Open What unfortunate happenstance (Kayan)

Old foes turn into new friends and an unwanted party guest makes an appearance.

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What unfortunate happenstance (Kayan)

Postby Flaren Ferno on September 30th, 2014, 5:42 pm

10-11, fall 514 AV

There he was, standing face to face with the man who had taken everything from him. The air smelled of rot and sour. Old foes danced the midnight duet that tore day from day. The horizon itself did shake as the final nail was put in the coffin that would alter Flaren's life permanantly.

"full blush, quills." Boethefus Laid down his two cards. "Now you'll pay me back for that one night with my sister."

"I told you Boey, she was coming on to me! it would've been rude if i hadn't at least kissed her on the-"

"Hey now, you know i can't live that down still."

Flaren had his forehead laying against his hand. He had bet the very last off his 9 gold and 99 silver mizas in this card game. His composure returned as he handed the his bag of gold and silvers to Boethefus.

"Quite a small bag you got there... or so I've been told."

"You wouldn't be saying that if you heard about what i did to your mother!"

"BAHAHAHAHAHA!" It echoed through the room as the plump little man rocked back in his chair holding his gut. The party was full of the more reserved crowd. Pompadours and bourgeois standing around batting their gums sharing their helping of cheese and wine. "I knew it was a good idea inviting you. I'm a richer man because of it, here have a glass of Zeltiva's finest on me."

The drinks were complimentary as were the interested stares that were directed at the stammers and blush table. "You haven't changed more than your pant size," remarked Flaren sarcastically. The duo fit in like a mouse in a snake pit, constantly dodging the up tight scene had become a force of habit at this point and Flaren couldn't even remember why he got dragged along to this dinner party.

"Don't you have a skirt to chase." Boetheifus had to keep his smile from breaking his cool demeanor. His gaze didn't break from Flaren who had a cup of wine pursed to his lips as he responded coolly

"I did, but i think that was your wife."

The room was gilded with the finest embroideries used to hang the drapes and keep a Lamp's light in the room. The room was full, everyone back to chatting and socializing, having fun and laughing, dressed to the finest. Waiters had given up at this point trying to pass out the snacks and had retreated to the wall where they could reach the few who had chosen to be seated at the tables.

It was late afternoon by the poker game had finished and all the patrons were well and inhibriated.

There was a man in a dark cloak standing near a corner, he had patiently watched the poker game occasionally checking his wristwatch. Flaren had glanced over at him a couple of times and it would've looked like (if his hat weren't so lowly brimmed) that their eyes mt more than once. "I believe its time for me to retreat to the latrine" Boethefus belched something about the ladies room then continued to gurgle down some wine and tell stories Flaren was less than happy about being told. Flaren made his way towards the bathroom keeping his back close to the wall. The cloaked man was still checking his wristwatch just as he had planned.
Flaren bumped into the man as he went to turn the corner and the man's wristwatch flew into the air. Flaren kicked it away from the two of them while his apologies were distracting him, he was acting as drunk as he could "sorry sorry you know id i were more of an oaf they'dmake me keep or maybe i'd have your job? eh? heh heh heh!" Flaren's nervous chuckle didn't have the slightest impact on the man's stoich demeanor.

"The fault is all mine." said the cloaked man as he put his hand to his chest. "a closer look at the man showed that he had pale grey eyes, and almost none of his face was left uncovered. a black and blue striped scarf was wrapped around his face, but Flaren could make out a scar on the right side of his eyelid. He had grey thin hair poking out fromunder a buckled top hat. his trenchcoat was black as well as his blaack pants and high leather boots.

"well" Flaren gave another forced nervous laugh "i best be off"

Flaren stood in the bathroom gazing at the wristwatch. It was made of pure gold, the hands moved seamlessly around the face of the clock which seemed to have been made with some of the thickest glass Flaren had ever seen on such a small accessory. The engraving on the back read Q.E. 'come to think of it, the man's buckl on his top hat seemed to be made out of solid gold as well.'

"Where'd you find that?" the old man had snuck behind Flaren in the bathroom.

Flaren kept his cool and tossed the wristwatch at the old man. "Maybe it found me."

"Maybe you should be more prepared before you go on starting trouble" the old man poked Flaren's quarterstaff at his chest.

The old man pulled it back as Flaren attempted to grab at his staff multiple times but the old man was quick with his reflexes and he couldn't get a firm grip on it. How could he have left his precious staff unguarded and unprotected, perhaps the alcohol was getting to him.
"tut tut now, you will apologize for your rudeness one way or another." the old man smacked Flaren across the head who was rendered unconcious.

He was tied to three other hostages in the back of a cart when he awoke.
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What unfortunate happenstance (Kayan)

Postby Kayan on October 2nd, 2014, 7:11 am

Kayan nodded walked away from a man, him holding a rabbit and oversized rat and the girl holding small sack with five gold miza. She grinned while placing a hand on her large dog's head and scratching behind his ear, "Good job, Snyder. Don't know what I'd do without ya." As she snickered, the coonhound barked, tail wagging with enthusiasm from being praised, before suddenly rearing up and giving the girl a mouthful of dog slobber with his tongue. She bleatched and rubbed her mouth with the sleeve of her cloak, "Com'n, really!?" She glared at him before turning her head and spitting on the ground, "bleh, gross. Bad dog!"

Snyder's tail went limb at the scolding, and when Kayan turned back to him he suddenly ran ahead of her, "Aw, no. Snyder ge' back here!" She growled as the dog blatantly ignored her and continued running, not giving her any other choices but to run after him unless she wanted to lose her pet in the streets. She was just lucky the hunter hadn't decided to break into a full trot, of course that must have meant he knew exactly what he was doing right now if he wanted her to keep up, or else the she would have lost him in less than two turns between the buildings.

Even after whistling and calling the hunter didn't come back or slow down, it seemed he was just in one of his moods to keep running until something stopped him. Kayan scolded herself for not putting his leash on before leaving their cot... really she should have just left him there. What's the worst thing he would have done? Leave a mess on her bed? ... Well, that is kind of bad seeing as she has nothing to wash that thing out.

She huffed and rounded the corner, only to see nothing but people passing by with no sign of her run away hunting dog. From here the young kelvic already knew she wasn't going to catch him, only hope he had enough sense to go back home after his little adventure on the streets and not run onto East Street. She walked into one of the always, knowing a short cut that led back to her little living space from here, but instead of using the stacked boxes to jump over a dead end the girl pressed her back to the wall and slid down until she was sitting.

For one thing she was still concerned about her partner, though she knew he was more than capable to make his way through the city without much trouble, she couldn't help but think he might just run to the wrong place at the worst time. Then there was the thought that he just might not come back and the fact that she never really handled herself alone with at least something around. She had to admit it, she was dependant, and the fact that it was default mentality for her species wasn't an all too comforting thought.

Before she could dwell on the thought she was snapped from it by the sound of someone walking into the alley with a strong scent of tobacco lingering from his clothes. Kayan grimaced at the stench and stood, keeping her bag hidden beneath her cloak as she stood, then tried to hurry past while keeping her eyes to the ground. Instead of being able to keep on her way, she felt the back of her cloak be pulled and herself forced to stand in front of the stranger with barely a few inches of space between them.

"Hey! Le'me go!" She moved to press her knee against her aggressor's crotch only to be pushed onto the ground and flat on her back. Before her hand could touch the ground she felt the man's knee on her chest and her mouth forced open, exposing her carnivorous teeth with her head tilted up and limiting her view. She started shaking her head and flailing before the aggressor let go of her mouth, which for a second she thought meant he was going to leave her alone, and that thought was quickly dispelled when the side of her head was smashed into the ground. At first she didn't feel anything, then the pain coursed through her head so quickly a sound didn't escape her lips before the world went entirely black.

She awoke some time later in the back of a cart, tied to someone else. There was some muffled talking outside of where the two were being held, then heard the voices come closer and decided to pretend like she was still unconscious. It was hard to understand what they were talking about, for some reason they were speaking various languages, but she did pick up;
"...high price..."
"...good enough.."
"...rowdy an' the thief..."
"...even if it's not it'll go for..."
During the strange conversation she felt herself and the person she was tied to being moved into a sitting position, then felt more rope being pressed around them before the kidnappers left the cart to continue their conversation outside.

Kayan opened her eyes and shook her head, wincing at the pain in her head before muttering, "Wha' 'he pe'ch is goin' on..."

The man behind her answered, "I'll explain when the new guy wakes up, kid. Just stay quiet 'till then, we don't need them guys out there comin' back to shut us up."

The young girl nodded, "Alrigh'." and kept her mouth shut, even when the cart started moving, until the new addition began to stir.

The other man spoke up, "Aye buddy, welcome ta the slave trade, an' if ya don' have no one ta bail ya out yer gonna be packed out the city like me an' da kelvic over there." Kayan asked how did he know she wouldn't have someone to get her out of this mess, and his response was that it didn't matter for kelvic - especially girls - when they looked as human as she did. "Now either of yall two got somethin' sharp or are ya just gonna keep yer fingers crossed that we ain't headed somewhere wit' too many goons?"

Kayan thought for a moment, then shifted a bit and said "I have a hunting knife in my pocket, but I can't reach it." her hands were tied behind her back in a tight knot from the wrist to her elbow, not only keeping her from changing to her badger form without injuring herself but also preventing her from reaching the weapon. She looked at Flaren, his arms were tied to his sides but if the squirmed around a bit he could dig out the knife and cut everyone loose.

OOCYou describe Kayan's movements to get the knife from her pocket and take over the npc if you want.
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What unfortunate happenstance (Kayan)

Postby Perplexity on October 2nd, 2014, 8:05 pm


Well howdy!

So, it's not the fact that none of this is possible. All of it is quite possible.

Here's the thing...

Where are you? Who are these people? How did you get to know them? How can they afford this lavish poker game?

You are more than welcome to associate your character(s) with people's of wealth and influence but you must make the proper arrangements beforehand. That means doing write-ups for the NPC's that follow the NPC guidelines. The same goes for the location. You're more than welcome to have this event take place at an expensive estate or some lavish establishment. There must be a location write-up for such a place though. It must be approved and for the moment that approval must be run through myself.

Until those steps are taken and proper arrangements have been made I am pausing this thread. You're welcome to PM me and we can discuss the details at your earliest convenience.

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