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[The Docks](Jadlin, Black) Ricky takes his family out for a day of fishing, but unfortunately a dilemma seems to present itself before they can start.

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Fisherman With No Fish

Postby Black Onyx on December 28th, 2014, 7:57 am

Black didn’t know exactly as to what kind of reaction that she had expected from Jadlin. Her brown hues though, did spot the looks of understanding and sincerity from Ricky and Telion. However, she had expected rage to come from her bond mate and she braced herself for a torrent of words. Instead, he released her hand and turned to face East Street. Then, a feeling of rage slammed into Black through their bond and her left arm pressed to her stomach as she shook her head in sadness. Silence ruled over her form, for she had been very much aware that this could have been his reaction. While she may have thought herself prepared, she hadn’t been prepared for it. The young equine had been trying to think of ways to calm him, to tell him not to go after the thugs that had been the cause of her pain. Her lips had parted to say something, anything to calm him, but the words refused to pass her lips. Words like, ’No really, it doesn’t hurt that much.’ Or, ’I’m fine, honestly,’ just didn’t seem adequate right at that point. Her lips turned downwards as she shook her head slowly from one side to the other, fear etching themselves deep within her downcast gaze.

Would she loose the one good thing that she had going for her? The woman knew that no matter what she did, he wouldn’t notice that she was there, for the rage that she could feel coming through the bond, was strong. It was a strong rage that Black had never experienced before. She was used to darkness, sadness and death, but never rage and it made her sit there frozen upon the spot. In reality however, she just wanted to run. For it was that fight or flight instinct kicking in, but the bond that she had with Jadlin, made her want to stay. It made her want to protect him from the possible danger that he would put himself into if he went after the thugs. Slowly, she drew in a deep breath as something seemed to grab the attention of Jadlin. She felt his staggering steps and slowly, she looked up to see the tears that decorated his cheeks. She observed him as he took in Ricky and Telion, but she only had eyes for the love of her life and what he might do.

Finally, she watched as his lips began to part as he babbled apologies that were not coherent and Black continued to remain in unfamiliar waters. What was she supposed to do? What was the right thing to do? It was then that he dropped to his knees to take her left arm into his own hands and pain flared up along the arm. Holding back a wince of pain as she bit her bottom lip, the young equine glanced over to Ricky and Telion. What was she to do? Interacting with people in this way was foreign and she felt very much like she was out of her element. Finally, her bond mate began to talk some actual words and she glanced back at him, worry framing her pale features. She felt sick, but she wasn’t exactly sure why she would feel sick at his words. Slowly, she drew in a breath, holding it before she exhaled. ”I hope that you understand when I say My Love that I cannot let you go after them, that you mustn’t.” She didn’t exactly feel like going into details about how she had already lost so many of those dear in her life and couldn’t stand losing him as well.

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Fisherman With No Fish

Postby Jadlin Hayes on February 1st, 2015, 2:50 am


Guilt surged through Jad's heart now at the desperate worry in Black's face. But it tore him with anger as well, knowing that her worry was due to the fear the enemy had put in her heart. He'd caught hints, in his time with her, that there were grim memories that made her more susceptible than others to such intimidation.

He'd previously thought it was a terrible thing that he'd grow up with no family to speak of. He felt it was an undeniably bitter thing to have missed that love and support. But he was now wondering if there was a plus side to it as well. It seemed certain to him that the source of her disquiet was some horrific episode in her past, involving loved ones. He did not have that vulnerability. Although he could see that his growing love for Black could put such a target in place. But it also gave him a strength he'd never known before.

He himself rarely spoke of family because he'd had none prior to being made aware of his ring, and its significance, by the 'Lykata Lady' back in Syliras. But he heard other people in Zeltiva speak of family as much as any many other topics combined. But he could not recall having ever heard Black really speak of hers. Something terrible must have happened to them. He would make these criminals pay for that as well.

And now, he reasoned, it was likely she was worried about the same thing happening to him. He had been about to tell her that he was going to go after the thugs that had done this. This is what he had not wanted Ricky to hear. As a member of the Wave Guard, his brother would have been duty-bound to prevent him from taking the law into his own hands.

He still intended to go after them. But now he felt he'd best not tell either of them. If and when the confrontation took place, he would say that they came after him.

He feigned a sag of resignation. "Okay...okay...I won't do anything..." He put his arm around her and leaned into her. "Let's just let it slip away into our past."

He looked into her eyes. "After all, it's out future that matters now." He took a gentle hold of her arm and picked the fishing pole back up. "Would you like to try some fishing now?"

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Fisherman With No Fish

Postby Perplexity on March 19th, 2015, 6:00 pm

You have played well, but the game is at an end.

You have been bested. Beaten. Checkmate!

However, here is a consolation prize: a wealth of Experience and Lores! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this grade, please do not hesitate to send me a PM. I'll be more than happy to assist you!

  • Fishing | +4 EXP
    Teaching | +2 EXP
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