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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

The Dusk Tower

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The Dusk Tower is thought to be the most pastoral of all three Towers. It embraces Lhavit's penchant for gardens, both within and without of the building proper. When approaching the building, one is immediate drawn in by the neatly manicured lawn and the stunning architecture, marble and skyglass working in perfect harmony. The exterior is warm and rich, reflecting the hues of the setting sun as it fades into the night sky.

The main entrance is framed by large wooden double doors, adorned by doorknobs carved into two unblinking eyes. Upon entering, the visitor would immediately be greeted by a long hallway opening out into an open garden on the right, with a doorway at the end leading to the exclusive inner-sanctum. To the left of the entrance are stairs that lead to a second level, housing a desk made of a marble. This desk is attended by a secretary, the esteemed Mr. Mirihar, who is usually busy with comings and goings of any given day. Past this small room, through an arched doorway, is a winding staircase that branches off to separate rooms for students and their mentors.

Along the grounds, open pavilions house reflecting pools, where wild roses and ivy tend to climb the walls, much to the dismay of the gardener. Students often tend to practice here, where so much life is to be had, though the actual instructors always seem hover nearby. Indeed, this Tower is the busiest as well as the wealthiest by far, evidenced by the level of activity it sees, each and every day.

Aldgare Dusk
ImageLeadership 91, Auristics 95, Politics 81, Weapon: Polearm 55, Rhetoric 76, Persuasion 30, Familiary 74

Gnosis Akajia, 2

The esteemed patriarch Ald'gare Dusk is renowned throughout the city as being the most shrewd tactician of all the Towers. He often plays mediator between the Dawn and Twilight Houses, working to keep the peace through carefully placed agreements and secret exchanges. While the man is known in the city as an enigma, to his daughter Chiona, he is a loving and wise old man with an overwhelming desire to learn. Ald'gare is the keeper of secrets, a devout of Akajia and keeps a familiar - a cheerful Sarawanki by the name of Popa.
Chiona Dusk
ImageWeapon: Dao Sword 52, Unarmed 30, Auristics 72, Leadership 80, Politics 84, Organization 22

Chiona is Ald'gare's eldest child and the Tower's finest instructor. Gifted with an off-beat sense of humor and a very strict work ethic, Chiona is credited as one of Mizahar's renowned magical instructors. She is choosy about her students for criteria unknown but rumor has it that prospective candidates are put through a screening process, unbeknownst to them. Auristics can be dangerous in the hands of a true villain. Only someone truly devoid of foul intent might be allowed to learn the art form. While teaching she seems intent yet relaxed. Her prowess affords a more casual approach then the other, highly formal disciplines. Chiona is surprisingly youthful in appearance, as is said of the entire Dusk family. Her dark hair and tawny eyes are incredibly sought after.

She is of yet, unmarried. In fact, it is rumored that she keeps company with Lheili Dawn.
Alexander Mirihar
Image Organization 72, Planning 71, Writing 64, Negotiation 55, Persuasion 55

Alexander Mirihar is the indefatigable and unflappable Principal Secretary of the Dusk Tower, its gatekeeper and guardian. Mirihars seem to have been drawn to bureaucracy and organization for almost as long as Lhavit has glittered as a crystal crown on its granite peaks, serving with quiet, understated efficiency in the various bureaucratic positions that opened up with increasing complexity and civility. Indeed, his mother was the Clerk of the Towers Council, perhaps the highest office a bureaucrat could hope to aspire to in Lhavit in the time before the Day of Discord.

As such, Alexander grew up surrounded by all the trappings of politics and bureaucracy, cut his teeth on piles of calligraphy brushes and was rocked to sleep in a cradle of documents, surrounded by the smell of old paper and wealth.

Intelligence and a politely formal demeanour - cutting something of a dash in immaculately-tailored attire, his characteristic monocle glimmering at his left eye - reflected well on him at Alluvion and at higher echelons, too, along with his connections, through his mother. However, whilst he had inherited all her flair for organization, for forward planning and contingency containment, the ability to see any event through to a glittering finish or to keep a stately organization on an even keel through paperwork and good leadership, his stance on politics was one more of apathy; it held no fire, no interest for him; he was content to exist as a functionary, a facilitator, rather than to accrue personal power through that bureaucracy.

Perhaps that was for the best, in the event; the Day of Discord swept through the city like a cleansing tide and consigned the formerly-powerful, important Towers Council was consigned to the dusty pages of history, Anchorite Hayani lost most of her power temporal and much of the bureaucratic structure was torn down and rearranged into a newer, simpler form, cutting out entire departments that had been living off the fat of Lhavit’s taxes. His mother lost her position and the power she’d worked so hard to accrue, but on account of her age she’d been allowed to retire with a comfortable stipend and gently fade into the background of the city.

As for Alexander…he took up a post at the Dusk Tower, as one of a legion of assistants helping to organise the flow of money and materiel as the Tower and its disgraced House made restitution to Lhavit, and stayed on after the debt had been repaid – at House Dusk’s urging - in a series of increasingly-senior posts, eventually rising to become the public face, so to speak, of the Tower, having earned the trust of the Dusk House through his own self-effacing brand of loyalty and discretion.
All rates are listed as "per season." Employment at the Tower nullifies tuition. If the student's skill increases above the paid level, advanced rates will be prorated as according to how many days remain in the season.

25 kina - Novice
50 kina - Competent
75 kina - Expert
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