A Collection of Letters for Ball

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A Collection of Letters for Ball

Postby Ball on December 16th, 2015, 4:09 pm

Ball Letters and Coresspondence go here.
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Graders Please Note :
As Ball is getting closer and closer to maxing out Pyken as a skill, I would like to request that in places where Ball is not doing enough to constitute Pyken XP if Pyken technique lores could be issued instead.

Examples of proper XP level for Pyken would be: Ball developing or refining his technique by adding new thing against an actual moving target, not a dummy.

The use of basic skills alone are not enough to accomplish XP at Ball's current level of Pyken.

Thank you.

I will be handling all Ball related posts on Mondays @ 1800 my time *
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A Collection of Letters for Ball

Postby Imass on December 22nd, 2015, 8:53 pm

My dearest friend Ball,

It is the 28th of Winter and I have faith that this letter will reach your hands. I have faith that you have not yet perished to the impervious follies that is the Duty of all Knights.

I have finally escaped from the dungeons of Sahova and washed up on the shores of Nyka. It is hard here, for they do not recognize my situation as valid. I am starting work to obtain the necessary gear to return to Syliras as soon as possible.

The dark depths of Sahova really tested my faith and honor, because for what seemed an eternity of blackness I wrestled with my own mind. I was almost broken, but thankfully the Knightly training and my faith in Yahal, Sylir, and Tyveth I was able to keep me strong.

I am deeply curious to know the outcome of our campaign. I would like to know that my sacrifice was not in vein. I wish to hear if you have been knighted yet. I want to know Nira'lia's fate and if our Duty was upheld. There is much information that I seek, unfortunately I am stuck here in Nyka.

Honor and duty still drive me and I am eager to get back to work. I am not going to lay down my sword just yet.

Unfortunately, I cannot write anymore for their are many wandering eyes here in Nyka and I cannot afford to lose again.

(Signed) Ser Imass

It occurs to me that I may have never told you this, so I say it now, I am proud of you Ball. I am really thankful for you and miss you.

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