoed through the halls. They passed several Shinya on the way, who glanced curiously at Akari.

Upon reaching the top floor, the Viraya lead Akari to the furthest room on the level, past a group of meditating students, and slid open the door for her to enter.

Inside the Shinsa sat behind a low table, his black robes spread neatly around him. His was a gentle expression, with a welcoming smile and a wave of his hand for her to sit. "Ah, the prospective candidate! Welcome to the Shinyama Pavilion. I am the Shinsa, Atanu Tan'kima. Might I ask your name?" He continued, "Tell me, what brings you to the Shinya?"
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[Lhavit Location] Shinyama Pavilion

Postby Akari on July 1st, 2011, 7:54 am

Akari nodded at the secretary, surprised at how quickly one could gain an audience with the Shinsa. Her eyes flicked to the Viraya that entered the room and then back to the woman. She nodded her head once. "Thank you."

She stepped over to the Viraya and followed him through the Pavilion. Her gaze wandered as they went, allowing her to take in the hallways and residents. She quickly realized that they were heading to the very top, and her stomach knotted with anticipation. The curious looks from various Shinya did nothing to help, and she wondered what they could be thinking.

She paused as the Viraya slid open a door for her, gave him a quick nod of thanks and stepped inside. Her eyes quickly fell on the Shinsa. He seemed friendly enough and it calmed her slightly. She moved over and sat where he had motioned to.
"My name is Akari Ishida." She paused to consider her next answer. "I am here for my father. I wish to make him proud and to follow his own wishes."

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Shinyama Pavilion

Postby Gemma Parker on March 6th, 2019, 4:09 pm


Spring 5th, 519av, 14th Bell

Gemma walked a lot. She lived four peaks away from her job, meaning she had to climb quite a few stairs on a daily basis. However, this was something different. She had already been on her feet non-stop today, tending to all the people with cold and flu symptoms. Not only that, but it was raining, and she had yet to find a good cloak that she liked and had no intention of spending her hard earned money on something that didn’t bring her joy. So here she was, hood up, clothes wet, trudging up Shinyama peak to get to the Shinya pavilion. After her time with Madeira and some soul-searching of her own, she had decided that even if she did not pursue magic in the end, it would be worth it to try and help more people. Those two goals intersected here: with the Shinya.

About half a season earlier, Gemma had met a Shinya who had used shielding to stop a bad case of over giving over on Tenten. Gemma had never followed up with them, but she had often imagined coming here and offering to help if they needed her. She had no intention of becoming a Shinya herself, but from what little she understood, their focus was not on medicine, but on combat. So she figured they could possibly use a medic and healer in their corner either for training or missions or something. She didn’t really know what she expected, but she was here to figure out what she could expect.

She finally got to the opening of the pavilion and took a moment to catch her breath. She needed to do more exercise. This was ridiculous. Not to mention her boots were damp, making everything harder in the pouring rain.

Now collected, and with at least a few less water droplets in her clothing, Gemma walked into the pavilion toward the young woman at the desk. She looked a few years older than Gemma, but of course Gemma looked much younger due to being a Konti. When she was close, she greeted the woman.

“Good afternoon. My name is Gemma. I’m a healer, and I wanted to know if the Shinya had any need of my gift to assist them in their training or patrols.” She said, bowing at the waist and trying to soften her voice in tune with the monastic feel of the place. Her mother would have been proud to see the demure youth in that moment, but that thought only brought a bitter taste to Gemma’s mouth. She returned her grimace to neutral as she stood to see the woman again.

“Welcome to Shinyama Pavilion, Gemma. My name is Regan. I would be happy to notify my superiors of your offer. Can you tell me more about your abilities so I can inform them more fully?” She asked, also bowing, but not so deep.

Gemma removed her right glove and showed the silvery mark of her goddess. “I bear a single healer’s mark that can almost instantly restore many simple injuries like cuts and bruises. I can also remove pain to a degree, and sterilize a wound with a touch. Beyond that, I also have basic medical and first aid training, as well as a high level of herbalism. I’m currently in an expert class the academy, and work full time at The Catholicon.” She explained. At the long list, the woman’s eyebrow twitched upward, but only for a moment. She was writing down some notes.

“All right, then you’re really busy. When would you be available to help?” She asked.

“I can check in each day at around this time. This is my free period. If I’m needed, great. If not, I can leave. It would all be on a volunteer basis. I just want to help if I can.” She shrugged. “Of course, if for any reason I’m needed for something serious, I can leave my classes. I’ll write down my schedule so you can find me if I’m ever needed.” She hadn’t thought to add that before, but now it seemed right. Though she really didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

“That’s very generous. I’ll be sure to pass this on. Can you just write down your schedule here?” She slid a blank paper and ink stick to Gemma, and she began to write.

When she was done, to the best of her ability, she slid the paper back to Reagan (She would have to remember her name. Reagan.) And bid her farewell, as there was currently no need for her that the woman knew of. She had offered Gemma a tour of the place, but with only a short free period remaining, Gemma had other things to do.
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