A blank book here.

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A blank book here.

Postby Hamartia on October 9th, 2014, 5:26 pm

So I have several years of experience in forum role playing, and let me just say mizahar is in a whole different category. Must forums I've been a apart of you could say were fan fiction forums. It had the extensive world such a mizahar does but it was all Tolkien inspired or based on a world that was created in a book or show. This place is one of the most original places I have ever ran across and I like what I see. So hopefully as time passes you will count me as one of your own.

I did have a few questions after reviewing the lore.

I haven't quite found the race I want, but I have thought of a build that I would like to play. It is one that I have enjoyed in many a dnd session. That is a Mage hunter, witch hunter, wizard hunter or whatever it is called here. I noticed some of the anti magic items such as the Mage worm and djed shackles, but after a search in the lore I could not find them else where. I was curious if anyone had an idea how one would obtain or create these items, I would hate to go through the trouble of developing a character to find that the build would be impossible to play. Also I was more then curious about the faction Ruv'na and how one would join that, what it would all entail and I noticed it was still being devolved so I'm not sure if it was eligible to be joined.

I was also thinking of a bard type character, but after much review of others cs and how almost everyone has a gnosis, I felt I wanted to be that guy that breaks from the norm and swim upstream against the current. I might conform and play a bard, I know I would enjoy it, but I just wanted to hear the answers to my question review the lore a bit more and decide from there.

Also is it possible to start with a negative gnosis mark? I think that would be a neat handicap that could really give a character that touch of humbleness and/or madness.

So help me feel this blank book that is my mind with lore and experience.
Hope to role play with you soon. If you need me you will find me in the library of lore with my nose in a book and taking notes. ;)

Ps. What races are the least used and under appreciated by the gods and players.
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A blank book here.

Postby Alarin on October 11th, 2014, 5:15 am


I definitely have to agree. The Worldbuilding here is off the charts. I'm not even sure where to get started beyond the basics and lists of helpful links. So much information to digest!
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A blank book here.

Postby Ball on October 15th, 2014, 10:12 am

I know i said hii in chat but WELCOME! :) i think all your questions have been answered already via chat thus far :)
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Thank you.

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