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Azira demands that Khara go hunting with her

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Scout Testing (Khara)

Postby Azira on July 10th, 2015, 11:12 pm

The scout didn't seem to have any trouble with the weight of the kills, which was good because it was only light for now whereas if they kept going it could grow a lot heavier. What they did next was entirely dependent on Khara's decision though. Obviously her duty as a huntress meant that she had to strive to get as much meat as possible for the city but she was willing to postpone fulfilling that duty for the other's sake. It would be worth it to see what the girl would choose as it would give her a lot of insight into the girl and her potential. If she said to go ahead then there was some hope for her yet. If she said that she wanted to return to the city then it would show that killing the rabbit had gotten to her more than she was willing to show. Azira wasn't sure what would be more interest to her, some manner of empathy for the creatures or a determination to carry on.

A corner of the Avora's mouth twitched upwards as she nodded her approval. The girl didn't seem entirely comfortable with her decision, the nonchalance clearly faked but she was willing to do what needed to be done. That was good, very good. She might well still be shaken by the death she'd brought about but she was willing to fulfil her duties in spite of it. The huntress was pleased. The Chiet had potential all right. She'd have to find ways to test her in the future, maybe reveal more of her abilities and drop a word or two in the right places if she turned out to be truly worth someone's efforts.

The girl's suggestion was a fair one. "Sounds like a plan. Staying in this area wouldn't be good. The rabbits around here will have had too much warning. If they're on the alert and they hear us coming, they'll start thumping to warn any of them left below ground." She gestured Khara ahead of her. It had been her suggestion and she knew where to look so it made sense that she should lead the way.

"The fire trick would probably work there as well. Rabbits like to have lots of escape routes. No point having one or two entrances when they can have five or six or more. They don't do things by half measures. I'd rather not have to use the same trick again though," she explained. There was no reason to resort to those measures again though. She had no idea how much damage doing something like that would do. She doubted that the rabbits that were chased out of their warrens in that manner were willing to return to them, or at least not for awhile afterwards. If it was done too much in too many places then it would cause problems further down the line, even though rabbits could reproduce at exceptional rates. Better to go about the nest part of the hunt in a more traditional manner.

"We'll just creep up on the area where they should be and pick off any of them that are above ground. We won't be able to pick off too many before the bolt but they can be pretty stupid sometimes so we'll just have to wait and see. After that we can set some traps and stay out of sight for awhile. Sound like a plan to you?" The teen began to move anyway. What Khara said wouldn't change her mind. Well it wouldn't change her mind much anyway.
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