[Taloba] Seasonal Calendar - Winter 515 A.V.

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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

[Taloba] Seasonal Calendar - Winter 515 A.V.

Postby Traverse on December 3rd, 2014, 3:29 pm


Winter 515 A.V.

A lull in the strange wildlife activity takes place over Winter, giving those of Taloba some measure of respite. With the Basin's waters fully receded, many foragers are able to reach areas of the jungle previously inaccessible, containing special fruits and plants that flower in the winter months. The city ensures Myri's Birthday celebration is the greatest in decades, and the event lasts for two weeks instead of one. The entire city, including the outer walls are decorated with beautiful paintings, hangings, and bone mobiles, the craftspeople and artists of the city busy in the weeks prior to winter, and creating beautiful murals all season long. The Red Orchid outdoes themselves with their floral arrangements, and the air of celebration that begins Winter is carried throughout the season.

  • 1st The Celebration of Myri's Birthday begins with a parade heralding the Military's finest, Myrian tigers, artisans, Tskanna, and Ashta, as well as numerous other collectives that wind through the city.
  • 4th Artists from all over the city paint, sculpt, and decorate the walls of the city, taking help from any who wish to take part
  • 10th A foot race takes place around the perimeter of the city
  • 12th The Red Orchid and The Twisted Vine devote the day to filling Taloba with beautiful floral arrangements
  • 14th The Final day of Myri's lengthened celebration marked by a massive feast at the base of her temple, all food and drink is free, though it is almost impossible to get close to the temple where the Goddess Queen herself is feasting
  • 20th Fishermen and women return from the coast with the cut and segmented carcass of a large whale
  • 36th Several orphaned jaguar cubs are well received by a nursing Myrian Tiger mother
  • 42nd Akila Hounds are heard upon a patrol, sending the Taloban Army on high alert, but nothing is seen
  • 54th The Blackened Claws finish a vicious and beautiful mural depicting multiple jungles cats transforming, hunting, all surrounding a stunning representation of Navre
  • 59th Reports arrive from the Zinrah Blockade of increased animal activity of more timid species such as Tapir, and Okapi
  • 65th Children are delighted as the night erupts into fireflies, and the younger crowd of Taloba rejoices in chasing them around into the wee hours of the night
  • 73rd An Okapi hunt is held, the group formed from several clans
  • 88th A brief but vicious monsoon hits the city, destroying several of the murals, strangely the Blackened Claws image remains largely undamaged
  • 92nd End of Winter
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Postby Traverse on December 3rd, 2014, 3:29 pm

Spring 513 :
The capital city of the Myrians is still adjusting to the horrors and devastation of the Djed Storm that wracked it a full year ago, but progress is being slowly, painfully made. The several hundred Myrians that were blinded by the overwhelming power of the storm have been reorganized into The Sightless, trained and counselled by healers and priests to make use of themselves despite their infirmity. The roiling undergrowth that swamped the clearing beyond the city is still refusing to subside, but gangs of Myrians hack and rip it apart until it does. The damage done by rampaging Tskanna has also been largely repaired, though the Myrians are still wary of the creatures in their city.

The Jungle Wilds, however, are still in a state of anarchy, or as close to it as the regimented Myrians can get. The trails perilously and ruthlessly hacked through the jungle over the centuries have been swept away like a tsunami over a sand castle, lost forever. The villages and clan lands beyond Taloba's walls are now disconnected, many days trekking through hostile jungle required to get to each one. This has made the Myrians there more aggressive, suspicious and insular.

Most worrying of all, however, was the almost-total destruction of the Zinrah Blockade which has been in place for centuries. More than nine tenths of the Myrians there vanished as if stolen by Dira, body and soul, leaving only a band of sickly half-breeds to maintain it. The Dhani, over opportunistic and protected from the storm by their underground city, boiled up from their secret entrances in unprecedented numbers, and promptly wiped out most of the survivors.

Then they started moving outwards... until Myri The Merciless ordered a massive deployment of the Taloba Army the season after the Storm, knowing that her children were lost without reinforcements. Between the hundreds sent to bolster those ruined defenses and the Shadow Guard implacably annihilating anything in the northern reaches, some semblance of order was brutally restored, but there is much left to do...

Spring Events:

  • 3rd - Anniversary of the Valterrian: Carrying over from the last day of winter, this is a day of remembrance. The dead are remembered, and survival celebrated.
  • 5th - Celebrations are mounted as the first litter of Myrian Tigers are born in Taloba since the Djed Storm of 512AV.
  • 9th - Day Of The Hunt: Hundreds of Myrians in Taloba fan out across the Jungle surrounding the city on a massive hunt, paying homage to the gods and competing for the most impressive kill. The priests of The Temple will reward the finest offerings.
  • 15th - A large Dhani attack weakens a section of the newly-restored blockade of Zinrah, resulting in deaths on both sides and several Myrians captured.
  • 20th - Bina, Head Priestess of the Myrians, issues an edict from the Goddess-Queen calling for Myrian warriors to give "sacrificial quarter". Essentially, it calls for warriors in battle to take prisoners where practical, for the sole purpose of taking said prisoners back to Taloba for ritual sacrifice, declaring that such rituals will bolster the power of Myri and her Children.
  • 25th - As part of the rebuilding of Taloba after the Djed Storm, a new handball arena is opened. A fast and brutal hybrid of soccer, basketball and rugby, it is soon embraced by the younger generation.
  • 27th - After much negotiation through the Council, a delegation of barbarians from across the Suvan Sea arrives in Taloba, though some were lost to the Jungle. Comprising several races, they met with the Council and Myri herself as part of a tentative "dialogue" with the world outside Falyndar.
  • 30th - Angered by the brutal torture and mutilation of several blockade guards, the Myrians close the blockade around Zinrah with renewed brutality, slaughtering any Dhani foolish enough to be caught above ground.
  • 39th - The army of Taloba forcibly "closes" the Arena of Ancients, after reports that hot-headed Myrians are using the abandoned structure as a dueling site. Officially the practice is outlawed... but unofficially, it is hinted that Myri is accepting of duels, so long as there are no deaths.
  • 41st - Festival of the Lifebringer: In honor of Kihala, the goddess of life, this festival is to rejoice in the new life and birth, of their own children and of the jungle around them.
  • 42nd - The Shifting Serpent, a viper with a chameleon-like ability to camouflage is discovered outside Taloba and an edict is swiftly made to cull as many as possible. Angered by what she sees as an attack on one of her... more innocent children, Siku makes most of the snakes in Falyndar poisonous, and able to harm even the preternaturally tough and poison-resistant Myrians.
  • 49th - Dhani ambushes against supply trains to the Zinrah Blockade increase, and Misha of the Jagged Blade soon deduces that the Dhani are attempting to cut off the Myrians once again.
  • 53rd - Spring's Renewal and Rebirth: This is the festival of Navre, to celebrate the new litters of the Myrian Tigers, and to thank him for those that they have. On this day a white Myrian Tiger cub is born, and is seen as a sign of favor and change by Caiyha by the Priestesses of Myri.
  • 60th - A mysterious entrance is discovered under The Plaza as the Myrians repair Tskanna damage from the Djed Storm. Search parties are sent underground to follow it, as it apparently leads to a section of Taloba lost to the Myrians since before the Valterrian.
  • 64th - After months of painstaking negotiation and compromise, Myri and the Council allow the Barbarian Delegation (as it is simply known) to establish an outpost of the Suvan Sea coast, for the purpose of lumber. There are several restrictions as to how much can be taken and when, to appease the burden on Caiyha for having part of her Jungle cut down.
  • 71st - Reports of Dhani attacks and sightings within fifty miles of Taloba, the closest the Snake People have come to the capital of Myri in centuries.
  • 74th - A group of Dhani are surprised and captured by a war band of Myrians outside Zinrah. Some are savagely sacrificed right away, while others are taken for... other reasons.
  • 78th - Anja of the Blackened Claws, administrator of Taloba, sends out words across Falyndar via. messengers and carrier birds that the trails linking villages to Taloba and to each other are to be re-established.
  • 80th - A monsoon swamps much of Falyndar and Taloba in particular, forcing the inhabitants to stay indoors. Storytellers and seers take the opportunity to regale the populace with tales of the past and encourage others to add to them.
  • 85th - In light of an increased Dhani presence around Zinrah and now far beyond it after the collapse of the blockade in 512AV, all Myrian clans outside Taloba are on a permanent war footing, and aggressive patrolling is practiced by all.
  • 89th - After a week-long ritual and spirit walk, Szarri of the Slitted Throat, Oracle of Taloba, declares that the barbarians beyond Falyndar were indeed responsible for the Djed Storm, but it was not done maliciously... and it was petty feuding between the gods that truly caused it. As a result, worship of the Falyndar pantheon (namely those deities like Myri, Caiyha, Navre and Dira that had little to do with the Valterrian) increased and other gods are more openly scorned.
  • 91st - Dance of the Suns: This festival is offered to Syna, the sun goddess.

Summer 513 :
Overview: Summer 513 AV

Just as the Myrians begin to feel that they are finally re-creating the trails lost over a year earlier, the Summer monsoons begin. Rumors begin to fly through the jungle about the cause of the Djed Storm and those responsible, creating even more hostility towards outsiders within the city as Dhani incursions seem to maintain their ferocity.

Summers in Falyndar are humid, hot, and exhausting. Simply standing makes one's skin pour with sweat, and if it isn't hot enough to make your skin slick, than it is pouring thunderously, making hunting nigh impossible, and confining people to their homes. Particularly torrential days where traveling outside drenches you in an instant and perists throughout the day, are noted with an * next to the date. Have fun in the rain Savages!

  • 1st - The Rain Festival, in which Myrians pray to Makutsi to bring them the Summer Monsoons.
  • *10th - News of foreign gods causing the Spring Djed Storm being circling around Taloba.
  • *15th - Recruitment for the Taloban Army increases throught the City, veterans gaining rewards, and those nearing their end of their mandatory service being asked to remain with incentive.
  • 20th - The Medicine House (Location Forthcoming) serves a special treat of Charoda Sushi.
  • *23rd - A human merchant is found murdered in an alleyway.
  • *33rd - Due to the overflow of the Kandukta Basin due to the monsoons, small canoes and row boats become increasingly expensive in the market, as water travel becomes more prominent.
  • *30th - Myri's Council meets to discuss exceedingly bold Dhani incursions.
  • *34th - Tskanna begin catching a cough around the city, growing ill.
  • 40th - Night of the Orchids, where the glowing flowers light a great evening festival in honor of Caiyha.
  • *45th - News of fierce competitions of Myrian Tiger mounts travels from ear to ear within the City.
  • 50th - Several barbarian merchants and tradesmen are forced to leave Taloba for the anti-Myrian threats and accusation thrown their way.
  • 52nd - A sick Tskanna bull charges through the Trading square, requiring a dozen Myrians before he can be put out of his misery.
  • *60th - The Myrians responsible for anti-barbarian attacks are caught and put to work patrolling the outskirts of Myrian territory indefinitely.
  • *65th - A new species of parrot is found in the Jungle Wilds
  • 80th - A Tourney day is held in the center of Taloba, acting as a water sports and combative prowess contest for all who enter, with food for all and prizes for those who show exceptional skill and prowess.
  • 92nd - Kandukta Basins waters finally begin to mediate, signalling falls arrival.

Fall 513 :
Overview: Fall 513 AV

Fall marks a time for harvesting seasonal fruit, catching migrating fish along the coast, and even more vigilant watches over Zinrah to make sure no Dhani get up to any trouble (any more than usual). Despite the re-instatement of control on Myrian borders, unrest has seized hold of the city. Infighting has become a prominent game as of late, and the Arena of Ancients sees a whole new gamut of clientele that the military tries to squash as quickly as they appear.

As the season progresses rumors begin circulating around a series of inexplicable deaths, bestial in nature, but not linked to any local fauna or Dhani. Clans begin to take it upon themselves to hunt for the mystery monster, each one hoping to earn Myri’s favor by bringing its hide back to Taloba.

  • 1st - A long monsoon lasting several days marks the end of the Summer Rains and another celebration to Makutsi for her benevolence.
  • 5th – A fight breaks out between two hostile clans in the Trading Square over a purchase.
  • 10th - A series of Taloban soldiers put on a show, juggling and swallowing flames at the Dancing Fires
  • 14th – A Tskanna cow gives birth to twins, an elder priestess claims it is a good omen for fall fruit.
  • 20th – Reports of a vicious animal attack reach Taloba.
  • 27th – Several duelists are caught at the Arena of Ancients and sentenced to a year patrolling Falyndars’ borders.
  • 33rd - A human child is mauled by a Myrian Tiger.
  • 40th - The Medicine House recieves imported Tobacco from Kenash, taken from a Dhani Raid.
  • 50th - The waters of the Kandukta Basin have fully receded and a fruit that can only be harvested once per year becomes available in Taloba.
  • 55th – A few barely organized scouting parties begin the hunt for the beast, tales spread about its identity.
  • 65th - Reports of a strange shrine in a Cloud Forest North of Taloba begin circulating the city.
  • 70th - On the night of a Blood Red Moon A festival honoring Leth is held in a cleared out Trading Square.
  • 80th - A single member of the hunting party returns, raving and blind.
  • 92nd – End of Fall

Winter 513 :
Overview: Winter 513 AV

Where most regions would be tucking into their food reserves or finding themselves lacking in dietary substance as Winter draws on, the residents of Taloba have no such problem. In fact an influx of new avian life inhabits the jungle wilds escaping the cold climbs of the colder parts of Falyndar.

Hot and humid as always, Winter heralds the blossoming of different fruits and flowers, also bringing an influx of turtle meat to the city from fishermen on the coastline. The beginning of the season is marked by Myri's birthday, and continues as a season of reverence to Myri and Dira as well as many Gods and Goddesses the Myrian people hold faith in.

  • 1st - a week long celebration is held in Myri's honor featuring games of sport, startegy and merriment Taloba wide
  • 7th – End celebrations and resumes normal work patterns
  • 11th - A coastal raiding party returns with a veritable pack of dogs that runs rampant through the streets of Taloba, many foreign breeds present
  • 19th - A fight breaks out at Durak's Tavern between several Myrians and an Isur
  • 20th - Several fangs return from the Kandukta Basin reporting rumblings of the earth
  • 27th - An increased amount of traffic flows into The Butterfly Forest to pay the proper respects to Caiyha
  • 35th - The Day of the Dead is a celebration of the Myrian's respect and reverence for the Goddess of Death whose home is not so far from their own.
  • 42nd - A fang's worth of active soldiers are set to guarding the Arena of Ancients at night in hopes of diverting the traffic after dark
  • 50th - Rumors that the Morning Bird clan have been training Ethereal Jaguar cubs fly around the Trading Square
  • 62nd - A violent winter monsoon floods the Trading Square for days
  • 70th - Several soldiers come down with an illness healers say are from plants near the city
  • 77th - Several scouts go missing near the city, no bodies or trails can be found
  • 90th - A day of silence and contemplation as the anniversary of the Valterrian is contemplated

Spring 514 :
Overview: Spring 514 AV

Spring marks the first signs of the coming monsoons, most days more wet than dry. With the new water comes more life, both plant an animal. This makes for easier hunting around the Kandukta Basin, but also more predators.

This season highlights several celebrations such as those to Syna and Navre, the days are getting longer and new Myrian tiger kittens are hatching, Myrian spirits rise intheir City of Bones, but what of these strange rumors of reptiles that are not Dhani?

  • 1st- Anniversary of the Valterrian is carried over from the last day of Winter to remember the dead and celebrate those that survived.
  • 9th- The Poisoned Arrow clan hosts an elaborate celebration at the Dancing Fires after a very bountiful hunt.
  • 15th- Several scouts at the Storyteller's Rest report glimpsing a very large reptilian creature prowling the jungle near the east coast.
  • 21st- A healer outside the city hires a group of scouts to scour the forest in search of a rumored plant with great healing abilities.
  • 25th- The Festival of the Lifebringer begins to honor Kihala and rejoice in the birth of both children and the flourishing jungle.
  • 31st- Foot traffic around The House of Telling picks up as more visit to remember or discover clan histories.
  • 42nd- Akila pack activity near the Kandukta Basin picks up significantly.
  • 48th- The Myrian Blockade manages to capture and kill a small band of Dhani making supply runs for Zinrah.
  • 54th- A festival for Navre begins to give thanks for the Myrian Tigers, and celebrate the new litters the demi-god has blessed them with.
  • 67th- An arrogant Akalak from Riverfall begins causing trouble in the Arena of Ancients, forcing one of the bystanders to step in.
  • 77th- A coastal raiding party returns with unique weapons of impressive steel from a recently wrecked ship.
  • 84th- The Dance of the Suns starts in honor of Syna, bringing all Myrians together for festivities at the Dancing Fires.
  • 90th- More soldiers return with tales of the mysterious reptilian monster in the east.

Credit for this Calendar: Empyrean

Summer 514 :
Overview: Summer 514 AV

Summer begins with a downpouring of rains as always. The Kandukta basin floods uncharacteristically early, and those that fish there find the Karkula Whiptails partcularly ornery and aggressive. Despite the nearly constant torrential downpour, Summer in Falyndat is a time of plenty where crops and fish are concerned, and often cause for frivolity. When a Myrian Tiger dies of unforseen circumstances outside of the training yards, however, a serious tone falls over the city...

  • 1st – The start of summer is celebrated by a gathering around a bonfire and with the sharing of stories and tales
  • 3rd - The Rain FestivalTaking place early in summer, if not on the very first day, the Rain Festival is in honor of Makutsi, asking for the rain to come, which begins the monsoon and cleanses the land.
  • 6th – A large heard of Cassowaries have been spotted by scouts, sending many towards the jungle for the hunt of the season
  • 13th – Lightning strikes a tree down, sending it crashing into the treehouse café and scaring many but injuring few. Repairs take several days to restore the establishment from the damage caused
  • 17th – The repairs are completed successfully on the Treehouse Café. As a congratulatory reward for the reopening of the restaurant, everyone is served free drinks the entire day
  • 29th – A large fight breaks out between three men at the wrestling ring, calling in many bystanders to stop the feud
    *This is a quest/moderated thread for those interested!31st – A Myrian Tiger is found dead several hundred meters from the training grounds. A mystery of dire importance goes around the city to try to find the murderer. Several people are picked to try to find the person responsible for the killing
  • 44th – A heavy rain storm mixed with hail attacks the city, sending many families inside for several days due to the hazards it has created
  • 46th – The Kandukta Basin is found overflowed due to the heavy rain storm only days earlier. Trees are submerged under water and the wildlife is threatened by the flooding environment
  • 53rd – Rumours are spreading that there is a Dhani being held captive in someone’s residence
  • 60th – An intelligent individual experiments with various materials and comes up with a more comfortable, more stylish article of clothing
  • 67th – Three young children fall dead from an illness sending many in a panic that there might be some sort of disease spreading throughout the city
  • 69th – Seven more people die from unidentified problems until a cure is found by employees at the Medicine House. The source of the illnesses were foul foods shared between several different families
  • 74th – This day is spent mourning those who have passed due to the terrible illness that had spread through the city the last several days. Many people light candles and pray for their safe travels into the afterlife and many others
  • 77th – A large cooking festival is held. Everyone spends the day cooking meals to explore their creativity or to share with others. Many restaurants are closed during this festival due to the mass amount of people contributing
  • 85th – Quadruplets are born into a healthy and happy clan. Celebration is issued to both the new babies and their relatives as well as to the goddess of life. During the same day several Myrian tigers give birth to kittens, causing more celebration to be had
  • 89th – Night of the OrchidsAccording to Myrian legend, the goddess Caiyha offered the Goddess-Queen Myri a special plant. Rather than keep it to herself, Myri enlisted the herbalists to grow it and spread it throughout the city to share it with her people. In the night, orchid plants in Taloba, glow brilliantly. This festival celebrates Caiyha and her generosity, not just for the orchids, but for the life that grows and flourishes all around them.
  • 91st – The end of the summer is celebrated by the lighting of lanterns. These lanterns are placed outside houses and lodgings and are kept alight throughout the entire night

Credit for this Calendar: Catastrophe

Fall 514 :
Fall, 514 A.V.

Fall marks a time for harvesting seasonal fruit, catching migrating fish along the coast, and even more vigilant watches over Zinrah to make sure no Dhani get up to any trouble. Early in the season a fire rages through Taloba, as if it were cleansing the land for something new. What will happen to the city and the jungle if no one puts a stop to it? Aside from the raging fires, a mysterious cavern has been discovered in the jungle. How did it get there and what is inside?

  • [color=#F3A838]1st - Nearing the end of monsoon season, a lightning storm sparks up in the heavens. Several streaks of lightning strike the jungle, sparking fires in three areas. Two areas out in the jungle, and just inside Taloba’s walls.
  • 3rd - With the end of the monsoon season nearing, the fires grow out on control. They consume buildings, city jungles, and begin to spread into the jungle beyond. Myrians jump to the aid of their city as clans send parties from the clan longhouses to help keep Taloba from being destroyed.
  • 11th - Many of the fires have been put out while the jungle fires that got past Taloba’s walls have gotten under control.
  • 19th - The final monsoon of the season starts as Makutsi lends a hand to quell the fires that have been consuming the city and city jungles.
  • 23rd - Discussions begin in the Council of Nine as to rebuilding the city and the trading square.
  • 26th - The last of the fires are finally put out to reveal large areas of burned jungle. Holes where the jungle had provided portions of the wall are identified. A celebration thanking Makutsi for her aid is had.
  • 25th - In the wake of the fire, areas that were once covered by dense jungle finally see the first raise of sunlight. An entrance to a series of tunnels and caverns is discovered with the lack of foliage hiding it.
  • 37th - An expedition is set out on behalf of the Council of Nine to investigate this series of tunnels.
  • 41st - The first set of Fang games are hosted by Vita and Rahi, to bring life back to the city after the devastating fires.
  • 60th - A few members of society wander out to the Kandukta Basin, where the waters have finally receded, to collect some rare fruits that are only found this time of year and celebrate the harvest festival.
  • 68th - The cavern expedition returns to Taloba with grand stories of their adventure and items of interest to scholars.
  • 70th - The first clear skies are welcomed with a celebration to Leth. Her moon, although unchanged by the fires, seems to shine its brightest.
  • 72nd - The closing ceremony of the Fang games is hosted in the Military Complex. The winning fangs are honored for their skill and prowess.
  • 84th - One of the items retrieved from the expedition goes missing.
  • 91st - End of Fall.

Winter 514 :
Winter 514

After the fires of last season the clans of the city pull together as a whole to celebrate the first week of the season in the wondrous festivities that uphold Myri's Birthday before she ascended to Goddess-hood. Firedancers come out in full force every night displaying their talented skills, prideful in the fact that they and their art had nothing to do with the flames of the previous season.

Weather wise Winter is humid, interspersed by light constant rains and one severely heavy storm that strikes towards the end of the season and brings out devotees of Makutsi into the streets en mass to dance play and frolic sinc ethe torrential down pour stops most other work. Several twin pairs of Ashta are born this season that delight and uplift everyone whom they meet with their curious trunks and personalities.

  • 1st Celebrations for Myri's Birthday begin in earnest, and aside from military duties and patrols most any other jobs and activities are halted for the week.
  • 3rd Several clans come together to repair and rebuild several longhouses hurt int he blazes of last season completing in a single day what it might have taken clans weeks to finish
  • 6th A great dance and feast is held just outside of Myri's temple and the Goddess Queen is seen dining atop the steps with her Council Members
  • 15th A pair of twin Ashta are born
  • 33rd A small herd of Ixam is sighted in Cutthroat Shadow territory outside of the city
  • 42nd The Day of Death is celebrated in honor of Dira
  • 50th A series of games are played in the Military Quarters between fangs to let off steam, the gates are opened to allow citizens to view them
  • 66th Stories of strange pale humanoids inhabiting the jungle pass from clan to clan within the city. Most discount them altogether, but a few groups take the stories for truth and set off into the wilderness ot eradicate foreign trespassers
  • 72nd A violent monsoon lasting three days strikes the city flooding streets, creating small ponds in various points in the city, and damaging several buildings
  • 74th On the final day of the monsoon dances to Makutsi are held, many fruit vendors giving away free wares in celebration of the life the Rain Goddess brings amid the destruction
  • 80th A bird comes to the barracks carrying a cryptic message about the hodge podge group of clans that left on the wild hunt for barbarians earlier in the season
  • 83rd In remains of the trading square the new young Ashta play for a day with a group of Myrian children
  • 92nd The Anniversary of the Valterrian is celebrated

Spring 515 :
Spring 515 A.V.

Spring is an industrious season for the Myrians, but also peppered with numerous celebrations and simply the sheer enjoyment of the wealth of flora that the jungle has to offer. The Red Orchid, and several other clans with Green Thumbs are busy throughout the season livening the color and greenery around the city wherever they can. This attracts a wealth of butterflies, hummingbirds, insects, and other small birds that rather quickly adapt to the presence of Myrians. Nectar feeders become common in stores, enabling many to watch the vibrant life that is attracted to sweets within the city. The steady increase of rain building to the Summer Monsoons only enhances the flourish of life within the city.

  • 1st There is a continued remembrance of the Valterrian from the End of Winter
  • 9th Keena's Cafe has a 25% off deal on all foods and beverages for the day!
  • 12th Several new Myrian Tiger cubs are born and Spring's Renewal and Rebirth is celebrated, a great feast and festival held in honor of Navre
  • 18th Several members of the Red Orchid spend the day planting various types of flowers around The Coolwater Spring, any and all are welcome to help and enjoy the cool clear waters
  • 33rd Rumors circulate of a pair of nesting Ta'rukahl on Taloba's side of the Basin
  • 42nd The new tiger cubs are brought to The Eyes of Navre for a day of romping and playing
  • 54th Festival of the Lifebringer is held in honor of Kihala
  • 60th A large haul of fresh seasonal fruit is brought into the city
  • 62nd News of a particularly vicious Akila Hound pack reaches the city from the Zinrah Blockade
  • 74th For three days vicious thunderstorms wrack the area surrounding the Kandukta Basin
  • 80th The Shoppe of Blossoms gives out free common flower starter kits to those who visit her this day
  • 88th Dance of the Suns is held from the break of dawn until the last moments of dusk culminating in several dance challenges, choreographed dances, dances for children, endurance competitions and more over the course of the day
  • 92nd End of Spring

Summer 515 :
Summer 515 A.V.

Summer is a bountiful season for the Myrians. With the Monsoons at their peak and the Kandukta swollen, many fish either in the basin or along the many rivers created by the Monsoons, through fishing and gathering Summer fruits food is always plentiful and fresh in the City of Bones throughout Summer, even if it is difficult to not be thoroughly soaked as well. News arrives later in the season of a few dead Dhani caught sneaking towards the Basin, the first Dhani deaths in over a season, which serves to bolster morale as well

  • 1st A torrential downpour heralds the Rain Festival in Taloba and Makutsi is spotted more than once dancing and celebrating with the many pious Myrians on this day of celebration and frivolity
  • 10th Durak's Tavern hosts several hot spits outside for the evening with various wildlife attracting quite the crowd
  • 15th Many clans head towards the Basin readying for a long and prosperous fishing season
  • 27th Warnings of a particularly large pack of Akila hounds circulates to all who leave the safety of Taloba and its outer clan territory
  • 33rd The first of many loads of fresh fish come in from various fishing expeditions throughout the rain swollen jungle
  • 41st The Bloody Needle has 50% off its rates upon this day...if one can convince Kazuul they are worth tattooing
  • 54th Rain so fierce is pushes and pelts those that walk under it keeps most indoors for the day
  • 60th The Night of Orchids is celebrated, led by the Red Orchid clan, and is a night of joy and worship
  • 63rd The Dancing Fires has puts on a performance dedicated to Myri, Navre, and Caiyha
  • 72nd A flock of Threshal land in the city and become a nuisance
  • 80th A particularly nasty thunderstorm damages the Treehouse Cafe
  • 84th Keena's Cafe offers passerbys a free Vom Skewer
  • 88th Several fishermen return from the basin bearing Karkula Whiptail carcasses
  • 92nd End of Summer

Winter 515 :
Fall 515 A.V.

Fall is a much more somber season for the Myrians of Taloba. It seems that the losses from the large pack of Akilas was only the beginning of the strange wildlife activities in the jungles around the city. Reports come in of Ethereal Jaguars far from their Cloud Forest home, news of a fisherman slayed by an truly massive Karkula Whiptail, and even more disturbing reports talk about never before seen tracks in the wilds, though no one has spotted the creature(s) they belong to. A mandate goes out across the Military doubling the numbers of patrols, and some fangs even work to accompany clan hunting activities keeping their presence in the clan lands bordering the city. Despite the worries, Fall is just as fruitful time as Summer, new plant life blossoming from the water inundated jungle, and high levels of fishing continue into mid Fall when the Kandukta Basin waters finally begin to draw back to normal levels.

  • 1st Beginning of Fall
  • 7th A fight breaks out at the Den of Exiles
  • 13th A Mengintai fang reports seeing more than one Ethereal Jaguar in the lower depths of the jungle, far from their usual hunting grounds
  • 19th A final and heavy rain begins just after dawn, and continues into the night
  • 20th After the rain dissipates Taloba becomes a place of celebration once again thanking Makutsi for the rainfall, and enjoying a hot day that dries their jungle city. Restaurants offer free food, and games and frivolity are enjoyed around the city
  • 33rd Leth's Glow holds events every night of the week approaching the Moon Festival
  • 40th Upon the night of a Harvest Moon, The Moon Festival honoring Leth's Glory is held around the small pond in the center of Taloba that was once its Trading Square
  • 65th The Harvest Festival is held inside and just outside Taloba giving thanks for the plentiful harvest being brought in to the city. Along with Caiyha, Bala is also thanked and prayed to upon this day
  • 56th With the Kandukta Basin waters finally receding a few clans such as The Twisted Vines head out into the wilds in search of a fruit which only ripens in Fall
  • 63rd A Blackened Claws Hunting party accompanied by a military fang find massive tracks almost like a Tskannas, but markedly different, yet no evidence of whatever made them
  • 72nd The White Rapids hold a funeral within their longhouses to a fisherman felled by a massive Karkula Whiptail. All are welcome to attend and pay their respects, and a large group leaves the city in order to slay the creature comprised of many different clans as well as a couple military fangs
  • 78th In an effort to push illicit fighting out of the Arena of Ancients, a series of trials of strength, cunning, and skill are held there under Army supervision, all are welcome to attend and try their hand
  • 82nd A human is beaten half to death after starting a drunk fight in Durak's Tavern
  • 92nd End of Fall
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Seasonal Challenges - Winter 515 A.V.

Postby Traverse on December 3rd, 2014, 3:40 pm

Seasonal Challenges

Winter Seasonal Challenges

The Seasonal Goals for Winter have arrived! The change of season has brought with it a cornucopia of new opportunities and fresh challenges for the City of Bones' inhabitants to tackle. Have a look and make it your mission to complete them all before Winter rolls around, and you'll be rewarded with a fancy medal to show off your achievements.


  • Try Your Hand at a Mural
  • Go the Feast at the End of Myri's Birthday Celebration
  • Fall out of a Tree (doesn't have to be too high!)
  • Let someone win

  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Pick a Fight
  • Drink too much (doesn't have to be alcohol)
  • Plant a Flower

  • Stub your Toe
  • Have an Adventure
  • Fake a Smile
  • Tell Someone a Secret

Archived Cahllenges :
    Spring 515

  • Glimpse a Myrian Tiger Kitten
  • Dance
  • Fight a Losing Battle
  • Get Caught in the Rain

  • Get Mad
  • Climb a Tree
  • Plant a Flower
  • Bird or Insect Watch

  • Learn How to Patch up a Wound
  • Earn a Battle Scar
  • Fish (Open to Interpretation)
  • Cook a meal

Summer 515 challenges

  • Participate in the Night of the Orchids
  • Pay Homage to Makutsi
  • Have a restless Night
  • Eat a Vom Skewer

  • Get Beaten
  • Spend time in the Military Outpost
  • Catch a Fish
  • Do Something Selfish

  • Kiss Someone
  • Obtain a Harmless Injury
  • Break a Promise
  • Take a Nap

Fall 515 Challenges

  • Visit the Kandukta Basin
  • See Something Strange
  • Do Something you Dislike
  • Read Something

  • Be Shamed
  • Succeed at a Difficult Task (Bonus if you really struggle)
  • Bite into a Rotten Fruit
  • Somehow find Yourself covered in dirt/mud

  • Hunt Elusive Prey
  • Bump into Something or Someone
  • Struggle With a Memory
  • Shed a Tear (or more)
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